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Rest Inn Peace

Rest Inn Peace

5.0 3
by Bonnie Bernard

Rest Inn Peace is a charming bed and breakfast nestled in a magical grove on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, next to an old cemetery packed with brain-starved zombies. The inn is home to dragons, fairies, talking animals and ghosts. The welcome-wagon committee is a creepy statue and a crazy manager. For Cobra and his 12 year old daughter Zoe, inheriting


Rest Inn Peace is a charming bed and breakfast nestled in a magical grove on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, next to an old cemetery packed with brain-starved zombies. The inn is home to dragons, fairies, talking animals and ghosts. The welcome-wagon committee is a creepy statue and a crazy manager. For Cobra and his 12 year old daughter Zoe, inheriting the inn is anything but a delightful family rest stop and it brings out the worst in them both; after all, fairies and dragons aren’t even real – are they? Cobra wants to take his kid and run, but where will they go? The outside world is crumbling, people are hungry and desperate. When Cobra takes over running the Inn, murders begin to plague the small town of Broken Spur Valley with a frightening regularity. Is there a connection between their arrival and those mysterious murders?
Meet a few Rest Inn Peace residents…
Zoe – Inherited the ability to see fairies and other magic from her dad…who was just voted the town serial killer. Twelve years old and stuck in Podunk, Zoe’s problems don’t end with her dastardly-daddy. She also has one best friend who’s afraid of bacon, another that loves peanut butter and sardine sandwiches, and a third who’s in love with a dandelion seed. Why can’t anything ever be normal?
Cobra – Has trouble staying out of jail and away from the lady in red. He hates that Zoe got her crazy streak from him, and wishes his drug-addicted ex-wife would come along and take the kid off his hands. He’s hooked on beer…and it appears he’s killing people in his sleep.
Reggie – The girl next door. She talks with gargoyles and trolls the way normal people talk with the mailman. Rest Inn Peace is her dream-come-true, but the inn’s new, disbelieving ex-con owner is a nightmare. Can Reggie save her beloved bed-and-breakfast from the wrecking ball, or will the man with the shady past destroy the whole planet with his obstinate stupidity?
Foxy – Frequent Rest Inn Peace guest and once-famous disco-feverin’ disc jockey from the 1970s. He loves the night life and wants to boogie, so if you’re up for a hot night with a cold corpse, Foxy’s your ladies’ man!
Sheriff Million – Under his vigilant watch, cow tippers are sent packing and the zombies only snack on geezerly church ladies. As far as the sheriff is concerned, everything in Broken Spur would be plumb-perfect, if not for that mysterious serial killer. Still, Million is a humdinger of a law and order man, keeping his remote rural town locked and loaded…and the goats well-fed.
Faest – Can’t fly straight or see clearly, plus he’s easily sidetracked by organic broccoli and pink flamingoes. But don’t let that worry you. Faest is a fierce fire-dragon from the royal lineage of Mythical Protectors. No matter the odds, if you’re under his wing he will keep you safe…or burn down your house trying.
Blanche and Henry – They would gladly snack on your brain if not for Sheriff Million, whose zombie-bribery tactics will always keep you safe. Well, unless you sneak out of church during the sermon, in which case Blanche will probably snap your neck. Piousness is next to godliness, after all.

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I'm the proud birth-giver to The Midnight Hunter Trilogy - a paranormal, suspense-thriller that features a dash of romance, a sprinkle of mystery, an occasional murder, and a full, fun cast of Underworld characters. Some of them are kind, others are wicked - but all of them will tug at your heartstrings.The Midnight Hunter Trilogy is published by Fin-S Press and is available in softcover and most ereader-device forms.

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Rest Inn Peace 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
BRibeira More than 1 year ago
Faeries, dragons, and ghosts... oh my. Seriously though, there is a little of everything and I loved it. It was a great fast read with a lot of fun magical elements. Not at all what I expected. The characters are diverse and well thought out. I love Cobra, Zoe was great, the whole cast is fun but I don't want to give too much away Read it, you won't be disappointed
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
Review 6****** This is a highly entertaining read! I LOVED IT! Cobra (real name Corbin) Carpenter is a fantastic character. He is an ex-con with an alcohol addition he is trying to kick. When he inherits a Bed and Breakfast business, his whole world gets turned upside down! I really liked this character, even though his belief (or is that disbelief?) of other worldly creatures is severely tested.  Zoe Carpenter is his twelve year old daughter. She is another fantastic character. She is very sweet and still has the ability to see fairies and other creatures that adults no longer see. I liked her very much. There are also some other fantastic characters in this story. These include a talking cat, a dragon (or 2), fairies, zombies and a family of yeti's by the name of Smith!There is even a ghost from the seventies (that's 1970's!) called Foxy, who talks in rhyme. This story ROCKS! It completely pulled me in and kept me hooked from the first page! I found this book to be an exciting and unusual read. There are some twists and turns which kept me guessing, and the mystery of the murderer only got deeper as the story progressed. This story has a mixture of humour and horror that intrigued and appalled, but at the same time thoroughly entertained. The end of the story has a HUGE twist (for which I hated the author for - how dare she end it like that!!!) that completely shocked me! I don't normally swear, but I did and went "Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!". I hope there is a sequel, because I would love to know what happened next! If not, the ending is cruel and unusual punishment! Bonnie Bernard has written another amazing story that is full of eccentric and quirky characters that come alive on the page. She has a sense of humour that can be dark at times, but dry too. I have read her other series, The Midnight Hunter series (and loved it) so I knew that I was going to be highly entertained; She did not disappoint! She is one of my favourite authors! I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal and/or fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton
JoyceHays More than 1 year ago
Wow. I'm not sure where to start. Bernard wastes no time in getting things moving. There is nothing "usual" about this book, from the Inn and its customers, to the characters in the town and countryside surrounding the Inn. Page one. A knife wielding, seven foot tall Native American threatens the new owner of the Inn. Eh, what's so unusual about that? He's a fairy! With pink wings! Yeah, I know what you're thinking because I did too. What kind of book did I just get myself into? And it just gets crazier from there. (If you've read her Midnight Hunter series, this is off the Richter scale different.) The girl next door who manages the Inn takes an instant dislike to the new owner. That's okay, it's mutual. Unfortunately for him, she gets along just great with his daughter. In spite of being able to see the supernatural world, he's in full denial. Wanting his daughter to fit in and be 'well adjusted' he insists everything she sees is just her imagination. This book starts out with a bang that continues all the way to the end. What a fantastic cast of characters. There's a motorcycle riding ex-con with custody of his teenage daughter (these two are a hoot before anyone else comes into the picture), Syndy the grotesque (do NOT call her a gargoyle), more fairies, a grounded (sort of) dragon with a thing for fresh vegetables (and has no problem taking them from the garden), talking animals including a cat that wishes everyone would just stop with the cat jokes already, ghosts, and zombies. Oh yeah, let's not forget the talking grass. Say what?! I'm not telling you about everyone; I have to leave a few as a surprise. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Bottom line? If she has any more like this, I want them. This book is fun and full of surprises. Need something to make you smile or even laugh? This is your book. Disbelief meets the supernatural and loses. And everyone is laughing watching it happen. At least the ones he isn't infuriating are laughing. Shake your head, go 'omg', but get this book.