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Cambridge University Press
Reviews and Perspectives in Physiology 2002

Reviews and Perspectives in Physiology 2002

by The Physiological Society


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ISBN-13: 9780521525817
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/02/2003
Edition description: REV
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

Topical reviews: signal transduction by G-proteins, rho-kinase and protein phophatase to smooth muscle and non-muscle myosin II A. P. Somlyo and A. V. Somlyo; Regulation of volume-activated chloride channels by P-glycoprotein: phosphorylation has the final say! H. T. Idriss, Y. A. Hannin, E. Boulpaep and S. Basavappa; Molecular basis of functional voltage-gated K+ channel diversity in the mammalian myocardium J. M. Nerbonne; Mammalian brainstem chemosensitive neurones: linking them to respiration in vitro D. Ballantyne and P. Scheid; Quantal currents at single-site central synapses C. Auger and A. Marty; The actin cytoskeleton in store-mediated calcium entry J. A. Rosado and S. O. Sage; Sympathetic vasodilation in human limbs M. J. Joyner and J. R. Halliwell; Molecular determinants of inactivation in voltage-gated Ca2+ channels S. Hering, S. Berjukow, S. Sokolov, R. Marksteiner, R. G. Weiss, R. Kraus and E. N. Timin; Human ageing and the sympathoadrenal system D. R. Seals and M. D. Esler; Perspectives: when having the nerve is helped by having the muscle M. J. Rennie; The role of static and dynamic fusimotor activity during locomotion P. R. Murphy; Combining physiology and genetics in the zebrafish retina H. Baier and D. Copenhagen; Multiple forms of feedback inhibition by str. oriens inhibitory interneurons? C. J. McBain; Steroidal influences on oxytocin neurones G. Leng; What determines the initiation of the heartbeat? D. Terrar and L. Rigg; A slow NMDA channel: in search of a role S. Vicini and G. Rumbaugh; K+ channels and their distribution in large cortical pyramidal neurones J. F. Storm; Oxygen-sensing and K+-Cl- cotransport P. B. Dunham; Sleep of paradoxes J. Orem and W. Dunin-Barkowski; The synovial lining: a paradigm for connective tissue research? P. Winlove; Divergence in the behaviour of the dihydropiridine receptor in muscle H. Ch. Luettgau; The afferent signalling of fever C. M. Blatteis; Chronicle of skinned muscle fibres G. J. M. Steinen; Primary afferent depolarization produced in Ad and C fibres by glutamate spillover? New ways to look at old things P. Rudomin; NO and the regulation of VSOACs D. Duan and J. R. Hume; How to avoid running on empty M. J. Rennie; Keeping up with bicarbonate I. Novak; The Yin and Yang of the KATP channel F. M. Ashcroft; Towards an understanding of the function of the intrinsic cardiac ganglia D. C. Randall; Interleukins and exercise M. Gleeson; A window into the role of inhibitory and excitatory mechanisms of perception? L. G. Cohen; Calponin - knocked out but not down? M. P. Walsh.

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