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Right sideUPside Down!

Right sideUPside Down!


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Connie Bischoff, Photographer:

I was born and raised in the small town of Rocanville Saskatchewan. It was there I attended school Kindergarten to Grade 12. Uncle Romeo Lemieux was the French teacher at the school and I one of his students. Soon after graduation I moved to Saskatoon and then Edmonton, Alberta. It was here I met my very loving and handsome husband Murray Bischoff. We married and were blessed with two beautiful precious daughters Shaelyn and Nevada. We were on top of the world raising our girls and enjoying life as it unfolded beneath our feet. I was very fortunate to be able to stay at home for 9 years with the girls. I was ecstatic and elated when the girls were old enough to allow me to spread my wings once again into the working world! I landed a part time job and was soon recruited from that to one I thought I could only dream about-- finishing carpentry! I come from a long line of carpenters and wood workers and it is in my blood! As a little girl and growing up I always admired these skills in both my grandfathers Omer Lemieux and Louis Feist, my father Ken Lemieux, and many of my uncles! I poured my heart and soul into this job, took great pride and thoroughly knew I could do this for the rest of my life or so I thought. It was then my life, indeed, our family's life would face a dramatic turn of events! A work related injury took us all on a wild roller coaster and many horrific turn of events! I suffered nerve damage after a torn ulnar nerve in my left elbow. It soon developed into a rare neurological chronic pain disease, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome otherwise known as C.R.P.S or R.S.D!

Our lives were all put to a test through the next ten years and almost ended tragically with the loss of my life 6 years ago! It was here a miracle occurred! God, my grandpa Omer in Heaven and Guardian Angel Uncle Romeo through prayer held my hand and led me back to Earth! It is here I want to say an added thank you to my very devoted team of medical professionals, family, friends and God's intervention of a miracle, as well as Friesen Press for the four years of patience while I sorted through my medical challenges and understanding of this horrific most painful and extremely challenging disease! In the first two years Uncle Romeo and I accidentally stumbled upon a dream-- the dream which you are holding in your hands now!

Our dream was abruptly put on hold 8 years ago while the racetrack of survival almost ended in disaster! In January 2014 I was finally able to muster enough strength mentally and physically to complete "the project" as we had called it from the beginning now titled "Right sideUpside Down". I hope you all enjoy "the project" of two Artists that converged and combined "his" writing interpretations and "her" artistic photographer's interpretation between the covers of "Right sideUpside Down"! I walk viewers to the edge of sorrow then dance one's mind to simple joy, love and faith. I transport the viewer to sit on the "fence" of society, religion and everyday life! Dare one speak their opinions and inner truths of the Artist's interpretations!


I wait, I watch and then wait some more!


An unannounced "JOURNEY" to shake hands with the "BRIGHT LIGHT"


To once again carry one's imagination within to daring and misunderstood and mysterious worlds! AMEN!

puddincups...just me...the best that I can be...

A.K.A Connie Bischoff...

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About the Author

Books have been my constant companions since I finally learned to read. In the world of words, I came to firmly believe in the great possibilities that awaited me if I were only to begin, then persevere and to overcome. In spite of the terrible time I had learning, I became a serious student of the 2 languages I enjoy: French and English. As a teacher, I loved developing an interest in the craft of writing and reading poetry and short stories. Teaching both languages gave me a proficiency in communication that carried me into politics, and entrepreneurship. Engaging with a great diversity of people and situations in a multitude of life's cross-roads led me to record my feelings, to comment on life's caprices and to explore the big question "what is it all about?". It was not until I stumbled across my niece's unusual photography that I found a fellow seeker and a travelling companion for my writing. Connie shot images that begged a story and I wrote stories that begged a photo. In this interplay of spontaneous email exchange emerged an exciting exploration of ideas, emotions and insights through narrative and descriptive poetry and a variety of short stories that lay waiting for the right provocation. I strongly suspect that the readers will come to the end of a number of selections with one or two questions "what was he thinking?" "what was she seeing?" but enjoing the journey....

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