Revelation Rarities: A 15 Year Retrospective of Rare Recordings

Revelation Rarities: A 15 Year Retrospective of Rare Recordings


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Revelation Rarities: A 15 Year Retrospective of Rare Recordings

Over the years, the Revelation Records roster has been shared by some of the hardcore/punk scene's most influential visionaries, and the label has been a home for young artists looking to gather experience and fine-tune their sound. After having been in existence for 15 years and releasing a variety of albums pandering to the punk and hardcore movement, Revelation released Revelation 100 to celebrate the label's 100th release and chronicle the various stages in the label's history. As a compilation, it also offers a plethora of rare, out of print, and previously unreleased tunes from the label's vault, spanning Revelation's artist roster from vintage Gorilla Biscuits in 1987 to hardcore mainstays Shai Hulud's brief contribution, written exclusively for this release. Some of these contributions are exceptional, especially the By a Thread song, "Tainted," and post-hardcore revolutionary band Quicksand's expression of restaurant bitterness, "Dine Alone." On the other hand, some of the songs included are merely filler; the inclusion of Slipknot seems mystifying, and it appears that "Some Friend" was added to the compilation only to persuade fans to buy the collection in the mistaken belief that it is a rare demo from the Roadrunner Records masked madmen. Revelation 100 also seems to be missing some of the record label's finest artists; it is mind-boggling to see tracks from Judge and Side by Side while the likes of Drowningman and Elliott are left in the cold. Regardless, there is a bounty of splendid treats captured here that should excite many fans. Revelation 100 is a must-have album that encapsulates Revelation's 15-year existence, sharing with you the good, the bad, and the ugly all on one convenient album.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/07/2002
Label: Revelation
UPC: 0098796010020
catalogNumber: 100

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gorilla Biscuits   Track Performer
Judge   Track Performer
Youth of Today   Track Performer
Mike Martin   Bass
Quicksand   Track Performer
Farside   Track Performer
Garrison   Track Performer
Sick of It All   Track Performer
Slipknot   Track Performer
Porcell   Guitar
Alan Cage   Drums
Chris Robyn   Drums
Sense Field   Track Performer
Shai Hulud   Track Performer
Shades Apart   Track Performer
Ignite   Track Performer
Will Haven   Track Performer
Side by Side   Track Performer
Tom Capone   Guitar
Ray Cappo   Vocals
Chaka Malik   Vocals
Alex Napack   Bass
Zoli Teglas   Vocals
Frank Scott   Guitar
Rodney Sellars   Guitar
Aaron Bernard   Vocals
Fastbreak   Track Performer
Jimmy Yu   Bass
Judas Factor   Track Performer
Himsa   Track Performer
Chris Evanson   Guitar
Little Dave   Bass
Robert Fish   Vocals
Justin Fullam   Guitar
By a Thread   Track Performer
Kevin Lynch   Bass,Vocals
Sammy Siegler   Drums
Mark Vecchiarelli   Guitar,Vocals
Movielife   Track Performer
Luke Garro   Drums
Pat Rorick   Vocals
Jeff Irwin   Guitar
John "Porcell" Porcelly   Guitar
Paul Romanko   Vocals
Joseph Grillo   Guitar,Vocals
Ed McNamara   Guitar,Vocals
Kelly Reaves   Vocals
Sergio Vega   Bass
Derek Harn   Bass
Burn   Track Performer
Scott McPherson   Drums
Vinnie Caruana   Vocals
Brandon Reilly   Guitar
Alex Amiruddin   Guitar
Phil Navetta   Bass
Evan Baken   Drums
Craig Anderson   Drums
Arman   Drums
EJ Bastien   Guitar
Ed Brown   Drums
Nick Brunson   Vocals
Jason Carlin   Bass
Clark W Griswold   Vocals
Joe   Drums
John   Guitar
Brian Johnson   Guitar
Kevin Kilkenny   Guitar
Chris Leg   Guitar
Mike   Drums
J Morrissette   Drums
Kevin Murphy   Guitar
John Pettibone   Vocals
Steve Pica   Guitar
Nicole Prizio   Vocals
Sean   Guitar
Walter Shreifels   Bass
Slow Johnny   Bass
Stiemy   Bass
Walter   Guitar
Mike Green   Drums
Mike "Judge" Ferraro   Vocals
Don Raymond   Bass

Technical Credits

John Bunch   Composer
Judge   Composer
Quicksand   Composer
Slipknot   Producer
Steve Carter   Producer
Robert DeLeo   Composer
Don Fury   Producer,Engineer
Bill Krodel   Producer,Engineer
Scott MacPherson   Composer
Porcell   Producer
Alan Cage   Composer
Sense Field   Producer
Ignite   Composer
Jim Monroe   Engineer
Tom Capone   Composer
Dennis Remsing   Art Direction
John Stockberger   Composer
Walter Schreifels   Composer
Blair Calibaba   Producer,Engineer
Rodney Sellars   Composer
Chris Evenson   Composer
George Fullan   Engineer
Little Dave   Engineer
By a Thread   Producer
Zeuss   Engineer
Jordan   Liner Notes
Justin   Engineer

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