Rest of Calculus: The Streetwise Guide - Including Multi-Variable Calculus

Rest of Calculus: The Streetwise Guide - Including Multi-Variable Calculus

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Rest of Calculus: The Streetwise Guide - Including Multi-Variable Calculus 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
mark_golbeck More than 1 year ago
Does a good job of explaining the most complicated concepts.
capsaicinxx More than 1 year ago
I am an engineering student who is nearing the end of my calculus sequence. I had been searching for a help book, and when i saw this in the store i thought id give it a shot. This has been the single most helpful utility i have come across, and i have tried everything. Not only is this book hysterical, it is extremely clear and explains things in a way that makes it stick. If i didnt have this, passing Calculus 1 and 2 would have been alot harder. This book will even help you select the right teacher !!! it is truly a mathematical godsend, and recommend it to any person who is serious about not just passing, but really understanding Calculus ! Dont bother looking any further, this book is the BEST !
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here's an actual email from my daughter, who was struggling with freshman calculus: 'OK, folks, I sat down tonight with my NEW 'How To Ace Calculus Book' and REALLY dug in. And I found it humorous, yet educational. It caught me up to what we're doing in class. I wish I had this book all semester. Sad, but true. I'm still meeting with Dr. (prof¿s name) tomorrow, and I still have questions, but this book lays out the basic principles of calculus in an excellent manner, helping me to understand why things need to be done the way we're doing them. Know what I mean? I spent the last three hours reading, laughing, highlighting- really BONDING with my calc. book. awwwww, how special. Love, (daughter¿s name) P.S. Yes, Dad, you were right. Thanks for the book. P.P.S. My roommate is dropping HER calc. class. Maybe she needs a helpful book?' How can you top a review like that?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read where Albert Einstein when very young was introduced to Algebra by his uncle, an engineer. His uncle explained that doing Algebra is like hunting an animal; until it is found we shall call it "X.."  To a  child this must have engaged an imaginative , adventurous  and fun way of learning. I think that is what  the three illustrious Authors of this book have attempted to do. Concepts are simply explained without  using big, confusing words and introducing clauses of exceptions  to the simple  explanation. This  (temporary perhaps) "solidity" gives the student something on which  at least to stand and feel secure, and then enables  the reader to try to tackle  the meaning and solution of one of the  "situation"  examples, such as the work  done by "Fifi" the  poodle , in Chapter 5. As we  use the concepts we have been given so clearly,  making a  diagram  of the vectors  and the angle  of 45 degrees from X axis, we worry about how much  work little Fifi  actually did!  Chapter 10 is wonderful!  So many interesting concepts and  practical uses of Calculus   begin to grow out  of all  we have learned before!  Line Integrals are made fun by way of the "Hot Tub"  example. In studying this example, I wondered what would  happen if the cooler were placed at (0,0) .  Another  excellent example is the  "Bee Flux"  on page 246-247.  I was a little confused by the  incorrect  y Spherical  Coordinate  stated there at the top of page 247, but  the correct  trig. functions are used in working  through the problem. below.  In referring to  Section 9.6, we see that   "Cos phi and Cos theta have   mistakenly  taken the place of Sin phi and Sin theta.I am sure that Mathematics is profound and deep and that what we have in this book  are glittering , beautiful "shells" washed up onto the shore of an infinitely deep ocean of wondrous theorems , but what we have in our hands are as beautiful and mysterious  and  as   satisfying  as what may lie beyond- at least for many  people who cannot venture further  into the depths.  Sincere thanks to the Authors and Publishers  and all who have given the thankful readers  of this book  a veritable treasure  to delight us for the rest of our lives!