Right Choice Success

Right Choice Success

by A. J. Rolls


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Right Choice Success is a personal development philosophy created by Dr. A. J. Rolls.

This philosophy is based on Internal and External Development for Success.

Internal Development for Internal Success and External Benefit.

INTERNAL: Your internal determines the self-image you have of yourself, your level of confidence, self-esteem, optimism, and how positive you are. The internal success you develop and achieve inside of you will help you achieve the external success you want outside of you.

External Development for External Success and Internal Benefit.

EXTERNAL: The success you achieve on the outside of you influences how you feel and think on the inside of you.

The external success you develop and achieve outside of you will help you achieve the internal success you desire inside of you.

Internal and external development is the primary objective of this book; however I have included topics on success, money, and power for you to familiarize yourself with.

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ISBN-13: 9781490757797
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Pages: 260
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About the Author

A. J. Rolls (born Arthur James Crawford) has a diploma from the United States Department of Defense in behavioral science, doctorate in metaphysical science, and a PhD in metaphysical science counseling. He is the founder and chairman of Right Choice Success Corporation and its nine subsidiaries. He has worked in the Department of Psychiatry, Mental Health, Social Work, and Crisis Intervention as a behavioral science specialist; state prison as a correction officer; and NJ State Senate and NJ State Assembly as a constituent liaison. For forty years, he has researched on success, prosperity, millionaires, billionaires, winners, achievement, personal development, motivation, inspiration, positive thinking, subconscious mind, and metaphysical science, focusing on the science of success.

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Right Choice Success

By A. J. Rolls

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2015 A. J. Rolls
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5779-7


Success Resurrection

Success resurrection is when you resurrect your life for success.

You resurrect your goals, dreams, and desires then achieve them.

Success resurrection is when you get past a negative past; you get rid of the negatives in your present life, and you look forward to a positive future.

Success resurrection means to resurrect your life:

1. spiritually

2. emotionally

3. mentally

4. physically

5. financially

Success resurrection is a technique you use to move beyond a negative past, negative present, or thinking negative about your future.

Success resurrection means you forgive people who have hurt you in the past, and you forgive yourself for people you have hurt.

Success resurrection means you give the negatives from your past a funeral. Who hurt you in the past, who did you wrong in the past, and who let you down in the past are buried.

Success resurrection means you give the negatives in your present life a funeral. Negative thoughts, negative words, negative places, and negative plans are buried.

Success resurrection means you give the negatives you are thinking about your future a funeral. Thinking how you might not succeed in the future, thinking what could go wrong in your future, and thinking who could let you down in your future are buried.

Take the negativities from your past, negativities in your present life, and negativities you are contemplating about your future, and throw them into the graveyard of negativity and give them a funeral. Here is how you do it:

• Say, "Now I am releasing and letting go of all the negativities inside of me into the graveyard, the cemetery of negativity. Now I bury them and give them a funeral. Now I have power over them."

• Say, "Now I am releasing and letting go of all the negativities in my life into the graveyard, the cemetery of negativity. Now I bury them, now I give them a funeral. Now I have power over them."

In order to get the maximum success resurrection benefit, the following is advised:

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Love heals. For it is and was love that created you and me.

Love is the greatest power that exists. Love knows no boundary, color, shape, or gender. People have overcome severe illnesses because of love. People have achieved greatness because of love.

To begin the process of love, you have to adopt the unconditional love that God has for us and love God in return. Unconditional love means you love yourself and other people in spite of their shortcomings.

To love yourself means you have strong positive emotions about what God has given you. It may not be perfect according to society's definition of perfect, but you love what God has given you to work with.

I am not saying you are stuck on yourself; I am saying loving people starts with loving God and loving yourself.

When you love God and the life God has given you, you will be able to love another person better, including yourself.

Yes, in order to have a fulfilling and enjoyable exciting life, you must have love in it. You must have love for God, love for self, love for the human race, and love for life.

When you have love for yourself and other people, you are least likely to abuse yourself or abuse them.


Why should you forgive yourself or someone else?

Whether you forgive yourself or someone else, you are the one who reaps the most benefits.

Everyone gets hurt or has wrong done to them in life. You do yourself wrong, so how do you expect people to always do you right?

People can hurt you and do you wrong at times and not realize they did so. You do people wrong. Sometimes you are aware, and sometimes you are not.

If you have been hurt by someone or have hurt someone, learn to forgive them and forgive yourself.

Not forgiving another person or yourself is like holding on to a poisonous snake. Sooner or later, it will bite you.

Once this poisonous snake bites you, who do you think the poison is hurting?

The poison you are carrying around could be in the form of many things:

1. Your heart was broken in a relationship.

2. Someone stole your money.

3. Someone beat you up.

4. Someone betrayed you.

5. Someone had not treated you fairly.

6. Your parents did not tell you that you were adopted or that one of them is not your biological parent.

7. You find out twenty-five years later that your child is not biologically yours.

8. Your spouse was cheating on you.

9. Your friend caused you to lose your job.

10. Someone you loved left you.

Get rid of this poison so you can get on with a great life.

You would be wise to adopt strategies and techniques to forgive. Here are some techniques for forgiving:

Remember how many people you have hurt and remind yourself you would do it differently if you could do it over again.

Forgive as you wish to be forgiven.

Steps to Forgiving Others

• Ask God to give you the strength to forgive them.

• Ask God to forgive them.

Steps to You Being Forgiven

• Ask God to forgive you.

• Ask the person to forgive you.

• Forgive yourself.

Just because you have forgiven a person or forgiven yourself, does not mean you will forget it. This is normal. Sooner or later, you will outgrow the memory; and if you don't, remind yourself, if need be, "I forgive them" or "I forgive myself."

Treat them the way you want to be treated if they had to forgive you. Treat them the way you want to be treated by God, once God forgives you.

Spiritual Power

God gave you the gift of life. Your spiritual existence is a direct extension of God.

You are a direct extension of the power that created and controls the universe. That power is spiritual. Physical power would not be able to organize and maintain the universe as we know it. The spiritual elements of life are superior to the physical elements of life.

You are a spiritual being, having a physical experience. The spiritual existence of your life began before the physical existence of your life.

It is important that you understand, tap into, monitor, charge, and empower the spiritual elements of your life.

Your spiritual existence is above and beyond the power of the physical world. Your spirit does not need eyes to see, ears to hear, or a tongue to speak.

Your spirit is a nontangible source of power. Your spirit is affected by what you think, say, hear, see, and read. Your spirit is affected by where you are, the people you're around with, the color you wear, the clothes you wear, how you adjust to your past, what you are doing in your now, and how you think and feel about your future.

Internal development educates you about your spirit, helps you to monitor your spirit, helps you to strengthen and empower your spirit, and rids your spirit of negative influences from people, places, things, and vices. If you are functioning with a negative spirit, get rid of it. Develop your spirit to be positive.

Knowing about your spiritual power will help you strengthen it and avoid things that attribute or contribute to a negative spiritual power entering your life.

1. What you think has a spiritual power to it.

2. What you say has a spiritual element to it.

3. Words have a spiritual element.

4. Experiences have a spiritual element to them.

5. Plans have a spiritual element to them.

6. Activities have a spiritual element to them.

7. Education has a spiritual element to them.

8. Careers have a spiritual element to them.

9. Your past, present, and future have a spiritual element to them.

10. Music, books, people you're around with, and places you frequent have a spiritual element to them.

You can be in the positive spiritual realm or the negative spiritual realm. The objective of spiritual internal development is to help you;

1. understand spiritual power and the spiritual realm;

2. develop your internal spirit for that which is positive and productive for you; and

3. identify, avoid, and cleanse yourself of negative spiritual thoughts, negative words, negative music, negative people, negative places, and negative things.

If what you are thinking, doing, contemplating, planning, holding on to, listening to, reading, saying, or being around is;

helping you, motivational,
helping them, inspirational,
positive, uplifting,
productive, good,
happy and healthy, empowering,
optimistic, encouraging, or
energizing, visionary,

then you have the right spirit working in and around you.

On the other hand, if you are:

mad, addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and
angry, doubtful,
argumentative, hurtful,
hateful, suffering from victim mentality,
racist, not confident,
prejudiced, a habitual liar,
critical, up to no good,
pessimistic, without purpose,
confrontational, depressed,

these behaviors indicate a negative, self-defeating spiritual presence in your life.

Good And Evil

My objective is to help you understand that good and evil, productive or nonproductive, positive and negative are choices you will have to make each day.

There is spiritually good power and spiritually evil power at work on planet earth.

What makes spiritually good people are the following:

Acceptance of others
The desire to help people
Positive self-image
Belief in God
Practicing biblical principles
Ideology that the world is a little Desire to help planet earth be
better because they are in it a better place.

What makes spiritually evil people, on the other hand, are the following:

Black magic
Hurting people
Criminal behavior Abuse
Street drugs
Negative thinking
Negative jealousy
Satanic worship
Negative revenge.

To increase and maintain positive spiritual power, the following is advised:

1. Prayer 10. Forgiveness
2. Weekly church service 11. Meditation
3. Bible reading 12. Aerobics
4. Fasting 13. Exercise
5. Success resurrection 14. Love
6. Positive people 15. Forgiving yourself
7. Positive places 16. Purpose in your life
8. Positive words 17. Appreciation for what you already have
9. Moderation with food and 18. Proper nutrition
alcohol 19. Optimistic attitude

Your soul is the life-giving force God gave you. When God breathed the breath of air into you, it was all positive energy.

What you think about places you visit, music, movies, pictures, what you participate in and visualize, tattoos, be around, talk about, read, peoples' homes you go in, and words you listen to and say all have some form of spiritual energy within them that can attach itself to your spirit, your emotions, your mind, and your physical body.

This can attribute to what spiritual power you have working in your life.

The spiritual power you want to have working in your life is a relationship with God.

Having a relationship with God means you represent that which is positive.


Why do we have emotions? Emotions enable us to have a human experience; however, our emotions can be friend or foe. It can either help us or hurt us.

Let's look at some healthy and unhealthy emotions:



Probably one of the greatest challenges you will have in life is to deal with your emotions and the emotions of other people.

We are emotionally programmed from what has happened to us, what is happening to us, or how we emotionally perceive our environment.

How many people have killed because of the wrong emotions? How many people have saved the lives of people because of the right emotions?

Internal development requires that you have an understanding about positive and negative emotions and how they help or hurt you.

You cannot totally control the emotions of other people; however, you can control your emotional response and emotional energy in you.

Emotions can be your friend or foe. Emotions are an internal or external response to a thought, word, picture, voice, memory, place, song, or person that causes you to respond emotionally with the following feelings:

Love or hate
Optimism or pessimism
Happiness or anger
Admiration or jealousy
Calmness or hostility
Patience or impatience
Positivity or negativity Acceptance or prejudice
Communicating or arguing Praise or criticism
Talking or hollering
Courage or cowardice

One sure way to determine if your emotions are a friend or foe is to make a list of the emotions you experience and then write about how that particular emotion has helped or hurt you.

You should strengthen your positive emotions and continue them.

You should be honest with yourself about your negative emotions and get rid of them. Write yourself a letter about your negative emotions. Put your emotions on paper so you can see yourself. Work to stop these negative emotions. Get a tape recorder and talk to yourself about your negative emotions and how you are working to delete them out of your life.

Write about your positive emotions and how they help you, coupled with what you have to do to maintain them.


A man-made computer requires programming in order to get a certain effect.

Your mind is your computer. Your mind is the most advanced computer you will ever have.

Your mind requires some programming by you.

This lesson is about the mental programming of your mind.

The mental power you possess can break or make you, depending on how you program and use your mind.

Your mind has the power to give you the exact words, sentences, and mental picture you imprint upon it.

Your mind is an architect, builder, producer, and director.

Your mind establishes a blueprint, a set of instructions and directions for the building in your life of what you have imprinted upon it.

Your mind has the power and ability to visualize that which you desire and bring it into physical manifestation in your life. It is important that you keep negativity out of your mind. Use and visualize only words and thoughts of what you want to have in your life.

Your mind will serve you well if you serve it well.

Serving your mind well means the following:

• Removing and deleting the negative thinking from your mind

• Using only the words of what you want in your life

• Developing a mental movie of yourself being, doing, and having whatever you desire

• Using positive words and having positive thoughts

Your mind is like a magnet. What you entertain in it, you will attract to you and physically build in your life—be it tangible as in money or intangible as in love.

Prayer Power

Prayer is the language of the soul.

The objective of prayer is to establish communication with God. God is an invisible power above and beyond our total level of comprehension.

Prayer is normally done in a position of humble prostration, on our knees with our eyes closed. Visual observations and auditory sounds are blocked from your mind. You can pray out loud or quietly to yourself.

You focus your internal awareness on one subject, God. Does God hear your prayers? Does prayer work?

God does hear your prayers, and prayer does work. When we develop an internal relationship with God, we give God permission to intervene in our affairs, and sometimes, this is not to our liking. God's ways are as different from ours as the heavens are high.

Note that you can pray while walking, jogging, driving, sitting, cooking, cleaning, and traveling.

To strengthen your prayer life, fasting for one day of the week is advised. When you fast for one day a week, your fast would begin at 12:00 a.m. and end 12:00 a.m. the next day.

Your fast could consist of the following:

1. No TV for one day.

2. No sweets for one day.

3. No food for one day. (Consult your medical doctor if you are not going to eat solid food for one day.)

4. No sexual activity for one day.

5. No cigarettes or alcohol for one day.

6. No negative words for one day.

To strengthen your prayer life, begin your day with a prayer to God who created you. As long as you have air and are breathing, God hears your prayers. The air you breathe is a direct link to God.

Talk to God just like you would talk to another person. When you pray, adopt the attitude that God is your best friend.


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