Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out

Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out

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McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers

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Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out

“Revolting librarians aren’t defined by what they are, they are defined by what they do. In fact, it’s not even what they do, but how they do it”—Katia Roberto and Jessamyn West, in the Preface.
This compilation of witty, insightful, and readable writings on the various aspects of alternative librarianship edited by two outspoken library professionals is a sequel to Revolting Librarians, which was published in 1972. The contributors, including Alison Bechdel, Sanford Berman, and Utne Reader librarian Chris Dodge, cover topics that range from library education and librarianship as a profession to the more political and spiritual aspects of librarianship. The contributions include critiques of library and information science programs, firsthand accounts of work experiences, and original fiction, poetry and art. Ten of the original librarians who wrote essays for Revolting Librarians back in 1972 reflect upon what they wrote thirty years ago and the turns that their lives and careers have taken since.

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ISBN-13: 9780786416080
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 05/07/2003
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 229
Sales rank: 1,330,215
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments v

Preface 1

Introduction 5

I. Still Revolting After All These Years: Words from the Original Revolters 17

Elizabeth Katz 18

Marilyn Gell Mason 18

Art Plotnik 19

Sanford Berman 20

Jana Varlejs 24

Judy Hadley 26

Elspeth Pope 29

Reva Basch 30

Noel Peattie 33

Paul Axel-Lute 34

II. Library School Is Revolting 35

Getting the Letters: Library School Redux 36

Accreditation: What’s All the Fuss? 38

Dykes to Watch Out For: Food for Thought 42

Why Mo Is Going to Library School 43

What I Really Learned in Library School 43

What Library Schools Still Aren't Teaching Us 45

III. Sex, Drugs, and Will You Please Be Quiet—Our Revolting Jobs 54

Labia Lumps, Chunky Discharge, and Other Things They Never Taught Me in Library School 55

The Other Side of a Balanced Collection 57

Failures in Neo-Corporatism: A Random Walk through a University Library 59

Taking a Stand 61

Are We So Progressive? The Value of Professional Children’s Librarianship 66

I Was a Teenage Anarcho-Terrorist 68

IV. Creatively Revolting Self-Expression 72

The Growing Web of Catastrophe: The Story of a Mad Librarian 73

Young Somali Women in the Library 76

Personas Non Gratas; or, An Archivist's Classification of Problem Patrons 77

Another Day in the Life of… Reference Librarian 78

Weather Report: Hale and Drivel (or Matt Hale Visits My Library) 79

A Librarian's Suicide Note 80

Song of the Reference Librarian 85

V. Our Revolting Issues 87

Radicals Defending Tradition: An Appeal to the Baby Boom Generation 88

Old Maids and Fairies: The Image Problem 92

Library Ethics and the Problem with Patriotism 95

In the Stacks and in the Sack: An Undercover Look at Librarians and Erotica 100

Librarians! Into the Workers’ Corner! 104

My Life as a Librarian Exposed! Personal Websites and the Librarian Stereotypes 112

Revolting Vocabulary: Mental Health and Language in Revolting Librarians 117

Silencing Sandy: The Censoring of Libraries' Foremost Activist 120

Libraries to the People, Redux 128

Libraries—It’s a Good Thing 136

Pioneering Progressive Library Discourse 137

“Check Out Those Buns”; or, What Do You Say to a Male Librarian? 142

Status Quo/Revolution: Language to Silence Dissent in Librarianship 144

VI. Day to Revolting Day: Our Stories 147

What Do Radical Librarians Do? or, Which Way to the Black Bloc? 148

Maimonides in the Stacks; or, Digitize This! 153

Diary of a Revolting Librarian 156

Library Service to the Insane 162

The Lost Language of Libraries 163

Damage Noted: Journal of a Public Librarian 164

High Calling/Low Salary 171

“Being a Cataloger Is Better Than Gutting Fish for a Living Because…” 173

VII. Unclassifiable 176

Astrology and Library Job Correlation 177

Why Librarian: The Musical Is Doomed Before It Starts 193

Stuck Between a Rock and Another Rock: Job Title Worries 194

Hey, Book Wranglers! 197

A Bit More Than a Year of Library Reading: A Revolting Bibliography 198

See Also: A Collection from Our Contributors 203

About the Contributors 207

Index 213

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