Return of the Creators

Return of the Creators

by James Marsden


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James Marsden's career in education spanned thirty five years, of which a major part involved the teaching of physiology and genetics to bio-medical undergraduates.
The significant developments in human genetics he observed during these last fifty years prompted him to extrapolate these developments a further hundred years into the future, and to the discovery of an individual whose genetic configuration results in unique psychokinetic, psychoportation, and telekinetic abilities.
These abilities allowed for the first time a human being making contact with the extra-terrestrial mythical alien race known as the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru,
and to the discovery that the Anunnaki were in fact the
"Gods" who, 450,000 years previously, had visited the
Earth and created human kind, and subsequently had, at
4,500 year intervals, revisited the Earth to monitor and advise on the progress of their creation.
"Return of the Creators" is a follow-up to Dr Marsden's first book - "Genetics of the Gods", and in addition to recording events leading up to the next scheduled visit by the Anunnaki, gives a disturbing account of human society in the 22nd century.

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Publication date: 10/25/2012
Pages: 140
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