Revolving Shades of Blue

Revolving Shades of Blue

by Jeanne Campbell


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Editing these poems decades later, I am remembering something that I lost or surrendered. As a young adult, I struggled to reconcile awareness of my higher self and spirit guide with the day-to-day reality. As a result, I lost faith in both. Today, at fifty-four years young, I have come home to the open channel of youth. My higher self and spirit guide are a comfort to me still. They have cared for and protected me in some of the most peculiar situations. I have listened to them and ignored them over the years. They have loved me unconditionally, regardless. Life is a journey that explores the spiritual realms of Being, weaving our souls contracts into meaningful purpose.

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ISBN-13: 9781504350952
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/11/2016
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

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Shades of Blue

By Jeanne Campbell

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Jeanne Campbell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5093-8



1978-1981 — Coming of Age

    Truth for Life

    Truth is so plain.
    Truth is so real,
    To those who live love,
    To those who can feel.

    To breathe is to live.
    To live is to love.
    To love is to share.
    Evil lurks with those only
    Who are not aware.

    Injustice, they call it –
    Kill him, condemn her –
    Though judgment of others
    Will get you nowhere.

    Just breathe deep, it's easy,
    For the deeper it goes
    The more love will grow,
    The more life will show ...

    so plain, simple, and real.

    A View of Life's Creation

    A slow process is creation.
    Pure evolution – I may only try.
    Whisper winds sweep the valley
    While another day here dies.
    Control your hand, please, make some music
    Steady your body, flow a dance.
    My heart must leave this day alone,
    For to take but one more chance ...
    A steady mind is always growing.
    My pure love will never lie.
    Keep in mind this single wanderer.
    For me, please, do not cry.
    The precious time I shared with you,
    All I 've learned within my heart.
    Miles and time between us.
    I know our spirits shall not part.
    Purely simple nature gave us life.
    Connected individually, we pray.
    Share, unite, my brother and sister,
    For to the devil we need not pay.

    She Calls Me Abnormal

    Attitude hangs heavy off these walls.
    To cut through it with a contented mind
    Is to watch proud egos fall.
    Insecurity buried by materialistic happiness
    Keeps some going blindly strong.
    Bury all hopes and dreams-
    Doing some right, doing some wrong.
    You wish to eliminate these soap opera scenes,
    But it's all around you.
    It is life, and you're not ready to leave.

    Blue Jeans Patched with Dreams

    My heart feels something like these patched blue jeans ...
    Another ripped seam, another broken dream.
    Wandering through the naked night street,
    Wondering what it is that makes me unique.
    Singing all the while, wearing no frown or smile,
    Others check me out with conditioned expressions –
    Shooting blind words, gestures; for me a new lesson.
    Some say you need a steady man.
    Some say you cry for a helping hand.
    I guess it's true ...
    I've always needed a reason to live, a cause to give myself to,
    A clearer face than my own to look into,
    Someone to absorb these feelings when I'm fading out blue ...
    My heart patched together with broken dreams,
    Ragged and alone – just like these worn out blue jeans.

    Ideas of Nature in Doubt

    The simplicity of it all –
    Slight movements of the grass –
    Has no prejudice of the bumblebee,
    Who sits upon it with his class.
    I lay here and wonder what this is all about.
    Watching the grace of a butterfly and the strength of a tree,
    I sometimes live in doubt.
    Flowing constantly inside my brain,
    I have ideas of a human life ...
    Some say I'll surely go insane.
    Still contented in a simple way,
    It is just these word games you and I play
    That disrupts my sense of unity
    With the birth of each new day.

    Dissolving in Life's Sea Blue

    I'm preparing for a dive in a laser beam.
    No one is to join me on my journey to deep sea.
    There is someone to see, someone to be.

    Yet, there's a fog in my life I can't see through,
    A brick wall I cannot hear beyond.
    Comfortable blues sit close by my heart,
    Shoot at my bright light with silver sharp darts,
    High-lighting self-pity — everyone can relate.
    Vibrate good and evil, lone heart in constant debate.
    Emotions simply link back too far ...
    Adjustments must be made to brighten my star.

    My Heart is Traveling Time

    Clearness inside a heart radiates perceptions of a being.
    Within this strange world there is a highway only you will travel.
    There will be sights that only you will see.
    Energy collides, and that changes you.
    A new lover; you dive; it rearranges you.
    Eliminate materialism. What is it that contains you?

    There are no laws you trust to follow.
    Learning young of good and evil, plus and minus,
    Your desiring ego must now be swallowed.
    Hide behind it with escapes and dreams.
    Bind a life like the seamstress connects her seams.
    Fall deep, lost in unpaid emotional dues.
    Confronted with the reality of which road you must choose,
    With time to gain and time to lose,
    A fog hovers over your clearness.
    Hanging dark and heavy, folks call it The Blues.

    The Difference is Conscious Control

    I feel no different than you in my blind reality,
    Always seeing someone different to be.
    To live what we create in our fantasy,
    Life, a free gift, lived out right and wrong.
    Sometimes, it is too difficult to just be me.

    Looking back upon a younger day,
    Other children laugh and play.
    Alone in a peaceful atmosphere, contented I stayed.
    I could feel the pounding of other human hearts,
    Sense the strong vibrations of disenchanted souls.
    I often wondered so vividly while my limbs were torn apart,
    How I came here to this consciousness ... which took quick control.

    Love, I know no verbal definition.
    I sense it to be a physical condition.
    Spirit? While asleep I can feel it soar,
    Shining with the stars, opening new doors.
    A restless quest to fulfill a sense of self-unity
    Reflects a human life from a true light of purity.

    2015 Sacramento Street

    The Questioning look of a glance
    Keeps me uneasy in this dance.
    A downcast stare reveals desire to care.
    It's the unchanging facial expression that proves us unaware.

    Living alone beneath the city lights,
    Hiding joy, living fright,
    Inside lonely emptiness ...
    I stare blank stares and wonder,
    Will there be just one man who cares?
    Staying disconnected from my solitary blues
    While absorbed intensely
    In a fantasy dream of adventurous schemes.

    Watching life recur and recur
    Always so clear, never blurred,
    I know I've lived this all before in a dream,
    Restlessly wild and feeling so free.
    A spiritual escape, to live my feelings I sleep.
    Tell me why, then, while I am awake
    I place limits upon this physical reality.

    Feel Me, I am a Deaf Girl

    Lady wishes for children. She'll branch again her family tree.
    Man works his life boldly, dreams of life given free.
    They meet and are happy, reflect identity.
    Securely feeling, accepting each other's reality,
    A man and a woman found love and lost life ...
    Share your whole body, sell your time, earn your life ...
    Egos probed the hearts deeply, carved love with a knife.
    Now they live bonded as husband and wife.

    Growing, not knowing, with each new born day,
    Two children play happily, the third fades away ...
    Slapped by a cold glance or the back of a hand,
    Cries, accept me in my silence, such a simple demand.
    They've no notion of her physical inability,
    A deaf girl labeled stubborn, distant, selfish, few hear her plead –
    Know me, don't show me, where my life will lead.
    I'm free in my innocence, the crisp air that I breathe.

    She hides her thoughts now and locks her tongue,
    Sees others grow old while she stays young,
    All unrelated to her simplest desire.
    They watch her descend as they reach to climb higher.
    Glowing unnoticed, she develops in social stagnation,
    Contained within a mind, idealistic imagination,
    Watched by those who seem to care.
    Others play, pretend to care,
    While both stay removed, ignorantly unaware.

    A Step in Love

    My dear boy, precious blue boy,
    Go to her now. Throw away your old toy.
    You grew up too soon, staring blank at the moon.
    Shine bright, single star.
    She is here to join you now, accept you as you are.
    Priceless dear boy, in your wisdom and joy,
    You venture each day, hoping others will sway ...
    The dreams that you are, just another dream play ...
    They strike you with gloom. You withdraw to your room.
    Hoping others will see that your spirit flies free,
    But it is just you and me, oh, boy, can't you see?
    She holds love for your dream,
    Loving all that is you, all your joy and your blues.
    Go to her now. You've paid all your past dues.


Excerpted from Revolving by Jeanne Campbell. Copyright © 2016 Jeanne Campbell. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Part I. 1978-1981 — Coming of Age,
Truth for Life, 3,
A View of Life's Creation, 4,
She Calls Me Abnormal, 5,
Blue Jeans Patched with Dreams, 6,
Ideas of Nature in Doubt, 7,
Dissolving in Life's Sea Blue, 8,
My Heart is Traveling Time, 9,
The Difference is Conscious Control, 10,
2015 Sacramento Street, 11,
Feel Me, I am a Deaf Girl, 12,
A Step in Love, 13,
Maybe They Will Unwind, 14,
The Stars Shine Spirits Free, 15,
Happiness is Fragile, 16,
No Peace Of Mind For A Restless Heart, 17,
Visits of Inspired Insanity, 18,
All The Same Playing Life's Game, 20,
Your Memory, My Reality, 21,
Security is an Illusion, 22,
Love Born Inside a Teardrop, 23,
A Living State of Mind, 24,
Smile Nature's High, 25,
Existing in a Chess Game, 26,
Alone by Choice, 27,
It is your day Dad, 28,
Loved on in Memory, 29,
Bad Time to Call, 30,
Asleep, Dreaming Overtime, 32,
A Circle Evolves With Children to Care, 33,
Bodies Talk Sense, 34,
Ancient Games of Love, 35,
Carry on a Natural Way, 36,
California Free Ride, 37,
The East Coast Man, 38,
Where to go Blue, 39,
Love's Holy City Zoo, 40,
Rise Above to Spirited Love, 41,
We All Fly Out Here, Alone, 42,
You and I, Alive to Die, 43,
Life Alone Reflects a Mirror, 44,
Sadness is Madness when Locked in a Heart, 45,
A Common Road for All, 46,
We Can Last One More Try, 47,
Take Some Time, Lady Blue, 48,
Circling Motions I Begin to End, 49,
Simply Day by Day, 50,
Wild for His Smile, 51,
Light Days, Dark Nights, 52,
Work, Eat, Sleep, 53,
If You Believe, 54,
For You I'll Write for Love, 55,
Death Displayed in Dreams, 56,
No Leather, No U.S, 57,
Pretense of the World at Hand, 58,
Don't Let the Girl Figure Me Out, 59,
What the World Needs Now, 60,
The Highway, You, and Me, 61,
My Love's Expression, 62,
We Will When, 63,
A Written Rainbow, 64,
Love into One Seed, 65,
Money Man on the Hill, 66,
Love me, Babe, 67,
A Simple Love Day, 68,
I'm Blind, I Know, 69,
You're in my Dreams Again Tonight, 70,
A Flight to Saturn, 71,
Trip to a Foreign Town, 72,
A Certain Death Waits for Us All, 74,
A Fainting Spell, 75,
One Week in a Month, 76,
Rise With Love to Heaven, 77,
Lead Me To Your Love, 78,
Is There an End to the Guessing, 79,
The Ace Directs the Game in Play, 80,
A Habit of the Blues, 81,
Paying the Price, 82,
Born to the Blues, 83,
View From a Child's Eye, 84,
K-Mart, 85,
Spirits Naturally, 86,
Flame to Ash, 87,
The Heart Has Many Faces, 88,
In Love Today, 89,
Love lost, 90,
The Hey Hey Song, 91,
My Cousin, My Friend, 92,
Feeling Lonely, Feeling Lost, 93,
Waltz Me Around Again, Willy, 94,
Understanding Love Together, 96,
Part II. 1992-2004,
The Playground, 99,
Beyond the Road, 99,
Picture of Love, 100,
(I'm Not Gonna Be Another) Fool For Love, 102,
The Line, 104,
My Flesh Turned and Walked Away, 106,
J. McNeal, 107,
Poor Timing, 108,
A Friend, 109,
Settling, 111,
Sour Valentine, 111,
# 1 The Affair, 112,
# 2 Reality Check, 113,
# 3 One Night Survival Stand, 114,
# 4 80 % Imagination, 115,
# 5 No Grey, 116,
Searching, 117,
A Christmas Fantasy, 117,
# 6, 118,
# 7, 119,
# 8 Broken Mold, 120,
# 9 Carnal Craving, 121,
# 10 Dead End Dream, 122,
# 11 Hopelessly Hoping, 123,
# 12 A Spiritual Law, 124,
# 13 The Man's a Mirage, 125,
# 14 Transition, 126,
# 15 Mystical Mirror, 127,
# 16 Incomplete Circle, 128,
Epilogue, 129,

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