Rheology: Volume 2: Fluids

Rheology: Volume 2: Fluids

by Giovanni Astarita (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1980)

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ISBN-13: 9781468437454
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 11/25/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1980
Pages: 678
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

Fluid Dynamics.- FD 1.1 The Flow of Dilute Polymer Solutions Around Cylinders: Characteristic Length of the Fluid.- FD 1.2 Shear-Thinning Effects in Creeping Flow about a Sphere.- FD 1.3 Measurements of Velocity Fields Around Objects Moving in Non-Newtonian Liquids.- FD 1.4° The Effects of Asymmetries on Rapid Bubble Growth and Collapse in Non-Newtonian Fluids.- FD 1.5 A Two-Dimensional Asymmetric Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid in a T-Geometry.- FD 1.6 Extrusion Flow Between Parallel Plates.- FD 2.1° The Influence of Chain Stiffness on the Flow Behavior of Polymers in the Entrance of a Capillary.- FD 2.2° An Experimental Investigation of Flow in the Die Land Region of a Capillary Rheometer.- FD 2.3 The Entry and Exit Flow into a Slit.- FD 2.4 On Non-Newtonian Flow Through a Slit Plate.- FD 2.5 Elastic Effects in Die Entry Flow.- FD 2.6 On Hole Pressure Error for Viscoelastic Fluids.- FD 2.7 Elastic Gel Birefringence Method as Applied to the Stress Analysis of the Hole Pressure Error.- FD 3.1 On a Pulsating Flow of Polymeric Fluids.- FD 3.2 About a Possible Cause of Viscoelastic Turbulence.- FD 3.3° Frequency Analysis of Electrical Fluctuations — A New Method to Study Flow Instabilities in Capillary Flow.- FD 3.4 Instability of Jets of Non-Newtonian Fluids.- FD 3.5 Experimental Studies of Heat Transfer in Viscoelastic Flow Through Pipes. Applications to Solar Energy Collectors.- FD 3.6 Natural Convection of a Reiner-Rivlin-Fluid in a Rectangular Enclosures.- FD 3.7 Heat Effect and Temperature Rise for Circular Tube Laminar Flow.- FD 4.1° Numerical Solutions for Flow of an Oldroyd Fluid Between Coaxial Rotating Disks.- FD 4.2 Medium and Large Deborah Number Squeezing Flows.- FD 4.3 Oscillatory Flow in Pipes of Non-Circular Cross-Section.- FD 4.4° Squeezing Flows of Visco Elastic Liquids.- FD 4.5° Dilute Polymer Solution Flows Through Periodically constricted Tubes.- FD 4.6° Rheological Effects in the Dynamics of Liquid Films and Jets.- FD 5.1 The Importance of Rheology in the Determination of the Carrying Capacity of Oil-drilling Fluids.- FD 5.2 Structure of Turbulence in Pipe Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids.- FD 5.3 Velocity Field in an Elongational Polymer Solution Flow.- FD 5.4 Determination of Characteristic Functions of a Viscoelastic Liquid in a Non-viscometric Flow.- FD 5.5 The Wall Effect in Orthogonal Stagnation Flow.- Rheometry.- RH 1.1° Normal Stress Measurements in Low-Elasticity Liquids.- RH 1.2° In-line Elasticity Measurement for Molten Polymers.- RH 1.3 Measurement of the First Normal Stress Coefficient of Polymer Melts in a Circumferential Flow Through an Annulus by means of a Pressure Difference Transducer.- RH 1.4 Measurement of the Second Normal Stress Difference by Different Methods with a Rotational Viscometer.- RH 1.5 Normal Stress Measurements in Viscoelastic Liquids Using Holographic Interferometry to measure the Free Surface e in the Weissenberg Effect.- RH 1.6 Continuous Rheometry: A New Process for On-Line Measurements and Control for Laboratory and Industry.- RH 2.1 Slit Rheometry of BPA-Polycarbonate.- RH 2.2 Non-Newtonian Viscosity at High Stresses.- RH 2.3 Force Balance Capillary Rheometer.- RH 2.4 Slip Effect in Viscosity Measurement of Gases at Low Pressure with an Oscillating-Disk Viscometer.- RH 2.5 A Modified Pulsatile Flow Apparatus for Measuring Flow Enhancement in Combined Steady and Oscillatory Shear Flow.- RH 2.6 Non-Isothermal Rotational Viscometry.- RH 2.7 A New Research Rheometer.- RH 3.1 Use of Annular Flat Plates in the Modified Balance Rheometer to Measure Normal Stresses.- RH 3.2 On the Torque and Energy Balances for the Flow Between Eccentric Rotating Discs.- RH 3.3 A Computerized Torsional Pendulum for Measuring the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polymers.- RH 3.4° The Measurement of Dynamic Shear Properties of Polymer Melts with a Rheovibron Viscoelastometer.- RH 3.5 The Measurement of the Elongational Viscosity of Polymer Solutions.- RH 3.6° The Use of Extensional Rheometry to Establish Operating Parameters for Stretching Processes.- Polymer Solutions.- PS 1.1 Dilute Solution Properties of Polystyrene, Polymethyl-Methacrylate and their Copolymers.- PS 1.2° Correlations for Relaxation-Times for Monodisperse Polystyrene Solutions.- PS 1.3 Hydrophobic Effects on the Intrinsic Viscosity of Globular Proteins.- PS 1.4 Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Polybutadiene Solutions.- PS 1.5° A Comparison of the Behavior of Concentrated Polyisobutylene Solutions and the Predictions of a New Constitutive Equation.- PS 1.6 Characterization of Concentrated Systems: Constraints and Compressibility Effects.- PS 1.7° Broad Shear Range Viscometry of High Polymer Solutions: Polystyrene and Polyisobutene in Decalin.- PS 2.1 Shear Rate Dependence of the Association of High Molecular Weight Macromolecules in Dilute Solutions.- PS 2.2 Ultrasonic Velocities and Rao Formalism in Polymer Solutions.- PS 2.3 The Importance of Energetic Interactions on The Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Solutions.- PS 2.4 Effects of Polymer Concentration and Shear Rate on Diffusion in Polysaccharide Solutions.- PS 2.5° Non-Newtonian Effects in Dilute Solutions Due to Heterogeneity.- PS 2.6 An Analysis of Rheological Behaviors of Polymer Solution with Beads-Spring Model.- PS 2.7 A Rheological Investigation of a Semi-Stiff Chain Aromatic Polyaminedehydrazide in Dilute Solution: Ultra-High Modulus Fibres and Liquid Crystalline Polymer Solutions.- PS 2.8° shear Degradation of Poly (Vinyl Acetate) in Toluene Solutions by High Speed Stirring.- PS 3.1 Apparent Viscosity Characteristics of Guar Gum Sols.- PS 3.2 Polymers in Enhanced Oil Recovery-Solution Structure and Viscosity of Water Soluble Vinyl Polymers.- PS 3.3 Rheological Properties of Polymer Solutions Used for Tertiary Oil Recovery.- PS 3.4 Dependence of Drag Reduction on Polymer Size Distribution and Configuration.- PS 3.5 Application of Thermodynamics to Stability of Flow and Drag Reduction.- PS 4.1 Contribution to the Elongational Viscosimetry of High-Polymeric Solutions.- PS 4.2 Dynamic of Flexible and Large Macromolecules in Elongational Flow Using Flow Refringence.- PS 4.3 Extensional Flow of Dilute Polymer Solution.- PS 4.4 Effect of Molecular Weight and Flow Type of Flow Birefringence on Dilute Polymer Solutions.- PS 4.5 Viscoelastic Properties of Mixtures of Optical Isomers of Polybenzylglutamate in Liquid Crystal Solution in Tetrahydrofuran.- Polymer Melts.- ML 1.1 Elongational Viscosity of Polyethylene Melts.- ML 1.2 The Elongational Behavior of Various Polymer Melts.- ML 1.3 Stresses and Recoverable Strains of Stretched Polymer Melts and Their Prediction by Means of a Single Integral Constitutive Equation.- ML 1.4 Uniaxial Extensional Experiments with Large Strains Performed with Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).- ML 1.5 Large Homogeneous Biaxial Extension of Polyisobutylene and Comparison with Uniaxial Behavior.- ML 1.6 Non-Isothermal Effects in the Elongational Flow of Polymer Melts.- ML 1.7 Double Step Strain and Relaxation of Polymer Melts.- ML 1.8° Constitutive Equations, Deformation Rate Softening and Elongational Flow Characteristics of Polymer Melts.- ML 2.1 Rheo-Optical Study of the Flow of Molten Polymers.- ML 2.2 Two Simple Time-Shear Rate Relations Combining Viscosity and First Normal Stress Coefficient in the Linear and Non-linear Flow Range.- ML 2.3 Applications of the Laser Doppler Velocimetry of Polymer Melt Flow Studies.- ML 2.4 Effect of Carbon Black on the Rheological Properties of Styrene n-Butyl Methacrylate Copolymers.- ML 2.5 Large Elastic Deformations of Flowing Polymers in Shear and Extension.- ML 2.6° Microviscoelasticity and Viscoelastic Properties of Linear Flexible-Chain Polymers.- ML 2.7° The Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on Polymers in Fluid State.- ML 3.1 Capillary Rheometry of Polypropylene: Influence of Molecular Weight on Die Swelling.- ML 3.2 The Creep Behavior of a High Molecular Weight Polystyrene.- ML 3.3° Flow Characteristics of Epoxide Prepolymers.- ML 3.4 Linear and Nonlinear Viscoelastic Behavior of ABS Melts.- ML 3.5 The Influence of Molecular Weight on the Rheological Parameters and Relaxation Spectrum of Poly (2,6 Dimethyl – 1,4 Phenylene Oxide).- ML 3.7 Oscillatory Rheology: Polycarbonate.- ML 4.1° The Viscoelastic Properties of Melts of Polypropylene and its Blends with High-Density Polyethylene.- ML 4.2 Rheology and Morphology of Dispersed Two-Phase Polymer Blends in Capillary Flow.- ML 4.3 Experimental Study of the Rheological Properties of Ion Containing Amorphous Polymers.- ML 4.4 Entanglement Formation near the Glass Transition Temperature.- ML 4.5 Irreversible Network Disentanglement and Time-Dependent Flows of Polymer Melts.- ML 4.6 The Effect of Pressure on Melt Viscosity of High Impact Polystyrene Melt Containing Antimony Trioxide.- ML 4.7 Influence of Blending Upon Rheological Properties of Polymer in the Melt.- Suspensions.- SS 1.1 A Procedure for the Definition of a Thixotropic Inelastic Model.- SS 1.2 Some Aspects of the Flow Properties of High-Build Paints.- SS 1.3 Determination of the Thixotropic Property of an Emulsion Gel Paint.- SS 1.4° Constitutive Equations for Concentrated Suspensions.- SS 1.5 A Mixture Theory of Suspensions.- SS 1.6° Dispersion in Laminar Flows.- SS 1.7° Structure Formation in Concentrated Disperse Systems under Dynamic Conditions.- SS 2.1 Viscoelastic Properties of Highly Filled Liquid Polyester Compositions.- SS 2.2 An Experimental Study of the Dynamic Viscosity of Emulsions With Small Droplets in the kHZ Region.- SS 2.3° Microrheology of Suspensions: Oscillations in Viscosity of Sheared Suspensions of Uniform Rigid Rods.- SS 2.4 Rheological Characterization of Paste-Like Disperse Systems.- SS 2.5 Rheology of Ageing of Coal-Oil Suspensions.- SS 2.6 Rheological Properties of Allophane Colloid.- SS 2.7° Steady Shear and Viscoelastic Properties of Sterically Stabilized Nonaqueous Dispersions.- SS 3.1/2° Rheology of Suspensions.- SS 3.3 A Two-Fluid Model for Highly Concentrated Suspension Flow Through Narrow Tubes and Slits: Velocity Profiles, Apparent Fluidity and Wall Layer Thickness.- SS 3.4 Suspensions Flow Described by Means of a Micropolar Fluid Theory and Apparent Viscosity of Aggregable Particle Suspension in a Couette Flow.- SS 3.5 On Boundary Conditions for Micropolar Fluids.- SS 3.6 Rheology of Disperse Systems-Influence of NaC1 on Viscous Properties of Aqueous Bentonite Suspensions.- SS 3.7 Analysis and Estimation of the Yield Stress of Dispersions.- Author Index.

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