by Jilliane Hoffman

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retribution: n. punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved
-The Oxford American Dictionary

When an elite prosecutor faces the most lethal predator she's ever encountered, it all comes down to a choice between justice . . .

. . . and retribution

Author Biography: Retribution was inspired by Jilliane Hoffman's experience as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting felonies in Florida from 1992 to 1996. Until 2001, Ms. Hoffman was the regional legal advisor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, advising more than one hundred special agents on criminal and civil matters in complex investigations including narcotics, homicide, and organized crime. This is her first novel.

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ISBN-13: 9780425200612
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication date: 11/28/2004
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 4.32(w) x 6.74(h) x 1.27(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jilliane Hoffman began her professional career as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting felonies in Florida, with special assignments to the Domestic Violence Unit and the Legal Extradition Unit. She has advised more than one hundred special agents on criminal and civil matters in complex investigations involving narcotics, homicide, and organized crime.

Her novels include the bestselling Retribution, Last Witness, The Cutting Room, Plea of Insanity, and Pretty Little Things. Originally from Long Island, New York, she presently resides in South Florida with her husband and two children.

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CHLOE LARSON WAS, as usual, in a mad and blinding rush. She had all of ten minutes to change into something suitable to wear to The Phantom of the Opera-currently sold out a year in advance and the hottest show on Broadway-put on a face, and catch the 6:52 p.m. train out of Bayside into the city, which was, in itself, a three-minute car ride from her apartment to the station. That left her with really only seven minutes. She whipped through her overstuffed closet that she had meant to clean out last winter, and quickly settled on a black crepe skirt and matching jacket with a pink camisole. Clutching one shoe in her hand, she muttered Michael's name under her breath, while she frantically tossed aside shoe after shoe from the pile on the closet floor, at last finally finding the black patent-leather pump's mate.

She hurried down the hall to the bathroom, pulling on her heels as she walked. It was not supposed to happen like this, she thought as she flipped her long blond hair upside down, quickly combing it with one hand, while simultaneously brushing her teeth with the other. She was supposed to be relaxed and carefree, giddy with anticipation, her mind free of distractions when the question to end all questions was finally asked of her. Not rushing to and fro, on almost no sleep, from intense classes and study groups with other really anxious people, the New York State Bar Exam oppressively intruding upon her every thought. She spit out the mouthwash, spritzed on Chanel No. 5, and practically ran to the front door. Four minutes. She had four minutes, or else she would have to catch the 7:22 and then she would probably miss the curtain. An image of a dapper and annoyed Michael, waiting outside the Majestic Theater, rose in hand, box in pocket, checking his watch, flashed into her mind.

It was not supposed to happen like this. She was supposed to be more prepared.

She hurried through the courtyard to her car, her fingers rushing to put on the earrings she had grabbed off the nightstand in her room. From the second story above, she felt the eyes of her strange and reclusive neighbor upon her, moving over her from behind his living room window, as they did every day. Just watching as she made her way through the courtyard into the busy world and on with her life. She shook off the cold, uncomfortable feeling as quickly as it had come and climbed into her car. This was no time to think about Marvin. This was no time to think of the bar exam or bar review classes or study groups. It was time to think only of her answer to the question to end all questions that Michael was surely going to ask her tonight.

Three minutes. She had only three minutes, she thought, as she cheated the corner stop sign, barely making the light up on Northern Boulevard.

The deafening sound of the train whistle was upon her now as she ran up the platform stairs two at a time. The doors closed on her just as she waved a thank you to the conductor for waiting and made her way into the car. She sat back against the ripped red vinyl seat and caught her breath from that last run through the parking lot and up the stairs. The train pulled out of the station, headed for Manhattan. She had barely made it.

Just relax and calm down now, Chloe, she told herself, looking at Queens as it passed her by in the fading light of day. Because tonight, after all, was going to be a very special night. Of that she was certain.



THE WIND HAD PICKED UP and the thick evergreen bushes that hid his motionless body from sight began to rustle and sway. Just to the west, lightning lit the sky, and jagged streaks of white and purple flashed behind the brilliant Manhattan skyline. There was little doubt that it was going to pour-and soon. Buried deep in the dark underbrush, his jaw clenched tight and his neck stiffened at the rumble of thunder. Wouldn't that just put the icing on the cake, though? A thunderstorm while he sat out here waiting for that bitch to finally get home.

Crouched low under the thick mange of bushes that surrounded the apartment building there was no breeze, and the heat had become so stifling under the heavy clown mask that he could almost feel the flesh melting off his face. The smell of rotting leaves and moist dirt overwhelmed the evergreen, and he tried hard not to breathe in through his nose. Something small scurried by his ear, and he forced his mind to stop imagining the different kinds of vermin that might, right now, be crawling on his person, up his sleeves, in his work boots. He fingered the sharp, jagged blade anxiously with gloved fingertips.

There were no signs of life in the deserted courtyard. All was quiet, but for the sound of the wind blowing through the branches of the lumbering oak trees, and the constant hum and rattle of a dozen or more air conditioners, precariously suspended up above him from their windowsills. Thick, full hedges practically grew over the entire side of the building, and he knew that, even from the apartments above, he could still not be seen. The carpet of weeds and decaying leaves crunched softly under his weight as he pulled himself up and moved slowly through the bushes toward her window.

She had left her blinds open. The glow from the streetlamp filtered through the hedges, slicing dim ribbons of light across the bedroom. Inside, all was dark and still. Her bed was unmade and her closet door was open. Shoes-high heels, sandals, sneakers-lined the closet floor. Next to her television, a stuffed-bear collection was displayed on the crowded dresser. Dozens of black marble eyes glinted back at him in the amber slivers of light from the window. The red glow on her alarm clock read 12:33 a.m.

His eyes knew exactly where to look. They quickly scanned down the dresser, and he licked his dry lips. Colored bras and matching lacy panties lay tossed about in the open drawer.

His hand went to his jeans and he felt his hard-on rise back to life. His eyes moved fast to the rocking chair where she had hung her white lace nightie. He closed his eyes and stroked himself faster, recalling in his mind exactly how she had looked last night. Her firm, full tits bouncing up and down while she fucked her boyfriend in that see-through white nightie. Her head thrown back in ecstasy, and her curved, full mouth open wide with pleasure. She was a bad girl, leaving her blinds open. Very bad. His hand moved faster still. Now he envisioned how she would look with those long legs wrapped in nylon thigh-highs and strapped into a pair of the high heels from her closet. And his own hands, locked around their black spikes, hoisting her legs up, up, up in the air and then spreading them wide apart while she screamed. First in fear, and then in pleasure. Her blond mane fanned out under her head on the bed, her arms strapped tight to the headboard. The lacy crotch of her pretty pink panties and her thick blond bush, exposed right by his mouth. Yum-yum! He moaned loudly in his head and his breath hissed as it escaped through the tiny slit in the center of his contorted red smile. He stopped himself before he climaxed and opened his eyes again. Her bedroom door sat ajar, and he could see that the rest of the apartment was dark and empty. He sank back down to his spot under the evergreens. Sweat rolled down his face, and the latex suctioned fast to the skin. Thunder rumbled again, and he felt his cock slowly shrivel back down inside his pants.

She was supposed to have been home hours ago. Every single Wednesday night she's home no later then 10:45 p.m. But tonight, tonight, of all nights, she's late. He bit down hard on his lower lip, reopening the cut he had chewed on an hour earlier, tasting the salty blood that flooded his mouth. He fought back the almost overwhelming urge to scream.

Goddamn mother-fucking bitch! He could not help but be disappointed. He had been so excited, so thrilled, just counting off the minutes. At 10:45 she would walk right past him, only steps away, in her tight gym clothes. The lights would go on above him, and he would rise slowly to the window. She would purposely leave the blinds open, and he would watch. Watch as she pulled her sweaty T-shirt over her head and slid her tight shorts over her naked thighs. Watch as she would get herself ready for bed. Ready for him!

Like a giddy schoolboy on his first date, he had giggled to himself merrily in the bushes. How far will we go tonight, my dear? First base? Second? All the way? But those initial, exciting minutes had ticked by and here he still was, two hours later-squatting like a vagrant with unspeakable vermin crawling all over him, probably breeding in his ears. The anticipation that had fueled him, that had fed the fantasy, was now gone. His disappointment had slowly turned into anger, an anger that had grown more intense with each passing minute. He clenched his teeth hard and his breath hissed. No, siree, he was not excited anymore. He was not thrilled. He was beyond annoyed.

He sat chewing his lip in the dark for what seemed like another hour, but really was only a matter of minutes. Lightning lit the sky and the thunder rumbled even louder and he knew then that it was time to go. Grudgingly, he removed his mask, gathered his bag of tricks, and extricated himself from the bushes. He knew that there would be a next time.

Headlights beamed down the dark street just then, and he quickly ducked off the cement pathway back behind the hedges. A sleek silver BMW pulled up fast in front of the complex, double-parking no less than thirty feet from his hiding spot.

Minutes passed like hours, but finally the passenger door opened, and two long and luscious legs, their delicate feet wrapped in high-heeled black patent-leather pumps, swung out. He knew instantly that it was her, and an inexplicable feeling of calm came over him. It must be fate.

Then the Clown sank back under the evergreens. To wait.

—from Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman, copyright © 2003 by Jilliane Hoffman, published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

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Retribution 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 55 reviews.
angeleyesAS More than 1 year ago
The story begins in 1988 as Chloe Larsen, a struggling young law student living in NYC and studying to take the bar exam. The point of view changes in 2000 to C. J. Townsend, an Assistant District Attorney in Miami, who was raped and tortured in 1988, while still in law school in New York, by an assailant she knows only as The Clown. He left her for dead; but she survived, and also managed to survive a nervous breakdown and twelve years of therapy afterward. She has relocated to south Florida, changed her name, and managed to erase her past. Then a man is pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and in the trunk of his car is found the tenth victim of the serial killer known as Cupid. Too many of the details of the case are all too familiar to Townsend, for they remind her of her own violation so many years before. Then, there is a recognizable scar, she notices in court, and knows she's prosecuting her own assailant. Fantastic! The fun begins! Others I will share, THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR, CRACKED HEARTS, EXPLOSION IN PARIS, 7th VICTIM.
MikeDraper More than 1 year ago
"Retribution" was nominated for an Anthony Award for best first mystery novel. It begins when a preditor stalks and rapes law student, Chloe Larson and escapes. Twelve years later, a string of murders have occurred in the Miami area. A policeman pulls a car over for a traffic violation and when the driver refuses to permit the officer to check his trunk, a K-9 unit is called. The dog senses something. On popping open the trunk, they find the body of a dead girl with a missing heart. William Bantling demands to speak to a lawyer. He's brought before the court and prosecutor C.J. Townsend. She wonders is Brantling the serial killer or a copy cat. Then, C.J. hears his voice and remembers it. Even though it's been twelve years, C.J. recalls the attack, the break-up of her relationship, her nervous breakdown. She had moved to Florida, changed her name and passed the Florida bar exam. She's able to survive with drive and periodic visits to her analyst. When C.J. recognizes the voice, she becomes more determined than ever, to make sure that the man who raped her and killed the woman in his trunk gets what he deserves. However, she does have to walk a thin line between being impartial and having her retribution. This is a wonderful plot driven novel. C.J. Townsend is a first rate protagonist, sympathetic, yet strong in her resolve. The author adds a somewhat predictable plot twist toward the end which heightened the enjoyment. Film rights have been sold and the film is currently in development.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. The storyline is gripping! The book pulls the reader in from Chapter One and does not let you go. It has lots of twists and turns and this ex-prosecutor was very impressed by the courtroom scenes and the author's ability to explain the legal arena and relevent caselaw with ease and a dramatic simplicity so that the reader does not need to be a criminal trial attorney to appreciate the story or to be scared out of their wits!.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Twelve years ago, Chloe was an average person worrying if she will pass the bar examination and hoping her boyfriend will propose to her. The night she thinks he is going to give her a ring; he gives her instead a diamond heart as an anniversary present. He wants to go up to her house but she is angry and tells him to leave her off at her apartment. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, a man wearing a clown costume rapes and tortures Chloe.

In the present, the serial killer who has raped, tortured, and killed ten blonde women ages eighteen to twenty five is caught with a dead body in the trunk by a rookie patrol officer in a routine traffic violation. Chloe, now going by the name of C.J. Townsend, is the prosecutor assigned the case. At the first hearing, she lays eyes on the face of William Robert Bantling and recognizes him as her rapist from his voice and a scar on his arm. She doesn¿t tell anyone that she should be excused. She decides to prosecute Robert seeking justice or is it retribution?

The new star in the legal horizon is Jilliane Hoffman if RETRIBUTION is any indication of her skills. If the answer is yes and more books as great as this follows, fans will discus her name along side of Patricia Cornwell, Linda Fairstein and Perri O¿Shaugnessy. The characters are well developed (especially the villain and avenging angel), and the storyline is original with spellbinding action. The trial scenes are particularly fabulous and quite polished as RETRIBUTION is on the way to the bestseller lists.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
I love it when I find a book that I become obssessed with and I can't think of anything else until I finish reading the last page. I didn't know what to expect at first but the author pulled me into a dark and terrifying world about a brilliant and successful prosecuter who is also a traumatized and haunted woman. The line between right and wrong suddenly becomes blurred when she comes face to face with her worst nightmare and gets a chance at revenge. Dark, thrilling, smart, and there's even romance. LOVED IT. There's a sequel: THE LAST WITNESS, which was also exceptional but not as good as the first book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I picked up this book at my mother-in-law's house because I needed something to read. She told me that the book didn't capture her attention so she didn't finish it. I decided to read it anyway. I could not put this book down! I just finished it and immediately checked to see if Jilliane Hoffman had written more books. I cannot wait to read Last Witness.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i was enraptured by this book from the very first page to the very last page! i was ill and in bed when i started this one and it only lasted a few days in my hands...i couldn't put it down. it real page turner! the characters are all likable even though they are all suspects at one point or another!! there wasn't one that i didn't think was the killer at some point! i love books like this. i understand that jilliane has a new book coming out on may 5th. i will be first on line! its a sequel! i can't wait! jilliane hoffman is a fresh new author who seriously rivals patterson and rucka! andrea
Guest More than 1 year ago
I went on a long trip & had heard this book was good - so I got it on audio book. Man oh man I wish I could explain how wonderful this book is! I loved the people in this book right away. I did not want my trip to end. I found myself sitting in my car listening to this book. Most people say 'It's a page turner' & it REALLY is, well in my case a 'Can't get out of the car yet' turner! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! That is hard to do with an audio book sometimes, because your trying to pay attention & drive yet connect with the story line. With this book - NO PROBLEM!!! I can't wait for her next book! I felt so angry about what happened to Chloe then in the end..... Well let¿s just say the title of this book is perfect & so is the ending!! Total gratification!!!!!! Try it - You'll LOVE it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't normally comment on how good or bad I personally think a book is because it really is just a matter of perspective. But in this case, I felt like I just HAD to say something about this one. I read books more than most people watch TV and of all the books I've read (thousands), this book ranks in my top five! Jilliane Hoffman has captured, in her first book, everything a mystery, thrill-seeking, mind-challenging author can corral in one place. I know you've probably seen this before, but I literally COULD NOT put this book down! I just HAD to know what was coming next! I can honestly say that I believe this book (with very little cursing, by the way) can and SHOULD be made into a movie because no one could stand to NOT watch it. Read it. I PROMISE you you WON'T be disappointed. Jilliane, YOU GO GIRL! MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE......
Guest More than 1 year ago
I recently had the pleasure of reading Rebrution by Jilliane Hoffman. This is the best book I've read in a long time and I read a lot of books. My husband is a truck driver and I went on a 5 day trip with him. I brought this book with me and I finished it on day 4. Its 420 pages long and I found myself wishing it was longer. Although I was anxious to see what happens next, at the same time I hated to finish the book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys detective/lawyer/trial type stories. On a scale of 1-10 I would give this book a 10+ and I hope Ms Hoffman writes another book real soon!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I purchased this a while ago based on the reviews of the book. I just had a hard time actually picking it up to start reading. Just wasn't sure if it was a book for me. I finally was ready to start a new book and told my husband to pick something off the shelf for me. Needless to say it was Retribution. FINE. I started the book and was immediatelly captivated by the unfolding story. I have spent 2 evenings up way past my bed time reading and finishing this book. I thought the story was excellent! I was concerned that this would be to technical, about courtroom drama and bore me. Never once was I even close to being bored or feeling overwhelmed with lawyer/courtroom jargon that I didn't understand. This is full of twists, like any suspense novel should be but this is definetly one of those nail biting ones that you can't read fast enough. The many characters you meet in this book all made you wonder if they were a part of this serial killers game. Who was it? One person or two? Do they have the right person? Was someone covering for someone else? Was it a set up? Just read it, it was amazing. WELL WORTH the hardback price!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Absolutely thrilling. I found myself pacing the house with book in hand - I was so nervous. Much better than Patricia Cornwell (when she was writing good stuff), and can be right up there with James Patterson if she continues to write like this! Looking forward to her next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
C. J. Townsend is the no nonsense prosecutor who never loses her cool during the tough cases, until she meets the accused serial killer¿ C. J.¿s new case should not be anything different from her previous cases, a vicious killer with a thirst for violence. The evidence is overwhelming considering the wealthy young man is found with the body in his trunk. This case should be open and shut, but a shocking discovery unlocks a terrifying secret from C. J.¿s past. As the case twist and turns, C. J. must work overtime to find closure with her past and hold herself together long enough to put a monster away forever. `Retribution¿ is one of the BEST first novels I have read in years. The interesting lead character and fast-paced plot grabbed hold early on and didn¿t let go. Smooth writing and shocking surprises made this page-turner even easier to stay up all night reading until I reached the explosive climax. Jilliane Hoffman has written an instant bestseller that fans of polished courtroom thrillers will love. Expect to see great things from Ms. Hoffman, who may just prove to be a new leader in popular fiction. A MUST read! Nick Gonnella
caroren on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
With this graphic serial killer/courtroom thriller, debut novelist Hoffman joins the lengthening list of high-powered legal ladies whose professional expertise serves as the basis for authentic, insider crime fiction. Blond, beautiful law student Chloe Larson is looking forward to a great future with successful New York businessman Michael Decker. Her expectations are shattered forever after a madman in a clown mask rapes and tortures her until she is near death. She survives physically, but psychologically slips into an extended mental breakdown. Twelve years later she's dyed her hair mousy brown and become unassuming, hardworking C.J. Townsend, assistant chief of the Miami Dade State Attorney's office. A suspiciously lucky break nets serial killer suspect William Bantling, and C.J. takes over the prosecution as part of her normal workload. When Bantling stands up in court and speaks, C.J. realizes he's the man who raped her years ago. C.J. learns that the statute of limitations has run out on her rape and that her involvement in that case might very well cause Bantling to be freed on a technicality. Love interest Special Agent Dominick Falconetti knows there is something seriously wrong as C.J.'s mental state begins to deteriorate, but she brushes off his concern and immerses herself in her work on the case. The far-fetched resolution will throw some readers, but Hoffman compensates with a compellingly horrific villain and an undeniably exciting final confrontation. A Page Turner!
TonyaSB on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I normally don't read mystery novels because for the most part they not creative and I can predict them within a few chapters. The only reason I ordered this book from Paperback Swap was because I wanted something to listen to while I drive to work. This one had 13 cds and seemed slightly interesting. That being said, this book is AMAZING! It definitely has me reconsidering my "no mysteries" stance. There was no forced romance that felt like it was put there simply to have women interested. There is a little romance but, even though it's written by a woman, it is also not all consuming throughout the novel. The true story is the mystery and Chloe herself, the romance is just a by product. I thought that was a great way to go. I really hate when female characters spend the entire book mooning over someone when their life is literally falling apart. I just found out that there is being a movie made of it so I'm sure they'll play it up in just the way I hate.Hoffman was able to surprise me several times, which is another reason I loved the book. If I can figure it out too soon, then I'm bored. And the twist she takes near the end...well, that was genius. I knew there was something more than the story we were being told but I simply didn't see it. Maybe it's because she didn't leave enough clues for the reader to get there on her own until she reveals a key piece, but it also didn't feel wrong when I did figure it out. It was more like "Of course!"Like I said, I listened to the audio version. I was little confused because the cover and the cds both said they were read by Martha Plimpton but the beginning and end cds stated that it was read by Kathe Mazur. I had to do a serious search to even find a version with that name being read. Everything I saw said Martha Plimpton read the abridged version and the one lonely site I saw with Kathe Mazur listed said it was unabridged. I listened to the unabridged version but you'd think they'd put the right person reading on the cover! Very weird.I highly recommend this book. If you listen, get the unabridged version. I can't imagine what they could possibly leave out in the abridged version. It would have to be terrible.
nyiper on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Eeeyow....I was looking for something different to listen to and I guess I found it. Just a little too much gore. I happened to pick up an abridged audio version but it was enough. It's not that it wasn't well written and it most certainly had its own thrilling aspects so I'm quite sure it would be just what some people would love---just not my particular favorite. It was definitely clever.
mikedraper on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In this fine novel which was nominated for the Anthony Award for the Best First Mystery Novel, a preditor stalks and rapes law student Chole Larson and escapes.Twelve years later, a string of murders have occurred in the Miami area. A policeman pulls over a car for a traffic offense and when the driver of the car refuses to allow the policeman to check his trunk, a K-9 unit is called. The dog smells something and when they pop the trunk, they find the body of a dead girl with a missing heart. William Banting asks for a lawyer.He's brought before the court and prosecutor, C. J. Townsend. She wonders, is Bantling the serial killer or a copy cat? Then, she hears the man's voice and remembers it. Even though it's been twelve years, C. J. remembers the attack, the break up of her relationship and her nervous breakdown. She moved to Florida, changed her name and passed the Florida bar exam. She's able to survive with drive and periodic visits to her analyst.When C. J. recognizes the voice, she becomes more determined than ever that the man who raped her and killed the woman in the trunk gets what he deserves. Now, she must be careful that she stays impartial but still gets her retribution.This is a wonderful plot driven novel. C. J. Townsend is a first rate protagonist, sympathetic, yet strong in her resolve. The author adds an interesting but somewhat predictable plot twist at the end which heightened the enjoyment.Film rights have been sold and the film is currently in development.
chrissywest on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I had a lot of computer work to do today, so decided to download an audio book. After reading through several synopsis on a few books, I picked this book, Retribution by Jilliane Hoffman, a author I have never read anything by before. Let¿s just say I was pretty much glued to my desk chair for the 6hrs the audio book ran. What a powerful, gut-wrenching story. Pretty graphic in places, but I don¿t shy away from violence in novels.CJ is excellently portrayed as a woman with a tortured past - trying to put her life back together. The characters are well developed, and you are drawn into their world completely. There was even a little humor in the book, contributed by the character, Manny Alvarez. This is one very powerful debut novel, and a excellent legal thriller. I thought the ending was a little rushed, but I still recommend the book all the way!
moonshineandrosefire on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
C. J. Townsend is a brilliant state prosecutor known for keeping her cool even when trying the most horrific cases. The current murderer is as base as they come - a vicious killer who savors cruelty and considers murder an art form. Amid a maelstrom of media coverage, C. J. builds her case until she is struck with a shattering blow from her past. Now, everything rides on her ability to hold herself together long enough to put the criminal behind bars forever.I enjoyed this story even though it was a little farfetched toward the end. I give it an A!
Joycepa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A young law student is brutally raped in New York. 10 years later, she is the lead prosecutor in Miami, working on the case of a serial killer nicknamed Cupid. A suspect turns up--whom she believes is the same man who raped her years before.The plot reminds me of the early patricia Cornwell books; unfortunately, the writing, while good, is not at that high a level. There is a nice twist towards the end that makes for page-turning tension at that point. The courtroom scenes are well done but not out of the ordinary. All in all, a good read.
jrepman on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Miami prosecutor CJ Townsend searches for serial killer and rapist.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is great. It keeps you going and going. It never gets boring, it doesn't drag. I won't give details about the book cause other reviews have already done so but reading the reviews is nothing like reading the book. I recommended it to my sisters and they were like me they couldn't put it down. You literally have to force yourself to put the book down otherwise you won't get any sleep; that is if you are a night reader like us. Excellent Book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mare-nyc More than 1 year ago
Interesting story and good pace equals engrossing read. The characters are developed nicely and the story unfolds coherently at its own pace. However, the ending is a letdown having one to many coincidental character intertwining. Hoffman could have taken a more intriguing path to conclude an otherwise good book.