Richard III of England - Unabridged Guide

Richard III of England - Unabridged Guide

by Beverly Margaret

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Richard III of England - Unabridged Guide by Beverly Margaret

Complete, Unabridged Guide to Richard III of England. Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need.

Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : Richard III (2 October 1452 - 22 August 1485) was King of England for two years, from 1483 until his death in 1485 during the Battle of Bosworth Field.

... When his brother Edward IV died in April 1483, Richard was named Lord Protector of the realm for Edward's son and successor, the 12-year-old King Edward V.

... At the time of the death of his father and older brother Edmund, Earl of Rutland, at the Battle of Wakefield, Richard, who was eight years old, was sent by his mother, the Duchess of York, to the Low Countries, beyond the reach of Henry VI's vengeful Queen, Margaret of Anjou.

... Despite his having died at the age of 32, Richard is often depicted as being considerably older: Basil Rathbone, in the Tower of London, and Peter Cook were both 46 when they played him, Laurence Olivier was 47 (in his 1955 film), Vincent Price was 51, Ian McKellen was 56 as was Pacino in his 1996 film (although Pacino was 39 when he played him on Broadway in 1979, and Olivier was 37 when he played him on stage in 1944).

There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Richard III of England in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Richard III of England. You'll understand it all.

Inside the Guide: Richard III of England, William Stanley (Battle of Bosworth), William Neville, 1st Earl of Kent, William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings, William Gardner (knight), William Brandon (standard-bearer), White boar, Wensleydale, Wars of the Roses, Tudor rose, Tower of London (1939 film), Tower of London, Titulus Regius, Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester, Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset, The Sunne in Splendour, The Morland Dynasty, The Daughter of Time, Sharon Kay Penman, Salisbury, Royal Arms of England, Ron Cook, Robert Stillington, River Soar, Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York, Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York, Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers, Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell), Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, Richard III Museum, Richard III (play), Richard III (biography), Richard III (1995 film), Richard III (1955 film), Rhys ap Thomas, Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland, Queens' College, Cambridge, Princes in the Tower, Prince of Wales, Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Prince Edmund (Blackadder), Pierre Landais, Peter Cook, Paul Daneman, Pamela Tudor-Craig, Middleham Castle, Middleham, Michael Hicks, Margaret of York, Lord Protector, Lord High Constable of England, Looking for Richard, Leicester, Laurence Olivier, Lady Eleanor Talbot, Katherine Swynford, Katherine Neville, Baroness Hastings, John of Gloucester, John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, John Cheyne, Baron Cheyne, Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland, Joan, Princess of Portugal, Jasper Tudor, Jane Shore, James IV of Scotland, James III of Scotland, Issue of Edward III of England, Ian McKellen, House of York, House of Plantagenet, House of Lancaster, Horrible Histories (2009 TV series), High Sheriff of Cumberland, Henry VI of England, Henry VII of England, Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland, Harold Godwinson, George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, Fotheringhay Castle, Elizabeth of York, Duchess of Suffolk, Elizabeth of York, Elizabeth Woodville, Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales, Edward V of England, Edward Plantagenet and much more.

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