Return To Earth

Return To Earth

by Dennis Calloway


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The is year 2053 and a huge meteor, in the form of a rogue planet called Lycos, has partially destroyed the Earth. Some years prior to Lycos, a faulty deep space satellite accidentally captured data showing that Europa could possibly sustain human life. With the impending impact of Lycos, a decision was made to start construction of two moon bases and two Generation Space Ships; the Orion and the Cassiopeia. Now that the two ships are ready, the remaining survivors on the moon prepare to make the journey to Europa.

The plot centers around Tess Robinson, her husband Stan and son Lenny and a number of close allies of Tess. Tess's emotional state has been driven by the loss of her husband and son (unbeknownst to Tess, however, Stan and Lenny are still alive in an underground parking garage/bomb shelter on Earth). Tess is a strong-willed black female pilot who has been charged with flying the Cassiopeia generation space ship to Europa. The moon base commander, Wilfred Soren, is power hungry and wants to set himself up as a king on Europa, so he manipulates his allies and enemies in order to secretly board the Cassiopeia with his select people and fly it to Europa ahead of schedule. Many, including Tess, are abandoned on the moon with little fuel, food, and power. Their only chance to survive is to retrieve the Orion at the destroyed UN base and return to Earth. There, they hoped to get enough fuel for the trip to Europa, as well as a key engine part called the engine power node.

Author Info - Dennis Calloway is a native of Detroit, Michigan with deep roots in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He is married to Marcia Jones (MJ) Calloway and has two daughters, Mariel and Nia. He and Marcia currently live in Houston, Texas.

Dennis enlisted in the US Army in 1980 as a Combat Medic and Cardiac Specialist, serving in Washington DC at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He was accepted at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey in 1981. After his time at the Prep School, he applied to the United States Military Academy at West Point and entered in July of 1982. He graduated from West Point in 1986 ("Courage Never Quits!") with a BS in Engineering and a double language minor in Russian and German. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery and served in Panama and Fort Sill, Oklahoma, before resigning his commission as a Captain in 1991.

Keywords: Earth, Meteor, Moon, Shuttles, Space, Jupiter, Europa, Earthquakes, Orion, Cassiopeia

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ISBN-13: 9781622878147
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication date: 02/04/2015
Pages: 358
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