Retire Lucky - Retirement Innovation!

Retire Lucky - Retirement Innovation!

by Sam Ali

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It’s time for a change. Many middle-class Americans are losing the opportunity to have financially secure futures by simply following government mandates. However, practicing some basic steps could prevent that. In Creating Generations and Generations of Wealth, Sam M. Ali shares his time-tested advice for establishing a reliable retirement income stream. One of his inspirational mottos is “Cash is king but cash flow is retirement king.”


Build wealth as the super rich do;
Develop a passive stream of retirement income;
Overcome investment fears; and
Create wealth for loved ones.

Discover the secret to surpassing your current income and retiring early and being rich in Creating Generations and Generations of Wealth.

The principal source of my revenue for retirement is a passive stream of retirement income (PSORI), derived from owning a small business (chapter one). This is the basis for the creation of generations and generations of wealth, and it is truly my elegant retirement heritage. PSORI is a prerequisite for gaining access to the single most prestigious governing criterion: cash flow. Cash flow is the one sign of hope in overcoming retirement financial woe. Our cash flow can provide a steady retirement income for the middle class reminiscent of what the super rich enjoy. This entire process is attested by my more than two decades of personal experience in the field. We need to plant the seeds of this work of art in our loved ones and their loved ones too. Tell them the truth, that things are not easy these days. They may have to stay longer with papa and mama in weathering out tough economic conditions and clearly contemplate on challenges ahead.

Through this book’s wisdom, we will see the world in a new way, just as the super rich see it. How? Well, the complicated answer is the super rich do not complain that their gas, electric, water bills are too high, that their TV bill is too high, that their grocery bill is too high, and so on and so forth since these are basic necessities of living. We cannot continue living without some of them. Then why in the world should I waste my precious, precious time in discussing such things? It blows my mind that the middle class dwell on these issues day in and day out. We’ll let others provide these services for us knowing it is just a small fraction of our revenue. What the super rich “complain” about is their next investment strategy to acquire another retirement business or how to drum up the retirement business to the next level. For us, this would be a small business (chapter one) and then working toward attaining the gold standard secret (chapter one) of this true-to-life book or straightforwardly moving up the small business to the advanced stage of retirement (chapter ten). In reality, the whole conversation, for the middle class, should be based on learning how to bring in more money to our bank account, or for that matter, to our reserve (emergency cash cushion supply) bank account.

The super rich will help each other or at least bat around some ideas or deals they made, which they keep under wraps.

Please be knowledgeable about absolute ownership of a passive stream of retirement income business, which is the ultimate toolkit for a massive sustained success if you are willing to learn from this great effort. Please adore this masterwork for it will guide you to obtaining much-needed retirement wealth in your golden years. Some of my daily compelling force of inspirational confidence building is my collection of words of inspiration for innovation found at the end of every chapter. These are taken from my diary, entitled Golden Rules and Best Advice for Retirement Investments. I’m inspired and excited. I say, reveal and show your real passion for wealth accumulation via this book’s wisdom. This is our moment and our time. A rolled out red carpet has been placed before you. The golden opportunity is knocking at the door. Please open the door and walk on the red carpet to your chosen retirement destiny. God Bless.

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Publisher: California Housing Co., LLC
Publication date: 04/30/2012
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Pages: 257
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About the Author

Sam M. Ali has been a successful retirement investor for more than two decades and is a self-made millionaire. By perfecting his innovative investment system, Sam now enjoys a passive stream of retirement income, and is pleased to share his insights on building wealth for the golden years. After helping a number of his peers at the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to become retirement rich by using their individual retirement funds, several of them suggested that he write a book, Retirement Innovation! to help others do the same. Sam felt compelled to offer his advice and expertise to others. To protect his passive stream of retirement assets, Sam created two limited liability companies—Equity Advance Properties, LLC and California Housing Company, LLC. Through his own experiences, he believes he has created viable solutions to the retirement income dilemma facing middle-class Americans. It is Sam’s hope that the strong advice and wisdom found in his book will serve as a “bridge over troubled waters” for his readers in creating generations and generations of wealth. One of his chief inspirational mottos is: “Cash is king, but cash flow is retirement king.” Sam lives in South San Francisco, California, with his wife and daughter.

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