by Kevin Semeniuk

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BN ID: 2940153900643
Publisher: Kevin Semeniuk
Publication date: 12/04/2016
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 38 KB

About the Author

Kevin Semeniuk is a Canadian storyteller, and the founder of Fifteen for Hope Publishing and Apparel. Born in a small Alberta town, Kevin comes from a large family of 8 siblings, all raised by a single mother who emotionally and financially took care of their big family on her own. No stranger to the curveballs that life can throw, before even the age of seven his parents had separated, moving him and his siblings to Edmonton with his mother, from where she would drive the family across provinces to visit his oldest brother in prison for what would go on to become years. The family had also started to take in foster children, which opened up the home to a near revolving door for much of what would be at risk youth, however, it would also lead to the forming of some of the most important and impactful relationships of his life. This sudden changing way of life inside and out of the home forced Kevin and his young siblings to quickly adapt to whatever circumstance their environment might provide. As Kevin was growing older in a chaotic setting he began to spend his time away from home skipping school in search of trouble. During his teenage years, out of shear fear for him following down the wrong path, his mother sent him to live with his alcoholic father where he would then have to adapt to living with a cold, hardened man who could go on for weeks without speaking a word to Kevin. Surely his father loved him, however, it was never uttered or displayed in all the years they lived with one another, leading up to his death; his body discovered by Kevin. Kevin thereafter spent years distancing himself from his friends and family, often to work in isolation, alone with his thoughts and heartache, learning how to cope with a near broken heart. It was through these traumatic experiences that he was able to see how possible it was to pursue change by way of the heart, and coupled with the love he already had for storytelling through poetry - (a love that was sparked at a young age by movies like ‘Stand by Me’) - Kevin opened the floodgates and turned pain into passion, beginning with what would be his first full length novel, ‘Sweeping with God’. Kevin has since published several collections of poetry and novels through his company, Fifteen for Hope Publishing. His stories are all written under the umbrella of love and harness the ability to touch the heart and speak to the mind of his audience, regardless of gender or race. In Kevin’s novels, his words on paper have formed beautiful, heartfelt stories of forgiveness, second chances, the resilience of the human spirit, and beautiful conversations lined with hope. However, not all of Kevin’s literature is sunshine and rainbows as he also shares his passion through stories about the darker side of life in his poetry, touching on important topics such as human-trafficking, starvation, war, disease, and the over one-thousand Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women here in Canada; the country Kevin calls home. Though his journey through life has led him down paths that at times he would’ve done anything to change, Kevin has still somehow managed to find a true balance and to stay as close to life as possible, which is showcased throughout his literature.

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