Resisting the Musician

Resisting the Musician

by Ally Blake
3.7 9

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Resisting the Musician (a Head Over Heels Novel) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
2 - His smile started in his eyes and ended in her toes. Stars. Resisting the Musician has all the components included in its pages that on most occasions would have me swooning readily and reading with gusto. Sadly, although the basis of this story is sound, I struggled with the characters and the general chemistry between them on the whole. Lori Hanover is a strong, confident, independent woman, not afraid to stand up for herself and those she cares about - which ticks all my boxes in the ‘things that I like’ category. But the things I didn’t like about her list is just a long - heartless, judgemental, calculating and selfish all sprang to mind whilst reading, and even though there were occasional moments when you saw her vulnerability, and some explanations for her previous behaviour as the book progresses, it was too little and too forgettable for me to change my mind about her, come the end of the book. Dash Mills again is someone who I would normally fall in love with – a sexy, reclusive, ex-rocker, described as Thor’s brother. And I did like him, but he ended up being a bit of a doormat to Lori’s whims and demands... ”You are trouble, Lorelei. End-of-the-world-as-I-know-it type trouble. Heaven help me.” Knowing this book is the beginning of a series, featuring some of my favourite authors writing the future books is, if I am being totally honest probably the only reason I actually made it to the end. Ally Blake definitely knows how to put a story together, and the tropes used, are on the whole going to have people one-clicking in their masses, I just think the personalities of the characters involved could have done with their plus points being expanded on earlier in the book, rather than in the last 20%. Would I read another book by this author... That-said I am still looking forward to future books in the Head over Heels series. ARC generously supplied via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thank u! Cant wait for the others
bazzlec More than 1 year ago
i loved both books in the series so far, but it says robin Covington is doing the next book out for july 2014. want happen to that?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable start to a new series--who can resist a hero who's described as "the long lost Hemsworth brother" or a heroine with an awesome shoe wardrobe? Not this reader! I liked both the Lori's and Dash's characters (and I have to say Lorelei and Dashiel are definitely one of the more unique pairings name-wise that I've ever read). Watching the two of them try so very hard not to fall for one another is quite a trip. It's amazing that Dash, who's pretty much removed himself from most human interaction for the past four years, can see inside Lori and understand what she wants and needs so quickly. On the outside, they seem as if they could never work--she's practically married to her job and schedule, and he barely seems to know what day of the week it is--but they had me sold by the end of the novel. Using the device of the song to bring the two together was a unique twist. My only real complaint is that this book really left me wanting to know more about the story behind Callie (Lori's sister) and Jake (Dash's former bandmate) getting together. Callie is (and indirectly, Jake as well) the reason that Dash and Lori meet in the first place; and I'd really like to know the back story there. (Maybe it will be in one of the other series books?) There's also a clear set-up here for Lori and Callie's reporter friend Lita and one of the other members of the band, Rocky--the two obviously have a history.  Anxiously waiting the next two books in the series! Rating: 4 stars / B+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Lori Hanover is driven to make Calliope Shoes successful. She wants to give her sister, Callie, a stable life after their rough childhood. Unfortunately her plan has been derailed. Her sister has fallen in love with Jake Mitchell, the rock star, and the bad press is destroying them. To help Callie she goes to ask a favor of Dash Mills, former rocker and Jake's friend. What happens next is pure romance. Dash and Lori are memorable characters who are like oil and water. Their battle of wills and their tempestuous romance hooked me from the first page. I loved their interaction and passion. The drama of the story is a perfect backdrop for their romance. They may fight but I knew that they cared more than the wanted to admit. Their attraction was very sensual and when they open up to each other it was touching. This was a powerful story. Ally Blake did a wonderful job. She made us care what happened to Lori and Dash even though at times they could be abrasive. Resisting the Musician was an interesting and well plotted story with some surprises.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Resisting the Musician by Ally Blake is a mix of fun romp and brooding deliciousness. Lori’s not equipped to deal with Dash and Dash isn’t ready to deal with any woman when they meet. They are a fun couple: silly at times, sweet at times, and then like quicksilver, become moody, angry, frustrated, and cruel. Lori loves her sister. Everything in her life has been focused on caring for and protecting her sister so when she is tasked with getting a song out of Dash, Lori doesn’t accept a no. But to get what she wants, she’ll have to play by Dash’s rules. And Dash, he cares about solitude, about being left alone, about not having emotional entanglements. He’d be happy scaring her off but the sexual chemistry just isn’t going away. Between guitar lessons, relaxing lessons, and the struggles to make Lori’s sister happy, Dash and Lori play off each other very well. But when things look bad, will the chemistry and budding relationship hold up? Dash and Lori are a great couple and this is a wonderful start to a new series. RATING: 4 Heat Rating: Hot REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This was a difficult one to review. I loved the characters - they were fantastic. I loved to overall story line. It has some elements that worked nicely together. It just moved a little slow for me. Lori is a hard working woman that runs a shoe company. I would LOVE to have her job and get to wear all the new shoes - for publicity purposes of course. They sound amazing - there was just enough description to keep them a small part of the story and make me want a pair as well. She's the exact opposite of Dash. She follows her schedule like the Bible, he doesn't know what day it is half the time. He's so laid back and seemingly carefree that it almost starts to get on your nerves. It sure gets on Lori's nerves and she's not sure how she's ever going to be able to work with him on this song idea. The whole song idea was brilliant. It was a great way to get the two of them together and continue to throw them at each other until they realized they were actually perfect together. There was just a tad too much of the throwing together and running away again for me.  In the background we have Lori's sister and Dash's ex-bandmate engaged and planning their wedding in the midst of a huge scandal. It was a great backdrop and made sure there was always something going on, even when the main characters weren't the center of the all the action. This is a great book - while it moved a little slow for me it may be just right for others. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
This sweet sexy tale about had me in tears.  Uptight and driven Lori needs the help of laid back Dash and though they are polar opposites they can teach each other a little about living and a lot about love.  I adored watching them grow as individuals and as a couple.