Retelling Tales: Essays in Honor of Russell Peck

Retelling Tales: Essays in Honor of Russell Peck




Good stories are told over and over again. Each successive retelling transforms the narrative, the characters, details both minor and essential, and other elements of the story. This process of transformation is the subject of the studies in this volume, which explore the nature of narrative reshaping in specific tales - Biblical, Classical, historical, Arthurian -and between different media. Focusing in the main, but not exclusively, on the medieval period, the contributors go beyond the traditional areas of source study to examine the social, historical, religious, gender and aesthetic motivations for retelling and reshaping stories. Professor THOMAS HAHNteaches in the English Department at the University of Rochester;Dr ALAN LUPACK is Curator of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library at the University of Rochester. Contributors: DEREK BREWER, THERESA COLETTI, ALFRED DAVID, JOHN V. FLEMING, THOMAS HAHN, RONALD HERZMAN, SARAH L. HIGLEY, DAVID LYLE JEFFREY, RICHARD KAEUPER, ANNE LASKAYA, ALAN LUPACK, MONICA E. MCALPINE, CHARLES A. OWEN, EVE SALISBURY, LYNN STALEY, JAMES I. WIMSATT, ROBERT YEAGER

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ISBN-13: 9780859914772
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer, Limited
Publication date: 10/30/1997
Pages: 368
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'Re-tellings'. - Derek S Brewer 'Re-Reading the Story of Herod in the Middle English Innocents Plays'. - Theresa ColettìChaucer's Adams'. - Alfred David 'Sacred and Secular Exegesis in the Wyf of Bath's Tale'. - John V. Fleming 'Old Wives' Tales and Masculine Intuition'. - Tom Hahn ''The Book of the City of Ladies' as a Twice-Told Tale'. - Ronald Herzman 'The Legend of the Learned Man's Android'. - Sarah L. Higley 'Victimization and Legal Abuse: The Wycliffite Retelling of the Story of Susannah'. - David Lyle Jeffrey 'Telling it Like it Was? Mark Twain's Rereading of Chivalry in Malory's Morte Darthur'. - Richard W Kaeuper 'Thomas Chestre's Revisions of Manhood in 'Sir Launfal''. - Anne Laskayà'Scripture Veteris Capiunt Exempla Futuri': John Gower's Transformation of a Fable of Avianus'. - 'The Burghers of Calais: Chapters in a History'. - Monica Mc AlpinèChaucer's Manciple: Voice and Genre'. - Charles A Owen '(Re)dressing Cinderella'. - Eve Salisbury 'HM14 and the Politics of Retelling'. - Lynn Staley 'Segwarydes' Wife and Competing Perspectives Within Malory's Tale of Sir Tristram and Its Model, the Prose Tristan'. - James Wimsatt ''Scripture Veteris Capiunt Exempla Futuri': John Gower's Transformation of a Fable of Avianus'. - Robert F. Yeager

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