Resurrecting Christianity: Restoring America's Soul

Resurrecting Christianity: Restoring America's Soul

by L. T. Nielsen


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Resurrecting Christianity: Restoring America's Soul by L. T. Nielsen

On that first miraculous Easter morning nearly 2000 years ago, the world was forever changed as Jesus Christ was resurrected and came back from the dead. He had finally conquered all his enemies, the last one being death itself... and he promised that one day he would return again, to rule and reign on Earth forever as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He will keep that promise!

When he arose from the dead and showed himself to his Disciples as well as hundreds of other eye-witnesses, he reaffirmed His mission; he taught the same Gospel and proclaimed the identical message to all his followers as he'd done prior to his crucifixion. His teachings did NOT change... his message was absolutely clear then, and remains so today for those who read the Bible and understand it's teachings!

God has declared that he NEVER changes, that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever... and in fact, if he did change, that would make him a liar, a changeable being, and he would cease to be God! Why is it then that so many people in the world today believe that his message, his teachings and his commandments either have changed, or must be made to change to keep up with the times? How can anyone believe that the things he taught while he lived and walked on Earth are no longer relevant to those of us living today?

Liberals and those who reject Christ's teachings believe that the original fundamental doctrines of Christ simply have no place in today's "enlightened society"... but that's an absurd and evil notion. God does not modify his teachings to accommodate shifting values or the whims of misguided individuals. Only a fool could ever believe in a politically correct God.

And since God and his teachings cannot change, it stands to reason that his punishments and rewards are also fixed and unchangeable. Because of that, it's critical that Christians, those who desire to live with God after this life, learn exactly what is required and expected of them. That is the purpose of this book.

If there's going to be a resurrection or a resurgence of Christianity in America, a return to the original truths taught by Jesus 2000 years ago, it absolutely MUST be a total resurrection including all the original teachings, the same doctrine, and the identical principles that Christ taught when he lived in Jerusalem and it's vicinity... if it doesn't, it's not true Christianity.

This book demonstrates why it's essential to return to Christ's teachings. It points out the fallacy of many of today's religious institutions, particularly those who have caved in to the politically correct thinking of the leftists of our day. This book will illustrate how so many of our so called "Christian churches" have perverted and departed from the original doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Liberalism in America today is destroying this country, turning it into nothing more than another corrupt civilization that will be ripe and ready for destruction soon. And when the majority of the people reject God, we will suffer the same fate as every other corrupt civilization in history... and we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.

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ISBN-13: 9780974586014
Publisher: Eaglesquest Publishing
Publication date: 06/16/2012
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

My name is L. T. Nielsen and I'm an author and an artist. I was born in 1950, and raised by a father who was a Drill Sergeant during WWII. I studied art, but also served six years in the Air National Guard, and believe every young man should be required by law to serve in one of the five branches of the military for a period of at least one year during his lifetime. (Prior to age 30) During that time, every person would be required to study the History of the U.S. Military as well as the History of the United States.
Our nation is being over-run by whiners and brats who have no appreciation for our country, the miracle of it's creation, the freedoms they smugly take for granted, or the role this nation plays as the protector and repository of freedom in the world.
I'm a Christian, whose pragmatic approach to life and morality, coupled with a burning testimony of Christ as the God of all creation requires me to take a stand for truth and right. And I encourage others to join with me in an effort to rescue this nation from the evil forces who are trying to destroy it on every front.
I'm a believer in the fundamental original teachings of Jesus Christ, and dismiss the notion that Christ's teachings are antiquated or outdated. I believe that only by living the precepts Christ taught nearly 2000 years ago, and following to the letter the things he proclaimed as Gospel, will we be able to inherit one of the mansions he said he would go and prepare for those who remained faithful.
I reject the liberal idea that Christ doesn't actually expect us to obey his commandments. Why did he give them if he didn't expect us to live them? And I believe that much of the unhappiness and unrest in the world would be eliminated if we'd simply follow his teachings and actually do the things he taught.

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