Revitalize Your Life: A Mind-Body-Spirit Makeover

Revitalize Your Life: A Mind-Body-Spirit Makeover

by Christine Rattenbury


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ISBN-13: 9781453853108
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/14/2011
Pages: 248
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About the Author

Dr. Christine Rattenbury is a psychologist in Ontario, Canada with over 25 years of experience treating adults for a wide range of concerns across the clinical, health and rehabilitative fields of psychology.

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 Chapter 1

 In the Grand Scheme of Things

 Take a few deep breaths and let go.  Open your mind and let your thoughts expand.  Here you are in a physical body having a life experience on planet Earth. Why are you here?  What is it all about?  You have been born on a planet with such an incredible, awe-inspiring, mind-boggling diversity of life all around you.  Everything you can imagine is here.  Every experience you can imagine happening, happens here.  Every adjective that you can think of that could possibly describe an event, circumstance, or thing applies here in life on Earth—wonderful, amazing, awful, interesting, boring, ugly, beautiful...and the list goes on.  The conscious, intelligent energy that is you—or who-you-really-are—chose to be here, in physical form, in this lifetime of yours on this planet.  Why?  And while we are contemplating the Grand Scheme of Things, just who are you, really?

 Who are you, really?

 The answer to this question depends on the perspective you take.  Life takes on a different manifestation as you move from the so-called "more gross" forms of it (by that I mean the larger, or more substantial forms of life) to the "more refined", "subtler" or "higher phases" of it.  For example, water is a "less gross" form of ice.  Steam is a more refined or higher (less gross) phase of water.  Higher phases have faster vibrations.  We can view life from the perspective of "matter", "energy", or more refined or subtler still, we can view life as "intelligence" or "thought".  A higher phase or more refined manifestation of thought can be distinguished as "consciousness".  All manifestations of life are not really separate, rather one "blends" or "morphs" (for lack of better descriptors) into the other.  One is a more refined version or a higher manifestation of the other.  All manifestations of life are really different phases of one manifestation.

 This one manifestation is the Source of all life, the Source of everything in the Universe, the Source of all matter, energy, intelligence/thought, and the Source of all consciousness.  What exactly the Source is (a tiny "drop" of which is the essence of you) is unknown.  How do we define such as Source?  If there is one Source of it all, or an "absolute Source", then, as all means all, the Source would be the "All-That-Is":  i.e., everywhere and everything—eternal, infinite, omnipresent (all or one matter), omnipotent (all or one energy), omniscient (all knowledge or one mind), and that which is the all or one consciousness.  Wow! 

 This would mean that you are really matter, which is really energy, which in a higher phase and faster speed of vibration is really intelligent thought, which is in turn, an aspect of consciousness.  Or, to put it in another way still, you are a center-of-consciousness, an aspect of the One Consciousness.  You are in essence an extension of the absolute Source—a "relative" of the "absolute"—presently focused in this physical space-time reality.  So is everyone and everything else. Your consciousness is now focused on experiencing physical life.  You are consciousness (non-physical), an aspect of which is currently manifested in physical form.  In the physical or relative world, your body is flowing with intelligent energy.  A drop of which is from the great ocean of all life. 

 And while you are wrapping your mind around these ideas, allow me to pose another Big Question:  Why does the Source separate itself into its relative parts, which go on a brief evolutionary journey, only to have them return to it once again?  What is the sense of it all?  What is it all about?  Is it all about evolution and expansion?  If the All-That-Is is all, can the all get, well, "all- er"?!  Is there something more still?  Does the Source have a Source?  Will the energy field that is the Universe expand for eternity or will it ever cease to expand?  For centuries, man has searched for the answers to such metaphysical questions about the Source and meaning of life and the nature of the Universe that surrounds him.  Some believe they know all of the "right" answers, or at least some of them.  Everyone has an opinion about what the Source of it all is and what to call it.  Sooner or later, we have to call it something, be it:  "Source", "Spirit", "God", "The Divine", "Universal Intelligence", "Highest or One Consciousness" and the list goes on.  But the Source is not nothing for only nothing can come from nothing.

 Man's first ideas about the underlying meaning and cause of life and the Universe were crude and fanciful, involving numerous gods, not to mention devils.  With further thought on the subject, man's ideas have evolved and split among a variety of perspectives and teachings as presented by priests, yogis, philosophers, theologians, scientists, physicists, metaphysicians, etc.  As time goes by, the different perspectives have begun to overlap and have arrived at many common understandings.  More and more, debates are about finer points and semantics.  When all search for the same Thing, they must eventually meet. 

 The true nature of the Source and meaning of life remain under the heading, "The Great Mysteries of Life".  There are no definitive answers to these questions.  There are no answers because there is no "One Truth".  A central finding from the study of quantum physics is that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer.  In other words, science tells us that all truth is subjective.   Because everyone is creating what they see, everyone sees a different truth. Put in another way, the place from which you are observing life determines what you see.  Perspective is everything.

 Ultimately, and hopefully, it is left up to each individual to find their own answers regarding the Source and the meaning of life.  However, we cannot rely purely on the intellect for this, for attempts to contemplate the full meaning of the grand concepts of the Universe including infinity and eternity, or the absolute Source of all life, leaves the mind reeling and swimming.  The great questions of metaphysics cannot be answered by the human mind.  However, our sciences are firmly grounded in the laws of the mind.  Consequently, science is left struggling to find the answers and must be satisfied by incomplete and sometimes contradictory explanations.  We have a general idea of these grand concepts based on the definitions we assign them.  But we are unable to grasp the full sense of the words—the mind of man at its current state of evolution or  unfoldment cannot truly and fully know their meaning. 

 Fortunately, our intellect is not our only source of guidance.  At times we may not know things, but we do have a sense of them.  We can go by what feels right.  One may feel that there is something more, something incredible, a purpose to it all, but one is left to take it on faith in the heart because the mind simply does not know.  We are left to feel things when we do not understand them or when our mind does not know what to do about something. Your true or natural feelings arise from the wisdom inherent in your body.  Your true feelings or "heart's wisdom" emanate from the aspect of you that is higher consciousness.  They are a form of guidance for you from the wisdom of your higher or non-physical perspective while you navigate through physical life.  The challenge is to hear and trust your true feelings or heart's wisdom.  They can be quite subtle at times—a "gut feeing" or a quiet whisper in "the back of your mind".  Your body in the form of feelings will try to tell you what your mind may not yet fully know

 We may never know the  What and Why regarding the Source and meaning of life and the mysteries of the Universe but we know something about the How.  As science advances we do obtain further knowledge.

 Life as viewed from the quantum perspective

 Whether you are looking at the Big Picture of life through a telescope or the Small Picture of life through a microscope, you will see the same thing:  an organized system of spheres or particles of matter orbiting at great speeds through vast space around a center or nucleus.  Peer deeply into the subatomic structure of a cell, of anything, even things that appear inert and are not typically categorized as living organisms, and you will see "a small Universe".  The atom resembles a miniature solar system, with light, negatively charged subatomic particles (electrons) orbiting the dense, positively charged nucleus, just as the planets orbit the Sun.

 Neither outer space nor inner space is chaotic.  All matter, which is in motion, is organized and operating according to a precise design, clearly indicating that it is part of a larger and intelligent system.  The macrocosm and the microcosm are virtual duplicates and they are both held together by some unseen yet obviously present and pervasive energy or force.  Something drives outer space and inner space alike.  It is an energy system that cannot be seen but its effects can be seen everywhere within and without.  The same invisible, inconceivable, force drives both the solar system and the human cell.

 All of space, inner or outer, is organized and operated by an incredible presence, a level of energetic intelligence beyond the mind's ability to fully and truly grasp.  The space you see, the so-called void, appears empty and lifeless, but it is not.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  As stated, only nothing can come from nothing.  Space may be dubbed "nothingness" because no thing is visible, but it is not dead.  It is brimming with unseen, intelligent energy, literally teaming with energy in "virtual" form—energy that is pure potential, waiting to become material reality. 

 Our senses and sensibilities are not prepared to see the apparent nothingness or stillness that underlies everything in our world, everything in our Universe, as the birthplace of all of which we call reality.  The exploration of outer or inner space takes us to the emerging world of quantum or particle physics.  The study of quantum physics provides the beginnings of a bridge to aid in understanding and reconciling what we know about the material reality we can see and what we seek to know about life's true nature and origin.  Instead of regarding the space between things as a lifeless void, if one could see it through the physicists' eyes, they would know that it is packed with intelligent energy waiting to emerge and coalesce into atom-life.

 There is an energy field underlying everything outside and inside our world, including our bodies, which crystallizes for a brief period of time into intelligent, organic molecules.  The experience this bit of life collects while it is in the material world will alter it.  This bit of life will evolve.  Hence the energy field to which it returns will change and evolve also.  This ever-evolving energy field, which has no known bounds, is the starting point for everything that exists in the material world.  Matter is a lower phase or a less refined manifestation of this energy.  Everything we call matter comes from the subatomic energy field.  This starting point of all that we call life is always in contact with every other point.  There are no breaks in the continuity of the subatomic field.  This rich field of silent intelligence functions as one.  Hence the expression, all of life is one.  Every bit of life is connected with every other bit of life.  There is no true separation.  There is one all encompassing energy at the core of all we see in material reality, or the relative world.  There is one source for all the building blocks of everything we call life—and it is this invisible field of intelligent energy.  All matter comes from this energy field and returns to it.  The subatomic field is everywhere.  It is the so-called void or space around all things.  And it is ever expanding.

 In true keeping with its paradoxical nature, life is ever so complicated while at the same time ever so simple.  The vast diversity of life that you see all around you is in its essence, the same.  All of life is made from the same basic building block.  This is what is meant by the expression, the universality of all matter.  What we call the building block and what we know about it depends upon the perspective from which you view or study it—whether you look at life from the "level" or perspective of matter, energy or intelligence.  Perspective is everything. 

Table of Contents


Chapter One • In the Grand Scheme of Things

Who are you, really?
Life as viewed from the quantum perspective
Intelligence and the conscious mind
Mind over matter
Consciousness and levels higher
The Great Debate
There is no "One Truth"
Open the mind
What is the nature and origin of life?
And the winner is
Science and the soul
In summary, there is a universality of all life

Chapter Two • Life on Planet Earth

From the Big Picture perspective, it's all about growth and expansion
You can choose to be more aware
Earth is a planet of dualities
Life is made up of positive and negative charges in perfect balance
Duality results in emotional swings
Negativity serves an important purpose
Step off the swing as often as you can
Love is found in the synthesis of the positives and negatives of life
Animal and plant life are here to support our journey
In summary, aim for benevolence and respect for all life

Chapter Three • Mind, Body and Soul

You are a tri-part being—mind, body and soul
Feelings are generated by the soul and interpreted by the mind
Feelings inspire or prompt you to act
Pain and illness is a powerful prompt for action
Heart wisdom
Instinct and inspiration come from the wisdom of the heart
Finding your heart's wisdom
The world needs more heart wisdom
The mind
The conscious mind doesn't know how to flow
Change your mind or learn to "re-mind" yourself
The ego
The journey of the soul

Chapter Four • Health and the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The intelligent mind-body
Conscious thought affects DNA
The "impossible cure"
Conscious awareness—do not underestimate the power of the force
The healing power of consciousness—may the force be with you
Meditation—the healing effect of going with the flow
Develop a regular habit of meditation or mindfulness
The role of emotion in the health of the mind-body-spirit
Psychological health
How might a psychologist be of help to you?
Awareness created by insight has the power to move you

Chapter Five • Self-esteem

How do we strengthen self-esteem?
Democratic communication enhances self-esteem
There are five true or natural feelings
Your true feelings—the truth shall set you free!
Follow your true feelings (chart)
Resolving conflicts or how to fight fair
Mishandling, distorting and failing to resolve feelings
To summarize, acting on and resolving your true feelings is essential for strengthening self-esteem

Chapter SIX • Revitalize Your Life

Mind makeover
Body makeover
Spirit makeover
Revitalize Your Life Daily Check List
Fall in love with life again
Four steps to Revitalize Your Life


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