Reviews in Biochemical Toxicology

Reviews in Biochemical Toxicology


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ISBN-13: 9780444015020
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 07/28/1989
Pages: 393

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Preface. Contributors. Contents of Previous Volumes.Toxicological Significance of Covalently Bound Drug Residues (A.Y.H. Lu, G.T. Miwa and P.G. Wislocki). Glutathione Homeostasis and Glutathione S-Conjugate Toxicity in the Kidney (L.H. Lash, M.W. Anders and D.P. Jones). Enzymology of Uracil-DNA Repair in Mammalian Cells (D.W. Mosbaugh). In vivo NMR Spectroscopy and Cell Injury(E. Murphy and R.E. London). Metabolic Pathways of Dibenz (a,h) Anthracene and Their Enzymatic Control in Relation to Bacterial Mutagenicity (K.L. Platt and F. Oesch). Copper Toxicity: Speciation and Reactions of Copper in Biological Systems (D.H. Petering and W.E. Antholine). Biological Effects of Phosphonates with Chelating Properties (J. Majka and H. Teitelbaum).


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