Return to Larkspur

Return to Larkspur

by Anastacia Hawkins


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There's a new enemy in Larkspur.
Kieron of Wickland will stop at nothing in order to gain the power and position he believes he deserves.
As Kieron forges a deal with Darkness, King Alastar of Larkspur boldly sets out to pour the Areli Light into the hearts of his people, the same light that turned a castle wall into a pile of rubble, and led Larkspur's previous enemies into their imprisonment in the Murky Realm.
In this anticipated sequel to the fantasy adventure, Larkspur, Taylor, Leslie, and Mason return to Larkspur to be infused with the Areli Light in order to help defend the land and people they have come to love.
As they face new challenges and form new friendships, their loyalties will be tested, and their hopes and dreams divided.
Will the light bring peace once more?
Or will darkness overcome it?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781484054369
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/19/2013
Series: Larkspur , #2
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Anastacia (Stacey) Hawkins grew up as a California girl in the suburbs of L.A. County; she loved artistic roller skating, being at the beach, and writing!

When she came across an ad for the Institute of Children's Literature, she signed up for their course "Writing for Children and Teenagers", and discovered her passion: writing for children!

In April, 2008, Anastacia sold her first story to Shine Brightly Magazine. She was hooked! In addition to writing stories for magazines, she is the author of 5 engaging and delightful stories found in Storie Italiane, an Italian/English parallel text book, and the exciting fantasy adventure novels Larkspur & Return to Larkspur.

Anastacia is currently working on her first young adult novel, Hear Them Roar!

"They live in a changing world. In 1925 hairstyles and hemlines are getting shorter, the girls are getting bolder, and the boys are more confused than ever.
Yet beneath all the glitz and glamour, twirling, toe-tapping, boozing and cruising, are the things in life that never change - love, family, and death.

Mavis Prescott and Haakon Hagen, aka Queenie and the King, are on top of the world, having danced their way into headlining at The Showroom, the newest, swankiest dancehall in Chicago. But Haakon finds his thoughts are whirling to the west, as Mavis' attentions are being lapped up by a monstrous muse.

After being pulled up on stage to sing at The Green Mill Jazz Club, Alfred Van Buren's star is rising faster than bubbles in a glass of champagne. Yet more than fame, Alfred longs for Lillian Hagen, his best friend's sister. He just has to figure out how to outshine the suave and sophisticated millionaire's nephew who has swooped in and ripped Lillian's attention away without a bit of warning?

Lillian Hagen is living her dream-a model for Marshall Field and Company-when into the lavish department store walks a man so devastatingly charming, so utterly irresistible, that she finds herself following him, regardless of the danger he's leading her into.

Join these four friends as they roar through a year of the most spellbinding decade ever!"

Anastacia resides in The Pacific Northwest with her husband, Shayne, and their daughter, Sierra.

"The thought of a someone picking up one of my books and falling so completely into the story that they can't put it down, until they come out the other side, elated, exhausted, and inspired; well, that just makes my heart happy!"

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