Resurrected Love & Romance

Resurrected Love & Romance

by Elwood Gene Edwards


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Resurrected Love & Romance is a compendium of poetry that gives its reader a feeling of wellness and a sense of exhilaration. As a whole, it is a mirror, reflecting numerous ways how and why we write our personal Book of Life. Each of us has a Book of Life or Book of Love, which we write daily, as we record aspects of our lives, based upon our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, experiences and relationships from the past, present, and by what we anticipate or project as the future. Telling our story, we share out pains as well as our joys. Sharing loving, passionate words and personal experiences, we plant seeds that flower into the gift of compassion, and we learn more about ourselves. Over time, we come to realize that we can only honestly be true to others, to the extent that we are faithful, honest and true with ourselves.

Resurrected Love & Romance is an inspirational journey of the mind and heart, and focuses on myriad relationships we experience, based on love we encounter. We start out with love of self, self–love or familial love. However, we soon experience “loves”–such as love for other life forms, material love, and love for inanimate things as well other “loves,” including romantic, platonic, childhood, marital, and friendship love through relationships. Having friendships for many years – even after many years of separation, rekindled, is a wonderful way to think of “resurrected love.” Our sense of recollection and remembrance is an incredible and beautiful tool. It is through this reflective ability, love that is seemingly lost, is reignited or “resurrected.” Such love often, invariably, is meaningful, enriching, and at times, even palliative or healing for us.

Overall, we experience love through relationships. Relationships are invitations to love. They are emotional experiences of existence. Through emotional bonds with others, we share experiences and improve. Every experience is a journey of self-discovery. Our life is about experiences and relationships, which may involve several persons – one’s soul mate, sweetheart, partner, “true love,” spouse, as well as one’s family and friends. Through loving relationships, we change and become more compassionate, caring, and loving. Love gives us courage to look forward and to understand the good everywhere. It helps us to understand others better with a sense of romance. Romance is not just a casual love affair based on an emotional attraction. Romance is more than just being intimate; it is sharing with another joy, and caring with a sense of happiness, exhilaration and love.

Love is devotion, openness–profound honesty in every relationship. Voiced as love or “romance,” it is evolutionary and purposed to evolve so we can express ourselves with a sense of freedom; thus, we are able to love to the degree we feel totally at ease, with a sense of purpose in all intimate relationships. Every love relationship helps us to know, understand and to love ourselves. We discover how we to heal, bind our fears, and how to love and protect ourselves; for underlying every “love and romance” relationship dwells a secret key to self-love. Resurrected Love & Romance elucidates how relationships aid us with life changes, so we are grateful. For the readers’ reflection, presented, also, is the importance and rewards of living a joyful, honest and loving life, mainly, through self-awareness, which, ultimately, is “resurrected love and romance.”

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