Reunited with the Cowboy: A Clean Romance

Reunited with the Cowboy: A Clean Romance

by Claire McEwen

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She can save his ranch…

But can he forgive her?

Maya Burton knows she’s the last person rancher Caleb Dunne wants to see. After all, she survived the crash that killed his sister, and then left town. Now she has to convince the stubborn cowboy that she can help him save his ranch. But once she earns his trust—and his heart—will she be able to walk away?

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ISBN-13: 9781488039799
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 07/01/2019
Series: Heroes of Shelter Creek
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 663,406
File size: 1 MB

About the Author


Claire McEwen enjoys challenges and happy endings, so when someone suggested she write a romance novel she thought, “Why not?”  She wrote a page, fell in love with writing, and her life has never been quite the same.  She abandoned her career to write as much as possible and now spends a lot of her time with imaginary people.  When not writing, she enjoys digging in her garden, playing on the beach, hiking, traveling, and reading, of course!  

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Reunited with the Cowboy: A Clean Romance 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Kathryn_Cooper_Writes 2 days ago
I love country life cowboy books. Maybe it’s because I’m a born and raised Texas gal. Maya and Caleb had loved each other back in their teenage days. But there had been a terrible car accident when Caleb’s sister died. Maya had been driving. Years later Maya came home to see her grandma. She had to see some mountain lions for work on Caleb’s property. Things don’t go well. Caleb had gone through war in the Marine Core. He had emotional scars from war and from losing his little sister. He blamed Maya and struggled being near her. It was good to see him grow and leave behind bad habits. The one thing I don’t like in this book are the cuss words. I rated them as mild, but I prefer books with none. Maya learned to stand up for and just believe in herself. I think we all have moments where we thought we couldn’t accomplish something. Believing in ourselves gives us the strength to reach our goals. The side characters were great! I loved Maya’s grandma’s book club, full of fun sassy ladies. They were hilarious. Caleb had a good friend, Jace, who had become the dad of his 2 neices and nephew. I hope he’ll be the main character in another romance novel! Reading Reunited with the Cowboy by Clause McEwen felt like watching a romance TV series. I loved seeing all of the different stories pulling together, especially the romance. It was filled with life’s hard times, community love, and sweet romance. Content Ratings Sexual: mild (kissing) Language: mild Violence: none I received this book from Prism Book Tours. I am not paid for my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.
PianoLady831 2 days ago
Sometimes you start reading a series romance – expecting it to be good in the ordinary way – only to discover that you hold a gem in your hands. Reunited with the Cowboy by Claire McEwen is a romance with emotion, complexity, and rich characterization. I was caught up from the very first page and enjoyed this engaging story. Maya and Caleb are appealing and relatable characters, but with no surface-level perfection. Instead, they are realistically flawed in such a way that readers can’t help but root for them. Maya comes to her grandmother’s home in California, on a two-month assignment for the Department of Wildlife to study pumas – specifically, to figure out why they were eating local sheep. But a tragic past travels with her, and her practice of coping through the safety of solitude just might be about to change. Maya “knew what to expect when she was on her own. Friendship, love, family – it was all so risky.” Caleb has also been through tragedies that no one should have to experience and felt that his life “contained troubles too big to share.” Rather than seeking help in coping with his guilt and grief, he had gone down the path of self-destruction. I’ve always thought of predators like mountain lions as dangerous animals to be feared, but I learned a lot from this story and came away with a new insight and appreciation. For the ranchers determined to shoot these creatures in order to protect their livestock, it’s about education and learning preventative methods they can implement. But ranchers aren’t easily open to change and Maya often meets with closed minds. It’s here that one of my favorite fictional groups enters the picture, several senior adult friends of Maya’s grandmother called the “Book Biddies.” They offer some lighthearted and tender moments, and warmed my heart with their unflinching loyalty and support of Maya. One of my favorite scenes is when Maya comes upon a three-legged dog by the side of the road, determines to rescue him, and names him Einstein. Similarities to Caleb were obvious to Maya … “Caleb was like this dog. Wounded. Trying to reach forward for connection. Retreating back into his fear. Growling to cover it up.” Only one thing marred this book, and that’s the frequent use of mild profanity. The story is clean otherwise, which I expected from the Harlequin Heartwarming line, but the occurrences of profanity were totally unexpected and unwelcome (one star removed for profanity). With that one caveat, Reunited with the Cowboy is a wonderfully engaging, memorable story. I received a copy of this book through Prism Book Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
ARS8 5 days ago
Reunited with the Cowboy gives us a look into two lives where past mistakes are held on to and bitterness takes root. The circumstances surrounding the breakup of Caleb and Maya are heartbreaking and this story was a bit heavier as it deals with Caleb’s anger and alcoholic tendencies. I felt the author portrayed the situations and emotions in a realistic manner and I was hooked from the first page to see that these two could come to a resolution. I also found Maya’s profession fascinating. She is a scientist who helps ranchers and farmers deal with their predator problems in a humane and interesting way. I have never heard of this type of job before and it was interesting to find out about it. This was another page turner in the Heartwarming line dealing with heavier topics and there was a little more language. Overall I liked this story and watching the growth of Caleb and Maya and their reconciliation was sweet to witness. I look forward to more of author McEwen stories. I received a copy of this novel from the author and was not required to post a positive review. All views and opinions are my own.
MeezCarrie 7 days ago
“Sometimes the long roads are the ones worth walking.” Maya and Caleb have both been down long roads, and as I quoted above sometimes those long roads are worth it because they are the ones that so often bring about the most healing. Healing still seems a long way away, though, as their story begins; they both have to face past nightmares head-on and sort through all the emotions that surface as they reunite for the first time since the tragic accident that drove them apart. I really loved Maya in Reunited With the Cowboy! I have virtually nothing in common with her (lol) but I so admired her resilient spirit and her way with animals. Even the wild ones like mountain lions… and Caleb. The scene where she and Emily and Caleb were assessing the mountain lion is powerful, vivid, and not easily forgotten. Such strength and beauty in those creatures – and in the people who protect them. Maya’s newfound canine companion Einstein is, as the book claims, ridiculously cute and the author gave him such personality and heart; he’s a great addition to Maya’s circle. Speaking of Maya’s circle…. the Book Biddies are hilarious! Oh my, wouldn’t I love a book club with these older women. They are a hoot individually and together, and they added a lot of much-needed levity to the story whenever tension was starting to get really thick between Maya and Caleb (or between Maya and closed-minded town people). Their unconditional love and support for Maya brought tears to my eyes more than once, and the unconventional way they went about it made me laugh out loud in some cases. Truly a delightful group of ladies! Caleb needs a good purse whomping – and a healthy dose of tough love – when the story begins. Yes, he’s been through a lot of tragedy but he’s also been given chances to deal with these losses in healthy ways and has instead chosen to stay on the path toward destruction. Thank goodness for the determined Book Biddies and their specialty in tough love … and for Maya who has every right to dismiss him as completely as he did her but doesn’t. His character growth – and Maya’s – in this book is layered and enjoyable to follow. Bottom Line: Reunited With the Cowboy is both entertaining and emotional with vivid and likable characters (both the 2-legged and 4-legged varieties). The perspective of respect for ranchers protecting their animals as well as for the predators trying to survive is thoughtfully presented and educational (without distracting too much from the plot). Additionally, a host of intriguing secondary characters with potential stories has me eagerly looking forward to the rest of the series! (I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book )
Ourpugs 7 days ago
Reunited with the cowboy Maya is back in town for her job. She ends up running into Calab. He has a ranch where his sheep are being killed. He is trying to catch the animal that did it. I loved her grandmother. She and some other ladies have a book club. They called it the Book Biddies. Those ladies bought so much to the story. I received a complimentary copy of the book from Prism book tours. I was not required to write an positive review.
amybooksy 11 days ago
I have not had the pleasure of reading anything by Claire McEwen until I read Reunited with the Cowboy. I enjoyed this beginning of the Heroes of Shelter Creek series. It tells the story of ex-Marine Caleb Dunne coming back home to his family’s ranch. Coming back to town makes him end up meeting up with his ex-flame, Maya Burton. She has the skills to help him with the ranch. However, he does not trust her. Can he learn to get passed past hurts and learn to forgive to save the legacy of his family? I am giving Reunited with the Cowboy four and a half stars. Looks like Miss McEwen has earned herself a new fan. I would love to read her other books and I can not wait to find out what happens in the next installment from the Heroes of Shelter Creek series. I recommend this book for readers who love to read clean and heartwarming Cowboy romances. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
Andrea_C 12 days ago
Maya and Caleb have an intense history that was abruptly ended by a horrible tragedy and misdirected blame. Maya has even stayed away from home as long as she could because the memories were just too painful. Caleb just can't seem to handle anything in his life and is just a very angry main whose life and ranch are falling apart. Neither one of them has really been able to get past the accident. Maya coming home may be the medicine they both need to get a reboot on their lives. This is a story of love and forgiveness that left me choked up at times and also was a feel-good kind of story as everyone comes together to make positive changes in their lives and in the community. I especially love the Book Biddies and can only hope to aspire to be like them one day. I really enjoyed watching all of the characters grow. This story also gives you a lot to think about in regards to our place amongst wildlife and nature. I really had to stop and think a few times during certain scenes, which was unexpected in a romance, but worked well with the story. And I just have to share one particular quote that really struck a chord in me while I was reading. "Maybe that's what healing was. Your losses still hurt, but you learned to live with them. You let the ache of them exist right alongside the good." It's just so appropriate to my life right now. This was my first Claire McEwen book, and it definitely will not be my last. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.
BrittanyMc 13 days ago
Reunited with the Cowboy was a really good story. The two main characters, Maya and Caleb, had a very painful past to overcome if they were going to work together. The author did an amazing job of creating two characters who had suffered so much due to tragic circumstances. They were both still suffering in their own ways, and needed to learn how to overcome and rise above the events that ended up defining them. I loved the connection that Maya and Caleb began to feel toward each other and the sense of community that Maya began to experience. Caleb had some serious struggles in this novel and he was a work in progress throughout the whole book. The author did a great job of weaving in the mountain lion and ranching details to create a very interesting setting. This is a clean romance, however, for those sensitive to language, there are a few swear words and some situations involving alcohol. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more books in this series. (4.5 stars) I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
RachaelBrown 21 days ago
Reunited with the Cowboy is a great start to a new series! Maya's job is interesting and I enjoyed reading about the work she does to help the mountain lions and ranchers. I really love the residents of Shelter Creek, especially Maya's Grandma Lillian and The Book Biddies! I hope they are included in the next book in this series. I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary Advance Reader Copy.
LynnB888 21 days ago
Such an emotional read! They were high school sweethearts with the world at their feet ... until tragedy struck and life as they knew it fell apart. Claire McEwen found her footing in the Heartwarming line with no problem at all with this first book in her new Heroes of Shelter Creek series! The characters both have a side of story that you can understand and relate to, but the heartbreak they both are still feeling after all of these years makes it a really emotional story. The author did a fantastic job of telling from each point of view and delivering a heart-wrenching story of finding their way back to each other. Really enjoyed Maya and Caleb and look forward to more in this series! Department of Wildlife biologist Maya Burton hasn't been home in more than a dozen years. She left Shelter Creek when her world fell apart and tried not to look back. Now that her grandmother is aging and can't travel to her, she takes a short term assignment close to home so she can check in on her. Once she hears who else is back in town, she's sure he's not going to be receptive to her arrival. Rancher Caleb Dunne spent more than a decade in the Marine's after losing his sister and lashing out at Maya for surviving. He's finally come home, but the ranch as he knew it is no more and he's struggling every step of the way as he tries to turn things around and make a go of it again. He's not happy to see Maya back in town and trying to give him feedback on what he's doing wrong. He has to admit that once he gets past the initial jab of anger, it's easier to see her ... and he even finds himself remembering the good times.