Revelation: Exiting Love, Romantic Grandeur

Revelation: Exiting Love, Romantic Grandeur

by Shyam Gokarn Mr


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Revelation: Exiting Love, Romantic Grandeur by Shyam Gokarn Mr


Everyone was eagerly waiting for this kind of a new story from a new Novel REVELATION- for mature audiences only.

A Warm, Intimate, Hard Core Love Story of Wonderful Blossoming Romance, of a Zealous Suspense, a Tangled Theme of Complex Human-Psychology and you surely will observe an Incredible Emotional Revolution of two girls dictated by one clever invisible forceful figure.

Kesi Brahma possesses exceptional Powers, and he explains the unknown.

A child prodigy, whose life is mysterious and his all acts are inexplicable. For that reason in totality, they called Kesi - Solomon Brahma, a predominant and the main power of India.

This Mystery Fiction Novel has been just plain thorough, with unconventional notions of conspicuous plot, articulately giving a message of life to unearth the truth. Moreover, you will realize how subtly distinct and intense it goes as you read along. The entire life of Kesi meant so many fascinating incidents. The many stunning episodes of his life, make several parts of the thrilling stories in this book, REVELATION.

This Carnage had no Name!
The gangster's gun was pointing exactly at the female cashier.

"Get the cash out at once." Four masked men were firing in the air, moving viciously all around.
It was 7.30 evenings in Bombay, in a posh departmental 'Carlos Exquisite Super Store'.
They had shot dead the main door guard before storming in.

Kaurii saw the violent furor all around him.
"Don't move." One thug warned. "Everyone sits still or we will shoot.

They all looked disgustingly dirty, wearing filthy clothes.

Sonya felt her pulse quicken and her heart racing wildly. All her groceries fell to the ground.

Kaurii grabbed Sonya's hand and sat in one corner behind a shelf. "Do not panic." He cautioned her, went closer and said, "Do not worry, I am with you."

As the sexy pin-up girl Sonya sat down, the folds of her silk dress having a watered effect, rustled about her. When the heavy wind passed by, her skirt moved in a wavelike pattern, when she tried to settle the folds with a great sizzle.

She had a hard time adjusting it to cover her sexy legs from the view of shoppers as they were the very reason for her to be a pin-up girl.

Kaurii could see the magazine on the shelf rack clearly displaying a photo of a pin-up girl. So apparently, Kaurii could see an attractive girl in sexy poses in this thread.

He turned his face to look at the girl. It was Sonya's face on the magazine cover. Her figure was highly appealing. He looked again at Sonya.
"Wow, this pin-up girl has been outrageously challenged by criminals and now she is next to me. A chance I can't overlook and let pass in any way." Kaurii held her arm and brought her closer to him. "Don't worry. I am here to protect you."
They could hear the man with a gun shouting again. "If we see any movement, anywhere, we will shoot at once."

Kaurii confidently told Sonya, "I will get you out. I know the secret route to take us out of this store."
Somehow, Kaurii's words appealed to Sonya. "Let me out soon." She said in a trembling tone....

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ISBN-13: 9781511988124
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/05/2015
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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