Revenants - The Odyssey Home

Revenants - The Odyssey Home

by Scott Kauffman


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ISBN-13: 9781937327811
Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 12/15/2015
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

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Revenants - The Odyssey Home 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
KimHeniadis More than 1 year ago
I don’t read a lot of Historical Fiction, and even less about the wars the United States participated in, but I could not put this one down. Even though it was heart wrenching, and there were tissues involved, it was beautiful and moving. Although everyone knows war is terrible (and that’s not even close to a strong enough word), this really showed the effects on not only the soldiers, but their friends, family and community. The development of the characters is done very well. Scott Kauffman does a phenomenal job writing about people struggling with their grief, and when they just can’t take any more, giving up. It made me think that Kauffman may have know people like these in his life; those who use alcohol to deaden the pain, those that seethe with anger, and even those who have just checked out of life. If you enjoy Historical Fiction or books about war, specifically WWII or Viet Nam, I definitely think you should give this one a read.
birdladyvm More than 1 year ago
Revenants: 1. a person who returns after a lengthy absence 2. a person who returns as a spirit after death; ghost STORY LINE REVENANTS THE ODYSSEY HOME: In Revenants The Odyssey Home, Scott Kauffman creates an intensely emotional and revealing contemporary novel spanning decades. Grieving the death of her beloved brother in Viet Nam, Betsy struggles to survive and continue on. Working at the local VA Hospital as a candy-stripper, the pet project of Congressman Mark Hanna, Betsy finds a mystery. She discovers a secret patient known only to a select few. Determined to solve the mystery of the patient sequestered on the top floor, she will encounter the depths to which man can fall in his search for vengeance. Congressman Hanna rules small town Hanna, Ohio as if it is his personal kingdom including the VA Hospital. As a result, he has managed to keep a horrible secret for 50 years. However, grieving Betsy’s determined to return this unknown and unnamed soldier home. So begins a journey of grief, discovery, secrets revealed, and consequences made known. This intense journey highlights the depths and cruelty of war for the combatants as well as the ones left home. Come follow Betsy on her journey of discovery and perhaps healing. My contemporary novel review of Revenants The Odyssey Home follows. CHARACTERS, PLOTTING, AND DEVELOPMENT: First of all, I do not feel I have the skill to create a worthy review. I do not have sufficient skill or adequate words to express the emotionally intense road I followed as I read Revenants The Odyssey Home. A good novel should evoke intense emotion and thought from the reader long after they finish the book. Revenants The Odyssey Home, is much a novel. This novel stays with the reader long after turning the last page. I cried from the first chapter. I suggest a box tissues at hand as you start your journey. With vivid descriptions, Kauffman transported me back to my teenager years during the Viet Nam war. I refuse to call it a conflict; families and men damaged mentally and physically during those years have never recovered. Kauffman’s prose painted a picture of the cruelty and hopelessness of war. Secondly, it is significant to note, Kauffman portrayed the damage inflicted not only to the military combatant but to their loved ones. Much of the damage was mental as Kauffman so ably shows in this novel. Also, Kauffman skillfully reveals the depths to which man will fall to achieve vengeance and save pride. For every action has consequences, which Kauffman eloquently reveals. Kauffman included twist and turns weaving many threads together to form a solid novel filled with mystery, grief, pride, decisions made, and consequences lasting lifetimes. Kauffman drew out the mystery and political involvement, keeping the intrigue and anticipation at highest peak. Spanning two world wars, Revenants is riveting. What twists and drama await the reader! If you read one novel this year, this should be that novel. Not an easy book to read, Revenants The Odyssesy Home inspires thoughts and emotions which are not comfortable. Kauffman task the reader to face tough issues; the abyss of war with its aftermath, man’s greedy and evil nature, and the effect decisions have upon generations. Revenants The Odyssey Home Recommendation: Stars 5 In addition, I found Revenants The Odyssey Home, a riveting intense novel earning 5+ well deserved stars. Suitable for young ad
WhisperingStories More than 1 year ago
I chose this book with only knowing the title and nothing else about the book. When I received the book I suddenly realised that I was not excited to read the story, as it seemed like it would be a bit boring. I am so happy to say I was mistaken in my assumptions. Kauffman integrates stories from wars that are several years apart, but that encompass a mystery that was decades in the making. Set in the Seventies and told largely from Betsy’s viewpoint, the reader gets a glimpse into the trauma that both the Great War and Vietnam war caused. Not only did the soldiers deal with horrific realities, but their families and friends did too as their soldiers came home. The stories from both wars wove together well and definitely kept me interested, so much so I read it in two days! I loved how well each character was developed and (sort of spoiler alert) I appreciate the ending was not tied up in a neat bow. I usually don’t like that kind of ending, but it was perfectly suited to the story and subject matter. Kauffman’s writing brought the setting, characters and story to life. I felt like I really was listening to Betsy’s memories. I was totally immersed. Because of the mature thematic elements of war, smoking, and some rough language, I would not recommend that elementary and middle grade kids read it, but it is perfect for all other audiences.
SimplySarahReviews More than 1 year ago
I was given an Advanced Review Copy in return for a honest review. Truly a moving read. The story opens, and focuses on, the devastation of war, the loss of a beloved soldier, and a family (with a then young Betsy), left to cope with the pain and grief. The plot, no matter the time period, I felt was very relatable and true to life. Can the family and Betsy, as she moves into adulthood without her brother, find healing? Can she help others? The cover caught my eye, but it was the story that held my attention from the first page. Well written novel that truly touches the heart. A thought provoking and emotionally gripping book, that is worth your time! - Sarah
isabel samonte More than 1 year ago
Disclaimer: I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an HONEST review. I always like watching video in youtube about soldier’s coming home from their duty and surprising their love ones but I’ve never really considered those fallen soldiers who never had the chance to come home (I guess I’m optimistic that way). Well this novel shows that side. It enters around Betsy coming in terms with her brother’s death. It was hard to get into this book in the beginning but after a few pages it got better. I like how the author revisited Betsy’s memories of his brother it helps the reader’s to also feel the sense of loss that Betsy experienced. This book is a great example of Kübler - Ross model. Betsy presented the 5 stages of loss and grief and how an individual deals with it and comes in term with accepting the situation. In addition, using the retrospective theory we can see why Congressman Hanna is acting the way he is. He wants to make a good impression through visiting families of the fallen soldier even though he does not know them personally because the voters examines the performance of the incumbent. Overall, this was a good book. It shows how was is a destructive event that affects not only the soldier, but their love ones. Thank you Mr. Kauffman for giving me the opportunity to read your book and I cannot wait to read more of your books and I wish you more success to come.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
No one can be prepared for the death of a loved one. When Betsy’s older brother, her hero, dies in the steamy and unforgiving jungles of Viet Nam, her family begins a slow downward spiral into grief, depression and devastation. Betsy carries the guilt of her final moments with her brother, the look in his eyes, her anger and how she never said good bye. Her change in demeanor and attitude leads her to a punishment that will become a gift that will change her life forever. Follow Betsy as she sees the aftermath of war’s horrors as a Candy Striper in a Veteran’s Hospital, learns to see these damaged warriors as the people they are beneath their broken bodies, their tortured minds as they are hidden from the world they swore to protect. For Betsy, these men became her friends and like all friends, they talk, they share and they give her a mystery to solve. There is a door at the top of the stairs, and a very old secret behind it, a secret that will torment your very marrow. Heroism comes in all forms, pain and injustice, too. Behind that door may lie the biggest injustice ever brought down on humankind. From the day she opened that door, Betsy became determined to never allow another soldier to not make it home, to be remembered and to bring comfort to those they left behind. One death, one door, one deceitful glad-handing politician will give Betsy a purpose in life, a way to heal and a way to help others heal and to another soldier home. The past collides with the present and the future with the tapping of a hand. Scott Kauffman’s Revenants: The Odyssey Home is one of the most powerful and memorable books I have read in a while. Written with great care, displaying the love that runs through families, the love that lives among brothers- in-arms and the love for those long forgotten, we are given a heartfelt look at the true heroes in war, while seeing the true colors of a coward hiding behind the mask of a politician. If you are looking for a book that will absorb you into its pages and hang on to you long after that last page, I cannot recommend Revenants: The Odyssey Home enough. Be warned, you will find yourself gutted to the core more than once. I received this copy from Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.