by Jeff Bennington
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Reunion 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
JeninesReads More than 1 year ago
Ok, this is not my typical selection of reading material, but I took a chance and really enjoyed it! Reunion had my interest from the very first page. The characters were likable and I even found a soft spot in my heart for the shooter. Good writing by Jeff Bennington! The story was unique and very exciting. I had to finish it late one night to find out what was going to happen. Didn't see the end!
janastasiow More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting read and very unique. Quite unlike any book I have ever read. It was a supernatural thriller that also had several romantic subplots. This book is about a school shooting and the survivors who are still trying to piece their lives together. Years later they meet at a class reunion and realize the horror has just begun.
Voodoodriver More than 1 year ago
Reunion is an amazing book. I got hooked immediately and skipped some sleep to get it read. Jeff Bennington is an amazing writer. The prose is gripping and visceral. You will read this and wonder why it's not a movie yet. The movie won't due the writing justice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Started off great. Enjoyed how author could turn a phrase... that was in the beginning. However, further into the book the dialogue and interaction among the characters got real cheesy.
charlie75 More than 1 year ago
Reunion By Jeff Bennington Reunion begins with a chilling view into the mind of High School student, David Ray, who has suffered malicious and sexually abusive parenting, constant bullying from his classmates; he is a lonely, desperate young man with no hope and no foreseeable future. The author’s remarkable insight is painful for the reader and it comes as no surprise that the young student is planning a Columbine style attack on his High School in Crescent Falls, Idaho. But, with an incredibly delicate and compassionate approach, Author Bennington then shows the aftermath of the shootings and the suffering of the survivors. Twenty years later, each one has responded in their own way to the crisis and managed to carry on in life like wounded warriors. Nick Tooley, whose brother was killed on that fateful day, and his sweetheart, Kate, eventually marry, but their union is anything but perfect because of his alcoholism. She still pines for Bryan Jacobs, now a Sheriff’s Deputy who is hoping she will leave her husband. Maria Vasquez, who has founded a Crisis Center to combat her demons, decides to put together a twenty year reunion. She extends feelers to the rest of her surviving classmates and is pleased that several of them respond positively. There is her friend, Lana Jones, now a successful author, who was injured in the shooting and still carries the scars. She is also an unwed mother, who is hiding her own secrets. Tanner Khan has tried literally everything to erase his memories, and is now more than willing to face his fears. He also agrees to appear. And then there is Noah, an English exchange student who left the U.S. and returned to England the day after the tragedy. He will also return for the reunion. But there is an evil even greater than their horrible memories lurking in the halls of their old High School. Now closed permanently, a presence prowls the school day and night, it permeates even the survivors’ dreams, and it will not go away. It will take someone with great strength, and God Himself, to erase the specter of David Ray -- but not until much more damage is done. What a great story! I must say that Jeff Bennington has done a fabulous job of creating believable, likeable, and sometimes even scary characters in his novel and I salute him. Reunion is a fantastic read and I cannot wait to read his next book, Twisted Vengeance. Mary Firmin, author of Deadly Pleasures
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sbriggs3 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book - suspenseful, intriguing characters, solid plot line. Some of the more romantic dialogue between characters is a bit cheesy at times but it doesn't distract from the story. This was a quick read and very "spine-tingling."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it, awesome book, would recommend all readers who like thrillers to read this book, wow, all i can say is it is not what you expect, good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is worth a read if you enjoy supernatural horror themes. It has an interesting plot twist that I did not expect. Quick read and doesn't require deep thought, just a reactive nervous system.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great book
ReenaJacobs More than 1 year ago
Thrillers haven’t been my thing for a while now. During my teenage years I read a novel about astronauts who went to Mars and became infected with some kind of black substance. At least one survivor returned to Earth with the infection. Finishing that book resulted in nightmares. And that was the end of my run with thrillers. Dean Koontz comes to mind, but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about that. Anyone have any idea what book I’m talking about? Moving on. So Mr. Bennington offered an ARC of Reunion to me in exchange for a review. The premises was interesting but could I handle it? I figured I was mature enough… or so I hoped, and gave it a shot. Reunion was presented in two parts–before the shooting and twenty years after. In the first section we had, David Ray, a tormented teen who planned to go out with a bang. Despite his methods of dealing with the situation, it was difficult to dislike the boy. More than anything, I felt sorry that a kid would be subjected to such horrible circumstances. Fast forward twenty years and we have the bulk of the story. Six classmates come together to overcome the imprint the tragedy left on their lives. Now I’m a reader who looks for the morbid in literature and movies. I’ll gladly give up my happily ever after (HEA) for a wrench thrown into the gears. To my wicked delight, no one was left unscathed in Reunion. We had the ruined, the mere survivors, and those who presented a tough facade but where crippled, nonetheless. Big fan of the flawed characters! One oddity was the way people reacted to the unexplained. I had a hard time believing so much would be shoved under the rug for whatever reason. Faced with the same paranormal elements, I could see myself going into denial, explaining away the supernatural, or running out of town as fast as my stubby legs could carry me, but certainly not the acceptance or nonchalance I saw in a few characters. Now this is the writer in me talking. Mr. Bennington broke two writing guidelines royally, and I LOVED that he did. He did quite a bit of telling instead of showing and had plenty of back story. Why am I cheering? Because despite my mind rebelling at the broken rules, the story line kept me captivated. Awesome plot! Just goes to show folks, the rules aren’t golden. The only thing I really didn’t like was the point of view (POV) style, which I found a bit distancing. As a romance fan, I’ve developed a preference for the deep POV. Reunion was more omniscient POV, which you’ll find in stories like Lord of the Rings. So it’s certainly not wrong, just a subjective preference. Keep in mind, the story was told from 7-8 viewpoints, so perhaps the POV choice was perfect. One thing for sure, I can see Reunion adapted for the theatre. 3.5 Stars
Richard_Bunning More than 1 year ago
Reunion is a well-balanced and exciting psychological thriller, which maintains enough plausibility with the introduction of the paranormal to effortlessly hold my attention. There is a realistic balance of dark and light, blue and grey, love and hate, which is sustained throughout this insistent page turner. This is one of those agitating books that guards direction less from the reader than from its very strong and believable cast, though there is surprise enough. I say cast deliberately, because if ever a book was born for the screen this is it. Film producers take note, this is a golden script. I don't give five stars unless to me a book is flawless, it isn't, but it is one mighty good week-end read.
Quincy_Simpson More than 1 year ago
Bennington provides an interesting story about a creepy 20th class reunion. The characters seemed to accept the paranormal a bit too easily. I also found that the multiple points of view switches were sometimes a bit difficult. But besides these and a few other minor things, I loved the twist on the ghost story. When is a ghost a ghost and are there other things besides ghosts? What is the pecking order of paranormal beings? These are some questions that came to me as I read the book. I liked it, and found it well worth the time and money that I invested. I look forward to other books by the author.
patientj1 More than 1 year ago
Jeff Bennington has managed to emphasize a belief I've had for several years now: an audience is more complex than any single genre. Peppered with a wide array of scenes that span the supernatural, horror, religion, romance, suspense, and more, REUNION is a front-runner for some of the best speculative fiction I've come across. Bennington tackles the weighty subject of bullying and school shootings with this novel, balancing the gritty horror and solemn tenderness an event like this has proven to project on our society. Asking that great question: 'What if?' he uses this horrific event as the springboard into a story about grief, regret, cope and redemption. His adept talent for creating characters is witnessed early on, when readers are given opportunity to both loath and care for characters prior to the shooting. The panic and confusion becomes palpable as the shooting plays out with a stark ferocity not always comfortable to consider. Fast forward twenty years and we are reintroduced to some of the characters-forever changed by what they have survived. Not all of the characters we were introduced to have reached adulthood, which lends an even greater emotional investment in the story. Paraphrasing one line from the book: the characters became the opposite of what they dreamed they might be. Just the same, each survivor represents a separate, relatable identity that we can recognize, cheer for, and even despise. What struck my attention as I read this story was the way Bennington subtlety changed our understanding and ideas of several characters as the story progressed. In a way, we witness them changing before our eyes as they confront the inescapable demon of their past: fear. Though I enjoyed the entirety of the story, I confess to being drawn into the relationships of the characters more than I was the supernatural occurrences. There were surprises along the way that I did not expect, as well as moments when characters rose above the expectations of an audience familiar with today's storytelling. I think it's the sign of a talented writer when we care about fictitious characters as though they're people we've grown up with or crossed paths with in our daily lives and Bennington's survivors fall into such a category. It was also refreshing to see the subject of belief handled in an assured, soothing manner. Peace, heroism and redemption come in unique forms in REUNION and the novel will not disappoint readers looking for a complex story. I can only hope some of these survivors will be revisited by Mr. Bennington in his future works.
1000-Plus-Books-to-Read More than 1 year ago
My Blurb: 20 years after a devastating school shooting 5 senior class survivors find themselves returning to their home town for a Reunion and long awaited closure. What was supposed to be a healing experience turns deadly as the dead gunman reeks havoc on the lives of those who dared to return. A touching story of the strength of love, the devastation of abuse, and the power of faith. Lets Talk About It: From the very first page you could feel the strength of the written word, the eeriness described takes life and remains through the following pages. Author Jeff Bennington has an amazing way of projecting emotions through his writing that grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go. The book explores the thoughts of the troubled teen, David Ray, as he plans the death of his family, High school classmates and his own suicide. The story of David Ray and his abusive past explored through a paranormal experience of one the surviving classmates is amazingly vivid and disturbing. The surviving classmates each deal with the death of family and friends in the mass murder at the High school in very different ways yet each walked away from the event forever scarred. Truly a gripping book that will have you turning page after page until you reach the end. Melissa Reviewer for 1000 + Books to Read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sue-Paper_Mustang More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting book to read. It held my attention all the way through. I did find it a bit predictable even though there was a great hook on the end, it didn't really have anything new for me in it. The story was great. The build up for the suspenseful parts was wonderful and the author has a great writing style. I like how he tossed in the surprise kill .. I won't say anymore because I certainly don't want to give anything away. I think the interaction among the characters was handled well as was how they individually handled the situation they were in. I recommend this book because it is a good mix of thriller and romance. However, like I said, it is a bit predictable as was probably intentional and wasn't anything new and exciting for me. Great job, Jeff and I definitely will be reading more of your work.
MAK06 More than 1 year ago
If this book was free, it's not a bad book. I think the story line itself is very interesting and I liked that part. I think what was a bit cheesy to me was just some of the writing describing how a character "grabbed the other with one arm and used his knuckles on the head" --basically explaining a "nuggie" like who does that in high school as a bully? Also, some of the ending got just a bit cheesy. So there was a little cheese, but overall I did like the plot and I did finish the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago