Revival Power in You

Revival Power in You

by Umberto Saba


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Like Gideon, you too have a mighty power hidden within that is waiting to be put to good use and accomplish great things. It is not a fanciful thought, but a legitimate one: you can achieve what most people don't if you make a decision. As far as you are concerned, the failures of Church leaders and Pastors in the West are not bad news, for they offer you the perfect opportunity for greatness. Neither you nor I can attain any eminence without the failures of others, just as Moses could not have become a giant without the difficult people of Israel he had delivered from Egypt.
Think also of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah and the other Prophets: none of them would have been great characters without the sin of the people. This truth has never changed: without wrongdoing there have never been giants. These were smart enough to take advantage of every opportunity. As you look through the Bible, you will notice that history repeats itself: great people rose only during times of widespread rebellion and decadence.
Are you willing to respond in a time of moral disaster like ours? The opportunities are here, right before your eyes, so long as you turn them to your favour. God Himself calls you to do so, for your greatness brings great honour to Him.

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About the Author

Born in Italy in 1940, Umberto Saba has always had a profound inclination to prayer and a deep interest in the things of the Spirit. Prayer is what has characterised most of his life, especially the prayer of intercession for those he knew were on the way to hell.
Having acquired over the years a vast educational background comprising a large number of subjects, he counted it all as trash compared to the importance of knowing Christ and paying a price that not everybody would be prepared to pay for the salvation of the lost.
He spent many years so absorbed in his studies that he almost became oblivious to the life the world had to offer. As a result, those years provided him with a vast educational background; but his love for knowledge that perishes has never matched his desire to build the Kingdom of God by prayer.
The power that his intercession could have before the Throne of Mercy has been the most fascinating discovery in his life from the moment he realised how it could change the most hardened hearts, turn the course of world history, avert the coming judgment, obtain anointing for Pastors and teachers, bring God's visitation on rebellious nations and destroy the works of the devil.
It is his deepest desire to share with you in this work what he has learned over the years, not so much through countless books, but above all during his endless hours of pleading for revelation for the benefit of many in the world.

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