Resurrection from Depression

Resurrection from Depression

by Lloyd S Rosen


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This is a feel-good story of one man's life, my own.

I felt compelled to write this book, hopefully to save the thousands of other people who suffer from mental illness and keep them from the pain that I went through. I want everyone to know through reading this book-there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today is not like the 1960's and 1970's. When I grew up no one talked about depression. This book takes the reader on the roller coaster journey I experienced from first to twelfth grades, explaining all along the way the problems that I had with ADD and my parents thinking I had a reading problem in third grade. It also addresses behavioral issues that I exhibited. These were finally linked to the learning disorders, which resulted in depression in my later years.

I sensed that my parents were doing the best they could and what they felt was right for me, but I never got the help that I needed and at thirteen, as I enter my teen years, it all starts going downhill like a snowball. I got into smoking and drugs to get the acceptance that I thought I needed.

The end nearly comes in 2001 where after a failed marriage and a business that is not going well I decided to commit suicide. I have it all planned out. When, where, how-but because of my children I decide not to do it. That is why I dedicated the book to them. In the end, I get right down to the reason I wrote the book. You can get healthy, lead a very productive life, and make something of yourself.

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Publication date: 01/23/2016
Pages: 86
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About the Author

Lloyd Rosen was born in New York City. His family moved to Fair Lawn, NJ where Lloyd attended school all the way through high school. After high school Lloyd attended a local community college but stopped after one semester and enlisted in the Air Force. After being diagnosed as being unfit for military duty he was discharged with an honorable discharge and returned to New Jersey and found a job in the hospitality field.

In 1978 Lloyd met his first wife and relocated across the country to Seattle. Lloyd was married for 12 years and has two children from that marriage. In 1998 Lloyd met his second wife and together they set off to see the United States. They moved first to Nashville, TN then to Jacksonville Fl. where in 2001Lloyd, had his first real experience with major depression. It was there that Lloyd first thought about and planned to commit suicide.

Fortunately he did not fulfill his desire. He got some help but did not get the real help that changed his whole life until 2006 when he and his wife had moved to Texas. It was then while seeing a therapist that Lloyd started writing.

He ended up publishing his first book titled Search for Happiness My Journey from Darkness into the Light. Which he hopes to use to help other people realize they are not alone in their fight with depression. Most recently Lloyd was divorced from his second wife. Lloyd loves bowling competitively as well as continuing to write he is finishing up his second book. He also enjoys traveling and sightseeing; he has been to 46 of the 50 states.

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