Rift (Nightshade Series #4)

Rift (Nightshade Series #4)

by Andrea Cremer


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Chronicling the rise of the Keepers, this is the stunning prequel to Andrea Cremer's internationally bestselling Nightshade trilogy!

Sixteen-year-old Ember Morrow is promised to a group called Conatus after one of their healers saves her mother's life. Once she arrives, Ember finds joy in wielding swords, learning magic, and fighting the encroaching darkness loose in the world. She also finds herself falling in love with her mentor, the dashing, brooding, and powerful Barrow Hess. When the knights realize Eira, one of their leaders, is dabbling in dark magic, Ember and Barrow must choose whether to follow Eira into the nether realm or to pledge their lives to destroying her and her kind.

With action, adventure, magic, and tantalizing sensuality, this book is as fast-paced and breathtaking as the Nightshade novels.

"A great new book that will leave you breathless.” –Romantic Times

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780142424933
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date: 01/08/2013
Series: Nightshade Series , #4
Pages: 480
Sales rank: 134,523
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.50(d)
Lexile: HL790L (what's this?)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Andrea Cremer is the internationally bestselling author of the Nightshade series, which includes Nightshade, Wolfsbane, Bloodrose, Snakeroot, Rift, and Rise. She is also the author of Invisibility, which she co-wrote with David Levithan, and most recently, The Inventor's Secret and its sequel The Conjurer's Riddle. When she's not writing novels, Andrea puts her PhD to work teaching classes in writing and history at Macalaster College. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Visit Andrea online at www.andreacremer.com and follow her on Twitter @andreacremer

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From the Publisher

“A bit different from Nightshade, this is a book for historical and paranormal romance lovers alike. ...A great new book that will leave you breathless.” – Romantic Times

“A richly layered, supernatural romance both appealing and unique.” – School Library Journal

“Cremer’s trademark quick pace, romantic sensuality, and strong female characters will have fans clamoring for the next title.” - Booklist

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Rift: A Nightshade Novel 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 53 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is out of this world ! I loove it its got funny parts sad parts scary parts romantic parts and parts the make you blush! Its a perfect series,i would recommend it to any one . It was a lil confusing at first because of the names but with my handy book search i could find names in the other nightshade books so i could figure out who was who,who .and about barrow ,i read him first (jk) hes mine lol (wasnt kidding ) same goes for ren.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book. A thrilling mix of action, historical world-building and steamy romance.
EverAfterEsther More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed Andrea's Nightshade series, but I was thrilled when I heard she was writing a prequel series. Guys, Rift was amazing. I sped through that book like you wouldn't believe. It is entirely reminiscent of some of my old favourite fantasy books - some aspects were a bit Tamora Pierce-esque even. The world is totally rich and vibrant, brimming over with details to capture your attention and heart. There's a very good amount of action, and just enough romance to make your heart pound but not enough to overpower the rest of the story. Reasons to Read: 1.An intoxicating fantasy world: There is so much going on here - from slight "political tensions" between this semi-secret organization and the Church (the ruling authority for the time period, mostly), to magic and knights, and unknown evil just beginning to come to light... it was such a fascinating place for a book. I just felt utterly immersed in it and enjoyed every minute, getting to know this somewhat familiar history. There were so many familiar and new monsters, and I'm always a big fan of the training centre/school idea as a setting for stories! 2.Fairly atypical romance: I'm sure I wasn't the only one expecting another Shay v Ren style love triangle in Rift - and I was SO happy to see that the romance does NOT appear to be headed that way after reading Rift! I just don't think my heart could handle another Bloodrose . And I think Andrea did a really good job involving some fairly atypical dynamics in terms of the relationships and romance here - plus I appreciatd that it didn't overpower the rest of the story or take away from anything else going on. The romance is strong and giddy and pained all at the same time, but still blends in nicely with the rest. 3.Dark secrets and mysteries: I really loved all the dark and twisted secrets and unexpected scenes - I felt like I was kept on my toes for the whole time. I mean, seeing as I have read the Nightshade books I know how things eventually turn out down the road, but there are still so many things I need to put together. And it's so different to learn about it in Nightshade as a thing of the past, than it is to experience it with characters who lived through it. Now, I have to clarify that I really did love this book. And I'm DYING for Rise already. But there were a few things that left me feeling a less satisfied than I had hoped for. First of all, the beginning did start off slower than I would have liked. It took me a little while to get into the story and to feel like things were really moving along. And I was somewhat confused by the people and terms being thrown around casually, but after about 50 pages I was hooked and by page 100 I felt caught up and couldn't stop reading. Second of all, I liked Ember- but I didn't love her. She just didn't stand out as a heroine for me. I felt like I have read a number of characters very similar to her, and Ember just felt a little bland because of this because I didn't find anything that really made her stand out to me as a memorable heroine - YET. I have high hopes for her in the next book. And as usual, Andrea Cremer's action scenes are exciting, heart pounding and well-written. The romance is swoon-worthy (of course). And I loved this book filled with action and intrigue and danger. ARC received from Penguin Canada for Razorbill blog tour; no other compensation was received.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book aready on page 93 and it rocks youneed to reas this pronto
BlackAmethyst More than 1 year ago
I thought it would be kinda good, but it was actually really amazing. It's definitely up there with some of my favorite prequels. Can't wait till the next book. :)
Ashley_Adkins More than 1 year ago
Very intriguing novel with many battles and with a strong heroine. Can't wait to see how it ties into the Nightshade series.
GeminiRoseDragon More than 1 year ago
I Loved it can't wait for the next one's I could not put any of the the books down
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Since I’m already a big fan of the Nightshade series, I was absolutely thrilled to start reading Rift. Even though I’m yet to read Bloodrose, and I’m kinda glad because I don’t want Nightshade to end, I was nervous that because I haven’t completed the Nightshade series I wouldn’t be able to understand/find a ton of spoilers in Rift. Luckily, even if you haven’t finished the series or even started it—you can definitely read Rift and find no spoilers and also get enchanted in an entirely new story. Out of all of Cremer’s novels, I almost think that Rift might just be my favorite. I know that in a lot of prequel stories, you end up just getting the same storyline and plot with new characters and I assumed that much from Rift. *Face palm* Do not assume that from Rift because you are going to find yourself immersed in a story that stands far, far away from the entire Nightshade series. This novel has new characters, new romances and takes place in the middle ages when men were still chivalrous and women were expected to get married to whoever their father’s saw fit and pop out the children. From the obvious badassery portrayed on the cover, I knew that I would enjoy reading Rift. Mainly because the story is told about how the Witches’ War began. Anyhow, Rift is basically the story of Ember Morrow whose life has been promised to Conatus to serve for as long as she’s required—and she becomes a warrior, surrounded by members of the Guard and finds herself being trained by Mr. Tall, dark and handsome: Barrow… The one member of the Guard who protects Ember like she’s more than just his apprentice. Honestly, the one thing that I found refreshing about Rift was that there are no werewolves. Everything is brand new and we are introduced to new creatures. The ones that are commonly found in European folklore were introduced into the story and were fought by Ember, Barrow and the rest of the Guard. Rift is told from the third person POV’s of Ember and Eira, both characters hold different codes and morals, and you could definitely question Eira’s. The story also introduces us to Bosque Mar’s origins and if you’re in love with him—you’ll probably imagine Barrow as Christian Bale *swoon, swoon, swoon*. Unlike the novels before it, Rift barely focuses on the romance portion of the novel, which I enjoyed because it leads to this epic build-up of ‘what comes next?’. I would recommend Rift to fans of Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade series, as well as readers who enjoy Cassandra Claire’s Infernal Devices because of the backstory. Fans of the YA supernatural and YA romance will most likely find themselves falling hard for one of the most epic novels in the Nightshade series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was a little thrown through it because if u think about it shouldnt rift,rise come first. i think it would of made alittle more sence but other than that these books are AWESOME so glad i bought the first book and liked it
usagijihen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I found this to be an interesting departure from what I've come to expect from Cremer as her usual fare, and it was a pleasant surprise. I'm glad this prequel is only going to be a duology, and I'm really looking forward to the adult erotica releases in the same universe, too. With "Rift", there are no love triangles (YAY!), no wolves, just a medieval, arcane bunch of knights (and witches) that eventually become all of the factions we know of in the "Nightshade" trilogy - the Seekers, the Keepers, and the Guardians. I enjoyed this foray into the past, and now I can't wait for the second/last part of this duology, "Rise".For those looking for the fast pace of the previous trilogy, you might be disappointed by the first fourth of the book (despite what the blurb says). I found that this book was written in a very different way when compared to the trilogy, and the pace was pretty slow up until Bosque Mar and Eira become the two main characters. I think this is due to the fact that Cremer was laying down not only how things worked in 15th Century Scotland/Europe, but giving us more information on Conatus in terms of its origins and its inner workings. So within the first fourth of the book, I'd say there's a kind of a big info dump, but with her fantastic abilities with sensory language and imagery, Cremer weaves all of this in very, very well, so it didn't feel like a complete brick to the head with information. There's a lot of historical stuff to be laid down and substantiated, but I felt like Cremer did a great job, even with the slow pacing.Ember is a great heroine, but for the first fourth, it felt like more a narrative of everyone in Conatus until she begins her training for the War office. It's at that point that, along with Barrow and Alistair, she really comes alive. The lack of a love triangle is awesome (and Alistair becomes a warning of what the true nature of "the boy next door/the ultimate nice guy" might really be), and really refreshing. Once Ember becomes active, the pace starts picking up, and you really want to cheer her on. You want to punch her father in the face, and you want to join Conatus, yourself. That's how much fun this book is.And then, there's Bosque Mar. We learn where he's really from, though in "Bloodrose" we got some pretty solid hints. When he offers his services to Eira, a frustrated lady knight and part of Conatus' Circle (governing body), we finally kind of get back into the prose and pace we all know and love from the "Nightshade" trilogy. Cremer does a great job with fleshing out all of the important players of Conatus, especially Eira, and sets her up to be a fantastic villain by the end of the book. While her eventual downturn into revenge and destruction isn't really a surprise (or hidden very well), the final act that throws her over the edge and onto Mar's team is absolutely fantastic (and gruesome) to read. Cremer didn't disappoint me at all with her Big Bads, and you can definitely bet that I'm chomping on the bit to see how the three separate factions will arise out of what Conatus used to be.Can I also just comment on how awesome the details (like the weapons and clothing) are? I want Ember's weapons. They're awesome. The way Conatus helps you pick your weapons is awesome. Can I just join them now, please?I could go on, but I won't. "Rift" is out now from Philomel/Penguin in North America, so fans of the "Nightshade" trilogy (yes, even you who are bitter after the ending of "Bloodrose") should definitely run out and get a copy. It's definitely worth the wait. In the prequel category of things, it lands a spot in my best of 2012 list so far. It's definitely worth the read, so be sure to check it out. The best part? You don't need to be a previous fan to read these books to understand what's going on. Definitely recommended!(posted to goodreads, shelfari, librarything, and birthofanewwitch.wordpress.com)
TheLiteraryPhoenix More than 1 year ago
I found myself waffling back and forth about this book, because on one hand, I really enjoyed the medieval world near the Scottish highlands. And on the other hand, I hated the love story. I always hate the love story, why do I always hate the love story? The thing is, the world building is incredible. It's dark and shadowy and the friendships are good. The love story pops up at all the wrong moments - in the training montage, in the battle scenes, and in moments of mourning. The love story reduces the two men involved (one good, one evil, who guessed?) to flat, uninteresting blobs carrying swords. Whyyy. But if you pull them out of it, it's a good book. I love good vs. evil medieval fantasies. I will read that trope over and over again. There are other side characters who are really fantastic. My absolute favorite was Saoirse, who was a woman warrior who found her place among men long before the start of the book. I'm actually still quite made about her.... Anyways, I really liked Rift, but it's the kind of 'like' where I want to complain about the handful of small things I didn't like because I wanted a perfect book. But read it! Read it if you like medieval fantasy. The first book is Western European, but they're headed east....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TravelyLovesWorld More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! The main character was bad ass but she wasn't so bad ass it was unbelievable. The whole storyline enthralled me. This is the first book I have ever read by Andrea Cremer and I will definitely be reading more. Love books like this.
vleighwrites More than 1 year ago
4/5 stars
Reading-is-My-Treasure More than 1 year ago
I loved the Nightshade series. It had drama, romance, and a plot that I really liked. So, it's not surprising that I liked Rift—however, that's about it. This wasn't an extraordinary book, nor was it a bad one. It fits comfortably in the middle as a three star.  I liked the writing and the dash of romance, the deceit, the suspenseful moments. It was just a little slow and it didn't carry that wow factor that I felt while reading Nightshade (which I have read maybe three times, which I have done with most of my favorite novels). Overall, Rift could have been better. It could have grabbed a hold of my attention more. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is so awesome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oliviafar More than 1 year ago
At first the book starts off slow. That is the only bad part. I didn't think I would enjoy it, but then the author gets you. I eventually became hooked and bought the sequel. The female characters are just as badass as their male counterparts. The Nightshade series hasn't disppointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good prequel so far, very different than " Nightshade". Ive enjoied this book a lot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pretty good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago