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Toolkit Media Group
Retirement Planning Guide / Edition 4

Retirement Planning Guide / Edition 4

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ISBN-13: 9780808090304
Publisher: Toolkit Media Group
Publication date: 03/28/2006
Edition description: REV
Pages: 415
Product dimensions: 6.42(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.96(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Overview of Retirement Planning1
Chapter 1Retirement Planning in Perspective3
Increased longevity3
Decreased Company Pensions4
Concerns Over Social Security5
Trend Toward Early Retirement7
Simultaneous Planning for Other Concerns7
Chapter 2Stages in Retirement Planning9
Accumulation Stage9
The Retirement--Transition Stage11
The Post-Retirement Stage11
Ongoing Planning12
Chapter 3The Role of the Planner13
Retirement Planning Team14
The Role of Software in Retirement Planning15
Using the Internet16
Part 2Building Up Retirement Income19
Chapter 4Sources of Retirement Income21
Social Security Provides the Majority of Income for the Aged21
Other Sources of Retirement Income23
Chapter 5Setting Retirement Savings Goals25
Age for Retirement26
Understanding the Impact of Inflation27
Anticipated Standard of Living29
How Long Savings Can Be Expected to Last30
Chapter 6Meeting Retirement Goals Through Investments33
Strategies for Meeting Retirement Goals33
Choosing Investment Vehicles37
Understanding Asset Allocation44
Strategies for Turning Non-Productive Assets Into Retirement Income47
Chapter 7Meeting Retirement Goals Through Working After Retirement51
Monetary Benefits of Working After Retirement52
Cost of Working After Retirement57
Chapter 8Social Security Benefits59
Figuring Retirement Benefits59
Applying for Benefits64
Working While Collecting Benefits66
Taxation of Social Security Benefits66
Planning Strategies for Social Security Benefits67
Chapter 9Income Tax Planning for Retirees71
Impact of Tax Rates71
Roundup of Special Tax Rules for Retirees74
Estimated Taxes75
Part 3Qualified Plan and IRA Strategies81
Chapter 10Setting Up and Contributing To Qualified Plans83
Types of Qualified Plans83
Plan Requirements90
Contribution and Benefit Limits96
Chapter 11Setting Up IRAs105
Rules Common to All IRAs106
Deductible IRAs107
Nondeductible IRAs110
Roth IRAs112
Choosing Between Different Types of IRAs115
Credit for Retirement Plan Contributions116
Chapter 12Investment Strategies for Retirement Plans119
Funding Requirements119
Investment Limitations120
Ethical Considerations125
Chapter 13Distribution Strategies--Part 1127
Early Distributions127
Required Distributions131
Taxation of Distributions from Qualified Plans135
Taxation of Distributions from IRAs143
State Income Taxes147
Chapter 14Distribution Strategies--Part 2149
Maximizing Retirement Income from Qualified Plans150
Minimum Distribution Planning150
Designating Beneficiaries154
Postponing Tax on Distributions161
Chapter 15Asset Protection and Other Retirement Plan Considerations167
Asset Protection167
Retirement Benefits and Divorce169
Finding Lost Pensions170
Problems with Retirement Plans171
Avoiding Common Errors with Retirement Plans171
Part 4Life Insurance and Annuities in Retirement Planning175
Chapter 16Life Insurance and Retirement Planning177
Life insurance "audits" to assess coverage180
Chapter 17Selected Topics for Life Insurance185
Variable Life Insurance185
Split-Dollar Insurance186
Second-to-Die Insurance187
Chapter 18Annuities and Retirement Planning189
Types of Commercial Annuities189
Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Annuities192
Private Annuities194
Part 5Early Retirement195
Chapter 19Assessing Early Retirement Packages197
What Does the Early Retirement Package Include?197
Other Intangibles200
Waiver of legal claims201
Chapter 20Other Factors to Consider for Early Retirement203
Figuring the Differential Between Working and Taking Early Retirement203
Other Factors to Consider for Early Retirement206
Chapter 21Planning Strategies for Early Retirement209
Planning Strategies After Accepting Early Retirement209
Working After Early Retirement211
Part 6Special Considerations for Business Owners213
Chapter 22Opportunities for Saving for Retirement215
Qualified Retirement Plans from the Business Owner's Perspective215
Nonqualified Retirement Plans218
Other Strategies218
Chapter 23Sale of a Business Upon Retirement221
Selling a Business Before Retirement--General Considerations221
Buy-Sell Agreements222
Sale of a Business to an ESOP224
Chapter 24Succession Planning227
Closely Held Corporations227
Family Limited Partnerships229
Selling to Family Members232
Chapter 25Estate Planning for a Business237
Special Use Valuation for Farms and Closely Held Business Realty238
Estate Tax Deduction for Family-Owned Businesses238
Part 7Special Situations243
Chapter 26Divorce and Its Impact on Retirement Planning245
Impact on Personal Savings and Investments245
Impact on Qualified Plans and IRAs246
Impact on Social Security Benefits247
Impact on Medical Coverage248
Impact on Insurance Coverage248
Chapter 27Remarriage and Its Impact on Retirement Planning251
Using Prenuptial Agreements251
Pension and Social Security Benefits251
Part 8Strategies for Growing Old253
Chapter 28Where to Retire255
Considerations for Changing State of Residence in Retirement255
Retiring Abroad259
Chapter 29Housing for Retirement261
Tax Rules on Sale of a Residence261
Staying at Home265
Residential Alternatives for Old Age265
Chapter 30Post-Retirement Investment Strategies269
Strategies for Improving Post-Retirement Income269
Using Home Mortgages272
Chapter 31Lifetime Asset Management Techniques275
Joint Ownership275
Powers of Attorney276
Court-Supervised Arrangements279
Chapter 32Medical Coverage for Old Age281
Medigap Insurance284
Chapter 33Long-Term Care and Catastrophic Illness287
Advance Medical Directives287
Financial Aspects of Long-Term Care288
Planning for the Cost of Catastrophic Illness289
Chapter 34Estate Planning--Selected Topics297
Estate Planning Basics to Take Care of in Retirement297
Selected Estate Planning Issues299

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