Revenge On Paper

Revenge On Paper

by Ken Squires

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A older release put out by Ken, sure it has some anger in it but when he wrote it it was shortly after his father died in a car crash so he was using his poetry as a outlet using it to let out all of the misguided feelings and anything that came into his mind.

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BN ID: 2940045194501
Publisher: Ken Squires Publishing
Publication date: 06/27/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 588,352
File size: 772 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Growing up as Kennie was never a easy thing to do, he always had trouble making friends since he was more of a shy person than anything. As time past and he got into high school he began to get bullied and harassed. Becoming a poet wasn't Kennie's first choice for what he wanted to do in life, as his choices tend to revolve around failure.. He first started out wanting to be a Sports Broadcaster, but he later gave up on that dream when more and more he was bullied because of his speech impediment. Which lead him to writing poetry to vent his frustrations and have his own personal outlet from the world that surrounds him, when he first started to write poetry he wrote it on a very old computer while everyone was in bed Kennie would wake up during the night and sit down at his computer and type up his thoughts and feelings for only his eyes to see, often letting out some of his deepest feelings of how he felt the world had seen him. High School got progressively worse, to the point of him dropping out. His home life was never anything great either he never got along with either of his parents or any of his siblings. In December 2005 it brought pain as his father was killed in a car accident. Through many of his life's trials and tribulations he continues to write. Kennie started to write while he was in high school, one of his "famous" pieces of writing came that he wrote as a class assignment, he was told "write about something that happens every day" so he did, he wrote how every day from the moment he got on the bus in the morning to the time he got off the bus in the evening he was constantly bullied and harassed... But things actually got worse after that, he was labeled a "psycho" as his teacher proceeded to read it out loud to the class which put Kennie in a dark place, which is where he started to listen to music such as Insane Clown Posse and Marilyn Manson, he listened to them to escape from the shit that was happening in his life.. The music was an acceptance it wasn't putting him down or treating him like shit like the rest of the world was. Back in 1999 he dropped out of high school due to bullying and harassment that got to the point of him saying "it's either me leaving this place, or I'm not going to live to see me finish high school" When he dropped out his home life wasn't the greatest, he rarely did see eye to eye with either of his parents and for the most part growing up he didn't really have any friends, the odd friend would come into his life but rarely did they stick around. In late 2002 he founded Coyotes Publishing to continue to pursue writing, being told by numerous other poets "there is no money in poetry" when he started to write his stuff would be dark and morbid, between the music he listened to and horror movies he watched it's what he felt most comfortable with... In 2012/2013 he decided that things needed to change for him and his writing style as he was in a better place now. So he put out one big release called "End Of Poe-Hatery" to signify that part of his life is over, it's time to bury the darken past and move on... Through the entire 10+ years of Kennie writing he displayed many different sides: My anger started off as KJ Abyzz... then to Kenny Roberts My dark side was mixed between Project Druyd & Blood Lotuz.... Blood Lotuz later transformed into Trillium Trio My sexual side was Mr.Love Zone... then it changed to the "Loner" Robbie Three.... But one man was the face behind it all, this is my stories from each of my characters Now on May 7th 2014, Kennie has decided to lay the rest of his characters to rest, from here on out he shall only be himself, no matter what he does it will have one name attached to everything from now on.... that name will be Kennie Kayoz

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