Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide to Wellness

Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide to Wellness

by Alison E. Buehler


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Are you one of the 1 in 5 women who suffer from a female health disorder? Tired of just managing symptoms? If you are ready to be WELL but don't know where to start, this is the book for you! Outside the box, effective answers to almost EVERY female health condition from PMS to Menopause and everything in between. It IS possible to feel better than you have in years.

Alison Buehler used her professional career as a researcher to solve her personal problems. In the process, she dug up every hard to find solution on the most common female health issues facing women throughout their lives. PMS, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause and hormone balance, chronic fatigues, mental health, and autoimmune disorders. This women’s health book covers every issue in a conversational manner that is hard to put down. Your road to feeling good again starts here.

Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide To Wellness provides practical and integrative health solutions while addressing what women can do to shift their culture from one that treats disease to one that cultivates wellness for women at every stage of life. Women are beginning to understand that they must find and share their own solutions to health epidemics in order to achieve wellness, rather than relying on an over-industrialized health care system. These stories hold the power to heal women.

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ISBN-13: 9781941644577
Publisher: Sartoris Literary Group
Publication date: 12/15/2018
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Dr. Alison E. Buehler has a doctorate in educational administration. She began her career as a special education teacher and subsequently founded a nonprofit organization with her husband, The Homestead Education Center, that provides workshops on health and wellness. She is married to radiologist Mike Buehler and lives with her family in Starkville, Mississippi on a small farm where they raise three children, chickens, goats, vegetables, and bees. Her writing focuses on stories that hold the power to heal.

Table of Contents

Preface with Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D.


Section 1

Birth of Women’s Dis-ease

Chapter 1: Initiated Adults


Chapter 2: The Archetypes and Rites of Passage


Section 2

The Maiden

Chapter 3: Premenstrual Syndrome


Chapter 4: Solutions for STD’s


Chapter 5: Sex


Chapter 6: Yeast and Other Vaginal Beasts


Section 3

The Mother

Chapter 7: Family Planning


Chapter 8: Fertility & Infertility


Chapter 9: Pregnancy and Birth Options


Chapter 10: Caregiving & Motherhood


Section 4

The Wise Elder

Chapter 11: Female Illnesses


Chapter 12: Premenopause & Perimenopause


Chapter 13: Wise Elder Advice on Living


Chapter 14: Sustainable Wellness

Heal Yourself; Heal Our Culture


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