Reversing Alzheimer's: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain

Reversing Alzheimer's: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain

by Timothy J. Smith MD
Reversing Alzheimer's: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain

Reversing Alzheimer's: How to Prevent Dementia and Revitalize Your Brain

by Timothy J. Smith MD


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We are no longer at the mercy of our DNA. The recent discovery of epigenetics-the science of understanding how to control the expression of our own genes-has given us the exciting new power to make conscious choices that reprogram our genetic destiny, in Reversing Alzheimer's you will learn How to apply the new science of epigenetics to improve cognition and reverse Alzheimer's disease, How to enhance the brain's ability to grow, heal, and adapt, Which foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals nourish your brain, How intermittent fasting can dramatically lower your risk of dementia, Which fats destroy the brain and which heal it

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ISBN-13: 9781735048024
Publisher: Hidden Path Publishers
Publication date: 11/10/2020
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Timothy J. Smith, MD, is a functional and molecular medicine family physician, brain biochemist, and psychiatrist. He is the author of Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution,

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Introduction: A Dramatic Breakthrough 1

Part 1 The Problem and the Solution 5

Chapter 1 What Is Alzheimer's Disease? 9

Chapter 2 How to Prevent and Reverse Alzheimer's 21

Chapter 3 How We Would Treat Mom's Alzheimer's Today 26

Chapter 4 Alois Alzheimer and the Discovery of Alzheimer's Disease 38

Chapter 5 Two Exceptionally Long Droughts and the Discovery of the Multiple Modality Model 45

Chapter 6 The Search for a Cure 50

Chapter 7 Vascular Dementia and My Stroke of Luck 55

Chapter 8 Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, Neuroregeneration, and the Power of Exercise 62

Part 2 Biomarker Testing: Identifying the Causes of Alzheimer's 73

Chapter 9 Testing Your Alzheimer's Biomarkers-Why and How 75

Chapter 10 High Blood Pressure Causes Vascular Dementia 84

Chapter 11 High Blood Sugar Shrinks Your Memory Centers 90

Chapter 12 High Cholesterol Promotes Alzheimer's Disease 104

Chapter 13 B-Complex Vitamins Reverse Cognitive Decline 109

Chapter 14 Vitamin D Defeats Dementia 115

Chapter 15 Sleep Apnea Increases Dementia Risk 121

Chapter 16 The Human Microbiome and the Gut-Brain Connection 131

Chapter 17 A Healthy Thyroid Prevents Cognitive Decline 145

Chapter 18 Neurotoxic Metals Can Ravage Your Brain 161

Chapter 19 Bioidentical Estradiol Prevents Neurodegeneration in Women 175

Part 3 Your Anti-Alzheimer's Diet 183

Chapter 20 Eating to Reverse Cognitive Decline 185

Chapter 21 The Very Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet 197

Chapter 22 Autophagy: A Powerful Anti-Alzheimer's Weapon 205

Chapter 23 Coconut Oil and MCTs: Brain Food 213

Chapter 24 Polyphenols: Miracle-Gro for Your Brain 218

Chapter 25 Blueberries: Brain-Boosting Bonanza 224

Chapter 26 Cocoa and Chocolate: Memory-Boosting Superfoods 233

Part 4 Nutritional Supplements That Reverse Alzheimer's 243

Chapter 27 Low-Dose Lithium Reverses Dementia 247

Chapter 28 DHA and Flaxseed Oil: The Omega-3 Brain Power Oils 254

Chapter 29 Curcumin: The Secret to India's Low Alzheimer's Rate? 263

Chapter 30 Green Tea: Jack-of-All-Trades 270

Chapter 31 Citicoline: Potent Stroke Protection 272

Chapter 32 Bacopa: Botanical Brain Booster 279

Chapter 33 Phosphatidylserine: Guarding against Cognitive Decline 283

Chapter 34 Berberine: Protection against Vascular Dementia 288

Conclusion: Epigenetics and the Future of Alzheimer's Research 295

Appendix 1 Laboratory Test Order 301

Appendix 2 High-Polyphenol Foods 303

Notes 307

Acknowledgments 333

Index 335

About the Author 353

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