by Brett Battles


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ISBN-13: 9781477830833
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2015
Series: Rewinder Series , #1
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 1,082,537
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Brett Battles is the Barry Award–winning author of more than twenty novels, including the Jonathan Quinn series, the Project Eden series, and the Alexandra Poe series, the latter of which he wrote with Robert Gregory Browne. He lives in Los Angeles. Learn more about him at

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Rewinder 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
alterlisa More than 1 year ago
I don't know what to say about this book that hasn't already been said but I was lucky enough to go straight from this fabulous book to the next in the series and if you like time travel or alternate history books you will fall in love with this series. I read them both in one day and then hated myself because I did not make them last longer.
BookLoversLife1 More than 1 year ago
This book was awesome!! I've never heard of any of the authors work but I have to say that is this is any indication, then I will have to check out more from him.  The world building was amazing! Denny lives in a world where class is measured by numbers, 1 being the best. Denny is an 8 which means he is among the lowest class. Everyone has to take a test when they come of age and that test will give them their jobs for life. Denny expects to do something mundane like his father but the day of the results dawn and Denny is informed that he must resit the test. From then on Dennys world changes forever!! He is offered a job on the spot, only catch is that he won't know what the job involves until he accepts it! He will also be promoted to a level 5. He accepts, of course, cause there has to be more to life than being a lowly 8!! He finds out that he is a Rewinder and has the power to jump back to any date in time! His job is to take notes and keep hidden but when something accidentally happens to alter history and his world as he knows it, he struggles with whats the right thing to do, should he fix the past and bring back his world or leave it and keep the world as we know it? Character wise, Denny is a worthy hero. He is studious, smart and kind. He is offered the job of a lifetime and immediately accepts. When he learns that he will be a Rewinder, a person that can travel into the past, he is so happy. History was always his favourite subject. Denny questions everything and has a strong sense of right and wrong. I loved his spirit!  Plot wise, it was so well thought out and executed! I was sucked in from the very first page and swept along in a breathtaking journey for the whole book. The Rewinders job is to go back in time and observe only!! Never to interfere and never to deviate. They mainly go back into a wealthy persons history and map it for them, but is that all they do?  The Rewinder aspect was fascinating. If you left yourself think to much about the intricacies of what they were doing then it would boggle the mind!! Denny first goes back into time with his instructor and while there there are about 5 or 6 other groups, with the same woman instructor. She says that she always brings the first timers here so each of them are her from a different time! I'm not making sense but when you read it it does!! Denny also sees himself in different times and can talk to himself. It's quite complex but the author nails it and at no stage was I confused!   In all, Rewinder was a fast paced and very exciting read. It's the type of book thats so hard to put down because you need to see what happens next. There are quite a few twists and you cant tell what is going to happen. It's a well written and thought out book and one you will devour. I loved everything about it and really hope we see more from Denny in the future. I listened to the audio and once again Vikas Adam did an amazing job. He pulls you in and easily distinguishes each character. His tone and inflection are perfect. There are a few narrators that have made my favourite list and Vikas Adam is right up there at the top. He never fails to deliver!! Highly recommend the audio. 
AudiobookReviewer More than 1 year ago
Time travel, alternate history and a nest of paradoxes. The rewinders are a group of scholars who go back in time to verify the lineage of the 21st Century British aristocracy who pay for the service. In this reality, the American Revolution never occurred and all is British and bleak. The rewinders must only observe the past and never risk changing anything. Obviously, that’s what happens. Rewinder is a generally good twist on the much used themes of alternate history and time travel. The historical references and detail ring true and give the story weight. Within the time travel elements, there are plenty of paradoxes and self-duplications. Battles just explains them away as that’s just what happens when you time travel and they don’t matter. It does make you think about the difficulty of it all, that even a small change could affect everything. The story is written in the first person, present tense, so you are inside the main character’s head the whole time. This can get claustrophobic at times. Other times it gets tedious, as he enters our time and explains what we call phones and cars. Uh, we know what a car is. Narration by Vicas Adams, who does an adequate job. His voice has a specific tone and quality that took this listener some getting used to. It is recommended that you listen to the audio sample and decide if this is a deal breaker. The production quality is excellent and he is certainly a professional. Rewinder is not ground breaking, but is a pleasant listen. At about the length of a cross country plane flight and back, it is easy to stay with it. Audiobook purchased for review by ABR. Please find this complete review and many others at audiobookreviewer dot com [If this review helped, please press YES. Thanks!]
Hardman More than 1 year ago
Time travel and alternate history mix in this action adventure story. Denny is a rewinder, an observer of personal history for the Upjohn Institute, an ultra secret organization that answers only to the king...of Great Britain. When Denny accidentally creates an alternate time-line, one with a completely new world order (on in which Great Britain is not the dominate world power) he decides to explore it for a while before resetting things. The decision to reset the world back to how it was becomes harder as Denny begins to believe that this new world may actually be better. Things become more complicated when Denny learns that he is not the only rewinder to arrive in this alternate time-line...and they'll do anything to see their world returned. Battles creates a rich alternate history that saw the American revolution squashed in its early days, leading to the English being a sprawling world power with a strict ruling class. Denny is a complex character, a classic fish-out-of-water when he returns home to find a completely knew time-line. A fast, adventurous read that will keep you turning the pages.
nkbnkb More than 1 year ago
I had a bit of trouble getting into this book, but once I did - boy howdy. Could not put it down. If you are a fan of Brett Battles books you know how much intrigue he puts into his books. I hope this is the first of a new series. Love, love, love his books. Nancy Brackeen