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Rhode Island Red Chickens as Pets. Rhode Island Red Chicken Owner's Manual

Rhode Island Red Chickens as Pets. Rhode Island Red Chicken Owner's Manual

by Roland Ruthersdale


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Who wouldn't love to have a beautiful Rhode island Red chicken in their backyard? As the name suggests, this beautiful bird was created in Rhode Island in order to meet the increasing demands for eggs in the mid-1800s. To this day, the Rhode Island Red is one of the most popular breeds among people who are interested in having a lucrative egg business.

Of course, there is more to this lovely bird than the commercial aspect. The bright red comb and the wattles against the dark or white feathers create great visual harmony. As a result, people love to include these birds in their backyards. They are extremely hardy and, therefore, make great urban pets. With the Rhode Island Red, showing and exhibiting is also very popular. People take great pride in owning these gorgeous birds.

If you are a first time chicken owner, this book is your comprehensive guide to chicken care. Everything that you need to know about the health and proper development of your birds is in this book. This book takes you step by step through various chicken care practises that can be slightly intimidating for first time pet owners.

You can read about common issues like feeding, housing and healthcare for backyard chickens. I do hope that this book is as informative as I intended it to be. It is simple and fun to read, I assure you.

So, here is wishing you pleasant times with your beloved Rhode Island Red chickens.

Covered in this book:
- History
- Bringing your chickens home
- Preparing your home
- Housing
- Fencing
- Daily Care
- Interacting
- Transporting
- Managing the eggs
- Health and well being
- and a lot more.

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