The Riddle of the World: A Reconsideration of Schopenhauer's Philosophy

The Riddle of the World: A Reconsideration of Schopenhauer's Philosophy

by Barbara Hannan

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ISBN-13: 9780199702572
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 02/25/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 325 KB

About the Author

Barbara Hannan is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of New Mexico. She holds degrees in both philosophy and law.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: A Sketch of Schopenhauer's Central Ideas: A Neglected Genius
The Fourfold Root
Transcendental Idealism and the Metaphysics of Will
Freedom, Determinism and the Will\
The Basis of Ethics: Reason versus Compassion
Chapter Two: Three Major Themes of Schopenhauer's Philosophy: Transcendental Idealism, Panpsychism, and Determinism
Kant's Epistemology
Schopenhauer's Version of Idealism, and his Evaluation of Kant
Why I Am Not an Idealist
A Suggestion
Schopenhauer's Panpsychism and its Philosophical Ancestry
Objections to Panpsychism Considered
Causal Power as Metaphysically Basic
Determinism and Responsibility
Quantum Mechanics
Chapter Three: Schopenhauer's Anti-Kantian Account of Morality: Kantian Ethics: Its Appeal and Its Puzzling Aspects
Schopenhauer Reads Kant's Ethics
Compassion as the Basis of Ethics
Evaluative Remarks
Wittgenstein's Ethical View and Its Schopenhauerian Roots
Chapter Four: Schopenhauer's Aesthetics: The Meaning of Art and Music: Schopenhauer's Aesthetic Theory in General
Schopenhauer's Theory of Music in Particular
The Character of Genius
Summary of My Suggestions
Chapter Five: Pessimism, Depression, and Salvation: Pessimism as a Philosophical Orientation
Optimism and Pessimism as Personality Traits
The Danger of the Attribution Fallacy
Depression and the Psychological Roots of Pessimism
Salvation as Recovery from Depression
Schopenhauer on the "Acquired Character"
Salvation as Denial of the Will
Now That My Ladder's Gone

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