Rethinking Democracy

Rethinking Democracy

by Rajni Kothari


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Rethinking Democracy provides a unique insight into India's experience as the world's largest democracy. Covering democratic theory, the state, civil society, participation and the search for global justice, leading political theorist Rajni Kothari evaluates what this experience means for the very idea of democracy.

The culmination of Rajni Kothari's decades of political involvement, this book powerfully demonstrates that we are at a juncture where democracy has failed, on a local and a global level. The promise of human emancipation has not been delivered and democratic ideals of justice and equality have failed to defeat the aggressive logic of capitalism.

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ISBN-13: 9781842779460
Publisher: Zed Books
Publication date: 02/19/2008
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 5.44(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Rajni Kothari founded the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) and Lokayan (Dialogue of the People).

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Democracy: In Search of a Theory
3. The Democratic Polity: Philosophical and Cultural Perspectives
4. The Two Faces of Democracy
5. Democracy and the Role of the State
6. Rebuilding the State
7. Democracy in India: Background and Emerging Challenges
8. Democracy, Participation Theory and Growth of the Non-party Political Progress
9. On Democracy: A Critique
10. On Democracy: Emancipation and Democracy
11. Conclusion: Democracy under Contrary Pressures

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