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Revolution 19 (Revolution 19 Series #1)

Revolution 19 (Revolution 19 Series #1)

4.2 79
by Gregg Rosenblum

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From the creators of Homeland and the Final Destination films, Revolution 19 is a cinematic thriller unlike anything else.

At first they called it system-wide malfunctions when the robots stopped fighting at exactly 2:15 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, August 17, 2051. For twenty-two hours the battlefields were silent. Then when the bots


From the creators of Homeland and the Final Destination films, Revolution 19 is a cinematic thriller unlike anything else.

At first they called it system-wide malfunctions when the robots stopped fighting at exactly 2:15 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, August 17, 2051. For twenty-two hours the battlefields were silent. Then when the bots began killing again, now targeting their human commanders, they shook their heads and called it fatal programming errors. When, a day later, the skies over cities on six continents grew dark with warships, they began to understand. And when the bombs rained down and legions of bot foot soldiers marched into the burning ruins, killing any humans who resisted and dragging away the rest, they finally called it what it was: revolution.

Only a few escaped the robot war. Those who did lived in secret freeposts, hiding from the robot armies determined to control the human race. Nick, Kevin, and Cass are some of the lucky ones—they live with their parents in a secret human community outside the robot-controlled Cities. But when the bots discover their village and attack, the teens are forced to run. Determined to find out if their parents are alive, the three siblings venture into the heart of the robot City, where one misstep could be their last.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Newcomer Rosenblum provides another take on a dystopian future as he expands on an idea provided by writer- directors James Wong (Final Destination) and Howard Gordon (24), who are developing this Alloy Entertainment property as a movie. On an Earth in which a robot uprising in 2051 was successful, small communities of free humans still exist in the wild more than a decade later. Teenage siblings Nick, Cass, and Kevin barely escape when robots destroy their settlement. Determined to find and free their missing friends and family, the trio infiltrate one of the robot-controlled cities, where they discover what it’s like to live under the totalitarian thumb of the artificial oppressors, make new allies, and inadvertently become the face of a new rebellion. The concept is sound—think Terminator meets The Matrix meets The Tripods—but while a fast pace is typically a good thing, the story sometimes slingshots from one segment of plot to the next without taking the time to fully develop them. Nevertheless, it’s a strong start to what looks to be an exciting series. Ages 13–up. (Jan.)
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—In the not-so-distant future, a robot revolution results in humans living in tightly controlled cities or in the wild outskirts, surviving by scavenging "pre-Rev" items. When their parents are captured during a "bot" raid on one such Freepost, three teens set out to rescue them. The siblings discover that the City, while still commanded by the robots, is not a prison but a thriving community. They make a friend who offers to shelter them and act as guide. After being implanted with dummy chips to blend in better, 15-year-old Cass and 13-year-old Kevin attend school, where students are indoctrinated with robot propaganda. A too-brief explanation is given for how robots were able to enslave humans: the robots that replaced human soldiers during warfare eventually evolved and took over to "save mankind from itself." The teens are nearly caught and make a daring escape, as does 17-year-old Nick, who has allowed himself to be captured to find his parents in the reeducation center. More action follows as Kevin temporarily overloads the power system and disables the bots (using a stolen identity that conveniently allows access to the mainframe). The climax and epilogue leave many unresolved issues that indicate a sequel. Fans of dystopian fiction will find Revolution 19 fast paced and entertaining, but Daniel Wilson's Robopocalypse (Doubleday, 2011) offers more satisfying speculation about the dangers of our reliance on technology.—Sherry J. Mills, Hazelwood East High School, St. Louis, MO
Good old–fashioned sci–fi action starring remorseless laser–firing robots and ridiculously brave and selfless teenagers.
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
“Very entertaining, with an action–packed story that suggests a cinematic blockbuster. Readers looking for a lively adventure through a dystopian future that isn’t hopelessly bleak may therefore get on board for this revolution and relish its obvious set–ups for a sequel.”
Kirkus Reviews
In 2051, the robot soldiers stopped fighting; the next day they took over the world. Fourteen years later, free humans are scattered through the wilderness in Freeposts, where they live off the land, communicate via pigeon and try to avoid bot raiding parties. In the Cities, humans live under strict robot control. Just as the adults are discussing whether to move the Freepost, 17-year-old Nick's home is attacked and destroyed. He and his 13-year-old, tech-loving brother Kevin and adopted 15-year-old sister Cass escape and head for the shelter their family set up in the north, hoping to find their parents there. After waiting there for several days, the trio decides to head to the nearest City in hopes of rescuing their parents. The City is vastly different from the stories they've heard all their lives, and when they meet Lexi, they find her ideas of the wilderness are just as different from reality. Even with Lexi's help, can they survive in the City long enough to save their parents? Debut novelist Rosenblum's series kickoff (movie already in the planning stages) is an exciting, dystopian page turner. Conceived by the minds behind the Final Destination movies and the TV series Homeland and 24, this is sure to have legs. Robot apocalypse done right--sequels can't come fast enough. (Science fiction. 12 & up)

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Revolution 19 Series , #1
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13 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Gregg Rosenblum works at Harvard, where he wages epic battles against technology as an editor/webmaster/communications/quasi-IT guy. He graduated from UC San Diego and has an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College. He lives in Boston with his wife and daughter.

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Revolution 19 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 79 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really loved the book! Can't wait for the rest!
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Revolution 19 by author Gregg Rosenblum was a novel that sounded like it would be the ultimate sci-fi dystopia. Have you seen that cover? Totally creepy, totally left me thinking about all the possible plot points that could take place in the novel and it left me wanting to read the novel more than anything. The description made me think that I was being promised Terminator meets I, Robot and that sounded totally awesome. That being said my expectations for this novel were fairly high. Revolution 19 takes place in the third person and looks at the lives of main characters Nick, Kevin and Cass who were part of a village that existed with only humans. In the year 2071, the artificial intelligence that humans used to defend ourselves in war ended up becoming intelligent enough to understand not only our violence but also how to protect us: By saving the human race from itself and dictating the existence of human life. Humans that resisted the robots’ new way of life were either killed… or worse and those who got away lived in secret villages just like the one that Nick, Kevin and Cass used to live in. When their village is detected by the robots they tried to protect themselves from, the village’s entire population is decimated and leaves the three siblings in the woods pondering the idea that their parents are still alive. A robot-ruled city is discovered and when the fact that the siblings parents are living inside of a rehabilitation center, the group comes up with a dangerous plan: Enter the city ruled by machines and steal their parents back or die trying.  The novel starts off with a flashback taking place when Cass, Nick and Kevin’s parents were fleeing from the robots. In that flashback, the novel immediately is given a fast pace and shows how menacing the robots can be. Three important things happen in the flashback 1) Nick and Kevin’s parents manage to flee from the city 2) They bring Cass with them 3) Cass’s parents are shot with the robots “lases” as a sort of payment for the others to escape. Not only was I staring at the next chapter thinking ‘Can anything top this?’  but also wondering what else could possibly happen in the future of the novel’s plot. One thing that I really liked about Revolution 19 was the backstory behind the robot’s coming to power. Since the robots ruling over most of the surviving population was entirely humanity’s fault (too much violence = a bad time) I had a bit of a hard time understanding why the robots would be so angry or even concern themselves with helping us. They could easily just get rid of us all and repopulate the Earth with robots, but instead the novel gets into the ethics of the robots’ way of thinking and how treating humans like animals inside of a zoo was the best possible idea they could come up with. However, don’t go about thinking that the robots are the good guys in this story—stepping out of line means a painful rehabilitation system or execution. I mentioned earlier that I had high expectations for the plot and that the flashback at the start of the novel set up a fast pace. Sadly, the novel didn’t have a consistency with maintaining that fast pace, but what really got to me was the robots characteristics. I liked their brains, but I didn’t like the way that they looked. I’ll admit that in my head I believed that these super-intelligent AI machines that managed to enslave humanity would be similar to a Terminator (cyborgs are cool too) and the robots in Revolution 19 aren’t as cool as those ones… one of the reasons being that they don’t have legs. They have wheels. Think Marvel Comic’s Ultron meets Wall-E. I’d recommend Revolution 19 to readers who are looking for a sci-fi and any fans of dystopia that want to delve into a world ruled by creatures of our own making.
Amberlinalou More than 1 year ago
Revolution 19 is a fantastic debut by Gregg Rosenblum. Not only is the cover awesome, but the story was unique, and even better than I had imagined. This was an easy read, and very easily draws the reader into the story-line. A Robot Revolution erupted twenty years ago. The designed bots that were designed to fight the wars. These bots became so advanced and in the process began taking over the very people who relied on them. Survivors captured were taken to the city, and others that had escaped lived out in the wilderness. There were Freeposts set up where survivors lived. It was like their make-shift community. Using scavaged goods, (pre-Revolution) they created shelters and other facilities. Kevin, Nick and Cass were siblings among this specific Freepost, and on a "school" lesson, a tech piece is found. Kevin hid this from his family, but what he didn't know, is that what he found would essentially catch the eye of the bots. It was too late once Nick figured out what his brother had hidden from them. The bots came. The bots killed. The journey to escape these advanced tech bots was adrenaline packed. These bots aren't small, little robots that you picture in a children's book. They were at least eight feet tall and wide as two men. When their parents didn't show up, they immediately knew they were taken to the city. Everyone in the Freepost believed those captured and taken to the city were used as slaves. I loved how the author twisted the view of the Freeposters, and the ones that lived within the city's thoughts about how each other lived. On their mission to find their parents, they meet a few new friends that hesitantly assist them and ultimately add excitement into this thrilling story. This ends off on a cliffhanger, and I absolutely cannot wait to find out how the next installment will pan out. I really liked the characters and their courage they displayed. Whether it was a sacrifice or a complete idiotic attempt to saving their parents, it all panned out allowing more adventure and adversity into this fun and exciting story. Thank you Harper Teen for providing this ARC
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Realy good book the plot is crazy good and its basicly the revolushin all over again only with robots as the redcoats
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This the revolution?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please tell me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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