Reveling in Sin

Reveling in Sin

by Meghan March

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BN ID: 2940161996584
Publisher: Meghan March LLC
Publication date: 10/23/2018
Series: Sin Trilogy , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 359
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Reveling in Sin 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 96 reviews.
Rinsky13 21 days ago
This would be one of those times where I’m saying Mind Blown! Something I know I’ve said before, but there it is. I’m saying it again. It’s possible that it’s so blown I just can’t come up with something more original, but that’s ok. When you read this, you’ll understand. You’ll understand ALL the emotions (and I do mean ALL), the twists and turns you DID NOT see coming, and the absolute WTF?!?! moment that will have your jaw dropping, eyes bugging, and brain re-reading to make sure you really just read what you read (oh and by the way, you really did just read that!). Unfreakinbelievable!!! This whole series was amazing, and boy did it end with a bang! Meghan March just keeps nailing it!
Miriam Martinez Borda 21 days ago
When I started this series, I knew I was going to be messy and heart breaking at times. And thet love would conquer all. But oh. My. God. the turns and twists that werw interwined in between those three pilars in the plot have let my head spinning and my brain wondering where all of it came from. Feuds and secrets go to the next level in this book and every dizzing moment tat the author wrote was more than worth it. The fact that she added surprises at the end was the cherry on top of the most intense unicorn ice cream known to man-kind.
Alisa Porter 21 days ago
Reveling In Sin left me completely mind blown!! This is the epic conclusion of Whitney and Lincoln’s story. There is so much angst and love in this book. I literally couldn’t put it down. I had to know what was going to happen. Just when you think you have it figured out, Meghan throws you for a loop! This series is hands down one of my absolute favorite of hers! Meghan’s writing is absolutely superb. She sucks you in and keeps you completely enthralled. I cannot wait to read her next book!!
Christine_Miller 21 days ago
I loved this trilogy. Whitney and Lincoln's story was a wild ride. My favorite thing about this third book was that Lincoln and Whitney stood by each other's side and learned how to deal with what was going on around them. They fought for each other and their love. Ms. March did an amazing job with this trilogy. I was on the edge of my seat all the way through. It was an amazing ride and I'm sad to get off. I love that Ms. March isn't afraid of killing off characters - it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. It was a great read. Loved it!
JadeRolison 21 days ago
An epic conclusion to an epic love story! Whitney is just the right amount of sass and character while Lincoln is just (fans self) hot, hot, HOT! Just when I think Meghan March can't get any better she knocks it right out of the park! Put this at the top of your must read list now!
RLLind 21 days ago
This was such a great way to wrap up another amazing trilogy by Meghan March. The twists and turns still have my head spinning and I’m just amazed at the way it all came together. There were questions eating at me after the 2nd book, and I couldn’t see how things possible could work out. But they did to an amazing degree. Kudos, Meghan, on another fantastic book!
kahea46 21 days ago
***5 Stars*** Okay. Wait a sec as I try to catch my breath because… Hello that was craycray I’m soooo serious. I feel like I’ve just finished playing a game of laser tag or paintball and spent the entire time bobbing and weaving around in order to not get shot because there was no place to hide. None. But honestly, the conclusion to Lincoln and Whitney’s unbelievably rocky journey to their HEA was a heck of a lot of fun. It was smexy as all get out (not a surprise considering who the author is), funny even when it was mind boggling crazy and had moments that were all kinds of swoon worthy (and not all came from our main MC’s, but most) But most of all I loved seeing Lincoln and Whitney FINALLY become who they were always meant to be, as a couple and as individuals. Now for the the craycray....I obviously can’t go into details (not that I ever really do) but every question, or guess about a situation, I had going into this wild ride was answered and all but one and a half I hadn’t seen coming (The one full one I was spot on with, the half...well, that one is debatable but I’m taking it.) But even with all the crazy, it all ended up making perfect sense and everything finally fell in line. I have to say that as far as duets and trilogies go and the ‘conclusions’ to those, this one may just go down as my favorite. It was nothing like I thought it would be and still everything I wanted. Outside of Whitney and Lincoln, I adored Cricket, Hunter and Mac and the patriarchs of both families were all kinds of everything. And those last few chapters had me smiling like a crazy person and happy dancing. So, I must kowtow to the author for this baby and let you all know to buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride! ~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~
JennaStrick 21 days ago
I don't even know where to begin. First, I absolutely love everything about this story. I loved Lincoln's loyalty and Whitney's strength. But this story read just like a movie but also a rollercoaster. Just when you thought you had something figured out or everything was going well.....BAM!!!! You're jaw dropping or gasping for air because you can't believe what you just read. Meghan is an incredible storyteller and this one completely blew me away!!!
Jessanntown83 21 days ago
Reveling in sin Megan March Reviews on goodreads. Amazon. ITunes. BandN. The book addicts. I mean I didn’t know if I was coming or going !! And it was wonderful !! The twist and turns in this book leave you wanting more !! Meghan March knows how to keep you on the edge of you seat !! This trilogy was awesome... the cliffhangers at the end of each would leave you so shocked you would wish you waited to read all three ! Please please tell me McKinley is getting a book !! I need to know more about her. I can only imagine how good it will be !! Meghan March for the win... AGAIN !!!
danabasket 21 days ago
Where to begin!!!! From the very first page to the very last by heart rate did not slow!!! Reveling in Sin is the EPIC conclusion....and I really mean Whitney and Lincoln’s story. I’m still processing everything I much happened that I my reactions were “ummm, WHAT!!!!”.....”NO!!!!!!”.....”did I just read that????” Yes, I asked myself all those questions and more. I’m ready for more from this new world Ms. March has brought us. Bravo Ms. March...Bravo!
momof3infl 21 days ago
The breathtaking conclusion to an epic trilogy! I'm beginning to think that Meghan March feeds on our gasps and jaw drops, because she has so many twists and turns in her books, that's simply what you do throughout her books. Reveling in Sin is the third masterpiece in her Sin trilogy, it is required to read the first two books prior to this one, and you will be greedy about reading them when you start. Whitney and Lincoln are star-crossed lovers with a boatload of family history and drama to sort through. Reveling in Sin answers all your questions, makes you question your sanity, and leaves you feeling full. I cannot wait to read more of Ms. March's future works!
Anonymous 4 months ago
OMG! Meghan March is the Queen of holy hell what did I just read. All of her books keep you hooked and desperate for the next release. Like seriously. Give me more. Please and thank you!!!!!! xoxoxo
Anonymous 3 days ago
Oh boy! Book three on this series had me on the edge. Could not put the book down. Finished at 3 in morning. All the crazies, secrets and lies, the action packed . Wow!! Meghan March, Brilliant.
JoannaDursi 9 days ago
My immediate thought after finishing this book was HOLY ____ (fill in the blank with your favorite four letter word). REVELING IN SIN is filled with twists and turns I NEVER saw coming. This was my favorite trilogy by Ms. March that I’ve read so far. I’m sad to say good bye to Whitney, Lincoln and the rest of the crew but am looking forward to what she has in store for us next.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Constantly on the edge of my seat needing to read more. Brilliant
Anonymous 14 days ago
I want my Meghan back! After the second book I would not have gone on to the third if I had not pre-ordered it and hoped the series would redeem itself. The back-and-forth chapters between the years was head-spinning and did not show that these characters grew up at all. The final book, in trying to be an “epic love story/thriller”, seemed to throw in every crazy, hard-to-believe situation just for “oh no” reactions but at this point I just wanted it to be over.
Anonymous 15 days ago
I usually love Meghan March's books, but this book just didn't do it for me. There were too many dramatic, soap opera twists that prolonged the ending of the trilogy. I am usually disappointed that the books end, but I couldn't wait for this one to be over. A disappointing ending to the trilogy and a waste of my time and money.
Anonymous 16 days ago
This was a great series. I really loved it.
LenaPitterpattermom 18 days ago
What a whirlwind of a story!! Reveling in Sin is a fantastic ending to this trilogy! Answers to questions you didn't even know you were asking will be flying at ya! It's an intense page turner at times and at other times it's sinfully sweet. If you're looking for a series to consume you, look no further!
seansmother 18 days ago
A great ending to the roller coaster Sin trilogy. Lincoln and Whitney battle families, enemies, old money, gossip and rumors, and all the forces trying to keep them apart. Can their love withstand even mother nature?? Whitney finds a strength she didn't realize she had, because she's been told she wasn't worth anything for years. With Lincoln, she realizes that's not true and as a couple, they can handle anything. Love these characters, and story!!
Anonymous 18 days ago
Secrets revealed. Questions answered. Relationships tested. Action packed begiining to end. Everything a good trilogy should be and more.
Wiscoreads 19 days ago
Amazing. In true Meghan form, just when you think you have everything figured out, you sure don't. Another wild ride is what you'll find in between these covers. One of my favorite things about this series that I mentioned in each other review is that I absolutely love the seamless transitions from present to past and back again. Sometimes when you have these kinds of books you go from present to past and are sitting there trying to figure out where you are and what year it is. Nope, not here. It's so easy to follow. These characters take hold of you. Another beautiful thing Meghan can do. I'll carry these characters for a long while. My mind is blown. I can't wait for another from Meghan, as always.
BookObsession07 19 days ago
Wow! Trilogy complete - and what a wild ride this last book was! I thought this family/relationship dynamic couldn't possibly get any more crazy and complex but this final piece of the puzzle held no punches back. For me, it was a bit much actually and I thought it could have been toned down several notches... if you've read the rest of the series you know that it was not for the faint of heart but this was just waaay more. Although this was probably not my favorite series by MM it was still an enjoyable read. Just prepare for this last installment - whew!
Tracy_Reads_Kissy_Books 19 days ago
A heart pounding conclusion, Reveling in Sin was everything! The buildup in the previous books explodes in Reveling. Lincoln and Whitney have not had it easy. Following their story has left me breathless as secrets are revealed as the past collides with the present. Reveling in Sin is book three of a must read read trilogy. Ms. March blew it out of the park with Reveling, it’s sexy and addictive, while the drama keeps you hooked. *Review Copy requested and reviewed*
acordova81 19 days ago
If you waited to started this series please start it now that book 3 is out. Miss March is the queen of cliffhangers but in true fashion she wraps everything up in the best way possible. Lincoln and Whitney have been through hell and back. But Lincoln has decided that Whitney is the girl for him and he will stop at nothing to make sure of it.