Ride the Wave: Taking Control in a Turbulent Financial Age

Ride the Wave: Taking Control in a Turbulent Financial Age


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Ride the Wave: Taking Control in a Turbulent Financial Age by Sherry Cooper, Don Tapscott

The ride will be dangerous, but rewarding.

Think the NASDAQ crash was tough? Just wait. In Ride the Wave, Dr. Sherry Cooper-global economic strategist, regular CNBC guest, and former Fed economist-shows how yesterday's predictable business cycles have been replaced with a spiraling, unending roller coaster.

Yes, says Cooper, we are in the early stages of a "long boom": in 20 years, the world will be a far wealthier place. But there will be big losers, too: those who can't handle the terrifying volatility that's coming too. Cooper shows you what's coming, why it's coming, and what you should do to profit from tomorrow's opportunities--and manage tomorrow's daunting risks.

Hypergrowth in the Internet in 2003
Will you be ready for the real Internet and e-commerce revolution?
The synchronized global economy
What globalization really means—and what it will mean
Sex and the economy
The massive, hidden economic implications of demographic shifts
Nanotech, biotech, photonics, fuel cells, and beyond
The next disruptive technologies—and the massive opportunities they portend
"Me, Inc."
Building your own personal brand in the age of acceleration and turbulence.
Today's road to financial security
What you must do now to successfully navigate the coming turbulence

Buckle up: you're in for the most turbulent economic ride of your life!

  • How can you invest successfully in an age of unprecedented turbulence?
  • What demographic and technological changes will drive the next economic revolution?
  • What's coming for the global economy?
  • Could the Internet actually make a comeback?

Wild economic times are coming. Exciting times. Dangerous times. They're the harbinger of a radically new global economic and social system, one that will deliver unprecedented wealth. But, before we get there, we'll have to survive years of gut-wrenching economic volatility. In Ride the Wave, renowned economic analyst Sherry Cooper gives you the tools and insights you need to profit in this new age of turbulence—no matter how wild it gets.

Well known for her appearances on CNN, CNBC, and PBS, Cooper makes sense of the "macro-level" trends hidden just beneath the surface, obscured by today's short-term market swings. Cooper brings global sweep and long-term perspective to the causes and effects that really matter. You'll discover how massive demographic, sociopolitical, and technological changes are likely to impact tomorrow's world economy. Most important, you'll learn what it means to you—and what to do about it!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780130670861
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 08/14/2001
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.36(w) x 9.33(h) x 1.13(d)

About the Author

Sherry Cooper is Chief Economist at BMO Nesbitt Burns, and Global Economist Strategist for the Bank of Montreal in Toronto and the Harris Bank in Chicago. The most widely quoted economist in Canada, she has a significant global following. Dr. Cooper gives more than 200 speeches annually, is a former member of the Barron's Economic Roundtable, writes in bi-weekly column for the National Post, and makes regular appearances on CNN, CNBC, CBS, and CTV.

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