Revealing The Puzzle Of Revelation

Revealing The Puzzle Of Revelation

by W. A. Lawson


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Revealing the Puzzle of Revelation is a linguistic study, which defines every symbol in the Bible's book of Revelation. It does this by searching scripture for each symbol's meaning, and after reading it in context with its accompanying symbols. It then searches history to see if that prophecy has been fulfilled.

Using this process, the author comes to some amazing conclusions. His study of Church and world history, the development of European languages, theology, and biblical Greek, inform this study. The book discusses the pros and cons of many popular interpretations of Revelation, and ultimately comes to its own conclusions as to what events in history best fit the prophecy.

The cornerstone of this work is Jesus of Nazareth's fulfillment of ancient Hebrew prophecy, particularly that of Daniel, chapter 9. The author points out that Revelation was intended to give the early Christian Church in Asia Minor c.90 AD hope, and maintains that to do that, it had to paint the prophetic landscape laid out in scripture. Then, once having established that background, it could predict events which would soon come to pass (Rev. 1:1).

The most startling finding of this book may be that one can read the Church in the European Middle Ages (c.476-1453 AD) as the millennial reign of Christ and the Apostles, an event held by many to be forthcoming. Other interpretations, however, are examined.

An informative study, complete with a reference section that defines symbols, a copy of Revelation itself, and other helpful tools, Revelation the Puzzle of Revelation provides a useful guide for readers to familiarize themselves with what is for many a difficult section of scripture to understand. The fruit of many years of study, this book will be valuable for years to come.

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About the Author

W.A. Lawson holds a degree from Southern Oregon University, where he studied languages. He has studied the Bible since 1977, and reads biblical Greek.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book defines Revelation’s symbols with Bible scriptures, and examines many interpretations to see if it is in fact prophetic. It helped me get it, and that's saying a lot. I've walked out of so many sermons about Revelation that towed the party line and told me nothing about its meaning, other than that Jesus is coming back, I was beginning to wonder if the book was anything but a religious fantasy. This book gave me options.