RifleShooter Magazine's Guide to Big-Game Hunting

RifleShooter Magazine's Guide to Big-Game Hunting


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For the first time in a book, RifleShooter's top experts share their thoughts on rifles, calibers, optics, and more for hunting big game in North America and beyond. RifleShooter Magazine's Guide to Big-Game Hunting is packed with useful information specifically geared toward big game hunting with rifles. A vast range of topics are covered in these articles, including:
  • Light rifle accuracy
  • Weatherproofing your rifle
  • Caliber pros and cons
  • Modern scopes
  • Going lead-free
  • Custom vs. factory rifles
  • And much more!
    Discover tried and true tips, tactics, and techniques from the pros along with advice on buying gear and firearms from experts including Craig Boddington, Brad Fitzpatrick, Layne Simpson, and J. Scott Rupp. RifleShooter Magazine's Guide to Big-Game Hunting covers everything you need to know about effectively hunting big game with rifles.

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781510720763
    Publisher: Skyhorse
    Publication date: 08/08/2017
    Pages: 176
    Sales rank: 1,130,729
    Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

    About the Author

    RifleShooter is the only media brand dedicated exclusively to the experienced and passionate shooting sports enthusiast, focusing on significant and newsworthy trends, ammunition, shooting techniques, hand-loading tips, optics, and accessories. Rifleshootermag.com attracts more than 198,000 individual unique visitors every month. Its offices are located in Peoria, Illinois.
    J. Scott Rupp is a longtime hunter, competitive shooter, and magazine editor. A native Pennsylvanian, his hunting exploits have taken him around the world in search of everything from Dall sheep to Cape buffalo over the past four decades. He is currently editor in chief for RifleShooter and Handguns magazines, as well as executive producer and on-air personality for Sportsman Channel's Handguns & Defense Weapons.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction vii

    Part I Caliber Profiles

    6.5 Starter Kit Layne Simpson 2

    The Light Brigade: Three Non-Magnum 7mms Craig Boddington 8

    All Hail the .308 Craig Boddington 14

    The .40 Caliber Craig Boddington 20

    .50 Alaskan for the Last Frontier Layne Simpson 25

    Creed-More! J. Scott Rupp 31

    A Family Affair: The .308 Win. and Its Offspring Layne Simpson 35

    The Versatility King: The .375 H&H Craig Boddington 40

    The Mighty '06 Craig Boddington 46

    Magnum Opus: The Fast .30 Calibers Craig Boddington 52

    Going Big in North America Craig Boddington 58

    The Wonderful Whelen Layne Simpson 64

    Part II Cartridge Deep-Dive

    Going Lead-Free Craig Boddington 71

    Guide to Big Game Bullets Craig Boddington 76

    Knockout Punch Brad Fitzpatrick 83

    North America's Big Three-Cartridge Battery Craig Boddington 89

    The Truth about Efficiency Brad Fitzpatrick 95

    Foot-Pound Fallacy Craig Boddington 100

    Stepping Down: Capable Cartridges That Won't Kick You Into Next Week Craig Boddington 104

    Dare to Be Different Brad Fitzpatrick 108

    Filling the Gaps Craig Boddington 112

    Part III Rifle Know-How

    The Weight Craig Boddington 119

    A Light Brigade: Three Custom Guns Craig Boddington 124

    Shooting for Perfection Craig Boddington 130

    Barrels & Ballistics Layne Simpson 136

    The 10-Step Prep Program Craig Boddington 142

    Foiling Foul Weather Layne Simpson 148

    Going to Extremes: Temperature, Altitude, and Humidity Craig Boddington 154

    Scope Sense Craig Boddington 160

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