Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: A Fortified and Comprehensive Guide to Effective Prayer

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: A Fortified and Comprehensive Guide to Effective Prayer

by Mse Dzirasa


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ISBN-13: 9781467067546
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/20/2011
Pages: 252
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Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth

A Fortified and Comprehensive Guide to Effective Prayer
By MSE. Dzirasa


Copyright © 2011 MSE. Dzirasa
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-6754-6

Chapter One

Self-preparedness into prayer readiness.

The act and practice of praying, being the first and foremost duty spiritually injected into every believer both old and new in Christ, takes one to a place of thought and contemplation about what this practical guide to effective prayer really has to offer that one does not already know. But do not be misguided dear reader in Christ, by the simplicity and common wordiness of this chapter's heading. As a child of God, you must always leave clearance above your spiritual perception for the steady construction of your spiritual canopy which should consist of one hundred percent unadulterated Holy Scripture, imported by the inspiration of God. Analyzing the two most similar in meaning words featured in the chapter's heading, may sound and even seem monotonous grammatically and literally. But if you give it comprehensive thought, you will realize my basis for those choices. Eighty percent of the time, we are ready for prayer, but are in actuality one hundred percent not prepared spiritually. Not in the least.

We think that since the Bible instructs us to pray without ceasing, we can just get up and pray without preparing ourselves. Well, some may argue that, if the prayer is a regular prayer like morning devotion or quiet time, self preparedness is needed. But I believe that, every time set aside for prayer no matter how long or short, regular or serious it may be, requires preparedness of self. For example; you would not observe your morning devotion while brushing your teeth and setting aside your work gear, or while applying make-up would you? And I would assume that, family-wise, all previous domestic conflicts and unrest would have been resolved before quiet time or any prayer is put into effect. We as heirs of the Father, and joint-heirs with the Son, need not waste precious prayer time with lack of preparedness. Self-preparedness towards prayer readiness acts as the potholder that protects us from the burns and singeing pains of disappointment that accompanies wasted prayer, and lost prayer time. We must learn that as adherents of God's word of truth and take every communication with him seriously. We cannot take our quality time spent with him for granted because of laziness, pride, arrogance, and sheer neglect. We need to learn to adapt seriousness of attitude towards the things of God as He reminds us through his word that, "He is a rewarder of those who seek him diligently". Therefore if we want to effectuate our prayers, then we must respect and prioritize by instituting 'Standard Spiritual Procedures', (SSP) as a form of divine protocol to expressly convey us to the presence of the Most High God. All the above can be acquired and accomplished by simply obeying God's word of truth by the right division of its sacred substance, and by according Him the due respect and divine reverence His mere name exudes. Scripture was therefore made available to us for the purpose of guidance, caution, protection, teaching, admonishment and also to transport us into the blessed and anointed halls of divine wisdom.

Scripture also alerts us constantly to keep a sharp eye out for the adversary who is always, prowling around like a hungry lion, (see:1Peter 5:8) and has already set into motion, his domino of cunning tricks to confuse the children of God by cultivating pride, behavioral complexities, a 'know it all' and condemnation attitude into you to disable your divine intuition, in order to thwart and destroy the essential components that fuel the exposure of God's love, beneficence, and utmost blessings bestowed onto us through His word, as we diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 reminds us of an eminent and sure reward held in trust for us, if we devote quality time towards studying the word of God in utmost faith. You see, the adversary will only lose when all children of God in fervent and dedicated practicality are strongly versed in God's word to the point of 'Spiritual Saturation' (SS), and by so doing acquire the accurate formula for the rightful division of His word of truth.

The word of God as I term it is "Curriculum Eternale" . An expression I made up to exude the unending nature of God's word as I studied it day by day. It is the only written word that keeps multiplying chronologically, and replenishing bibliographically, while universally touching every subject, object and theme known in intellectual circles alphabetically, from acoustics to zoology; depicting extreme malleability by way of expansion, while globally breaking down barriers and boundaries of prejudice thus, bringing all things orderly under its subjection by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us take a look into prayer readiness by touching on some few issues. As we are well aware, no child of God is completely and perfectly versed in the things of God which are solely acquired by the ardent study of his word, yet even though it is the true perfect and perpetual legal divine document on which the Christian faith is established and secured, as well as serving as the authentic evident witness to our faith, so is the knowledge of the complaisance acquired from His word. Yes, regular church attendance is the foundation to spiritual fellowship in our faith, for the word of God instructs us to have fellowship with one another. It also instructs us that faith is nurtured by hearing His holy word. (see: Hebrew 10: 25 and Romans 10:17). But as a Christian, you must realize by now, the futility of your vague spirituality if you open your Bible only on Sundays at church. You see, as a child of God, you must refrain from limiting your auditory absorption and response to God's word solely to pulpit ministry as in regular church attendance, of healing services, crusades, and seasonal revivals. This sort of habit puts you spiritually in the high risk category of 'Extreme Spiritual Vulnerability' (ESV) rendering you spiritually gullible to biblically camouflaged philosophies and dangerously twisted religious assertions.

Self preparedness towards prayer readiness is as such, all about self assessment which is the ultimate inner cleansing of your whole being from all the negativities and hindrances that stumble blocks your prayer as it travels the tunnels of supplication to the throne of God. You must also rid your thoughts of all doubt and traces of willful anticipated responses to your prayers. Instead, allow God to lead as you follow in great expectation and in absolute trust no matter the outcome of your supplication. The Psalmist David sings it out of the depths of his soul, in the following words. "Give ear to my words, o Lord, consider my meditation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for unto thee will I pray; my voice shall thou hear in the morning o Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up. Lead me, o Lord, in thy righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before my face." (see Psalm 5:1,2,3 and 8. KJV.) David was clearly asking for God's guidance and direction. Note his surrendering and totally yielding spirit. His first priority in that scripture was to be heard of God. That is why he stressed on his self-preparedness with 'the morning' time of day. A very punctual time of day; a time of high and serious priority. He also had a flexible expectation to the outcome of his prayer; freeing his mind of all preconceptions. Hence the expression, "and I will look up." He meant that he was not going to be distracted by circumstances surrounding him. But rather set hopeful precedence as one who comprehends the anatomy and dissection of prayer by, totally claiming absolute dependency and trust in God's decision, no matter how grave, as one purely driven by his faith and hope in Him.

David also revealed his belief in the importance of ridding one's mind of thought-processed negativity, and of yielding total leadership to the God of righteousness. He also distinguished himself as an individual who knew God beyond the ordinary by showcasing his relationship with Him in carefully chosen words in order to bring call to mind, the intimate nature of their relationship by the utilization of His ancient name, 'Jehovah- Tsidqenu'. Thus portraying an important aspect and vital tool for effective prayer, by the faithful incorporation of this synonym of God, supplication- wise to invoke his Divine power of performance, and that of His attributive character, as he laid his request at His merciful feet. In the next chapter, I will walk you through this highly spiritual process, by teaching you how to apply and manipulate this vital prayer tool for your spiritual benefit. As a child of God, you must always exhibit as well as bear the fruit of humility, no matter your social status, professional rank, academic prowess, high birth and religious position. This virtue is key towards effective prayer. You must also not perceive yourself as too grand in the faith to institute prayer preparedness and readiness, by way of this virtue. Also put aside all forms of falsehood, especially by covering up your problems, thinking that getting it out in the open might belittle your spiritual status, or for fear that, others in the faith might question the strength and spiritual foundation, of your footing in the Lord. "God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble, therefore. Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up". (see; James 4: 6b & 10).

My dear friend in the Lord, this very scripture divides the word of truth, pertaining to prayer readiness by way of humility, and by making you aware of the availability of God's grace to those who seek help from him in humility of spirit. "He will lift you up." in this particular scripture does not denote the elevation of one to a higher status of distinguished recognition alone. It actually portrays God's divine ability to unburden you of all things out of those darkness into his divine luminescence, where your first step into Godly inheritance can be taken without the fear of stumbling through recurring loss thus, keeping you within the sound comforts of 'spiritual buoyancy' (SB). My personal walk with God through his Son Jesus Christ my only Lord and savior, took me on a critical, but personal faith challenging journey of multiple as well as complex crisis which unknown to me then, would transform as well as reform and upgrade my spiritual life, by way of redefining my footing in God.

You see, a greater part of my marital life was filled with trials spun on the looms of the adversary himself through a vessel surrendered to his dark works, that I by marital association was attached to. They surged in unfathomable magnitude, in accelerated torrents, the size of which could easily facilitate the immediate amputation of my life as a whole through lack of self-preservation. But, thanks be to God, for the strength of spirit that He endowed me, even when I was a clot of blood in my mother's womb, and the strength of character instilled into my upbringing, by my loving parents; Stephen and Grace. Qualities which, upon receiving Christ were transformed from the carnal to the super spiritual. Thus equipping me with a fully throttled status of strength to fuel my body in order to withstand and to vigorously race against all the stress induced negativity I faced during the dreary nights and days of those long years of suffering and strife. At the height of my crisis, my upbringing of total humility, a value that was most important to my Father in heaven and my biological parents, spearheaded by my 'Papa' (who taught us as a family this value by example), served me greatly when I was hanging on the precipice of the twin cliffs of loss and despair. My marital problems were so intelligently and aggressively maneuvered by unbalanced and extreme transgressions secured to an unending string of conscious and deliberate degradation, disrespect, humiliation, and inappropriate sacrilegious acts of unbelievably high degrees of fiendish feats by the perpetrator with the shameless support of a man of God, geared primarily towards the ultimate destruction of not only my profound spirituality, purpose in life, but to sever the very life force given to me by my Father above; and yet I lived to testify to His glory.

Thus, with unshakable faith in God, and total reliance on his promises, I was able to resume my spiritual posture. And by his grace, love, and hope that does not disappoint, I was able to put all the negativity behind me and stood tall in God's promises, with humility of spirit while he bathed me with the spirit of boldness to appear within social circles, and not hide because of the depth of the wounds inflicted on me. I must confess that, my spirituality and my image were wounded, and so was my ego. Nevertheless, I endeavored to embrace God's gift, casting aside all pride, as this bold gesture became my platform into prayer readiness and preparedness. I believed that God who is my recompense, will restore all that I had lost physically, socially and emotionally, of which I can testify by this work, compiled by a woman who lost everything to the man who grievously and inhumanly wronged her, but had the great 'man upstairs' who rights all wrong, as a pillar of strength to lean on to greater accomplishments.

Yes! The adversary meant it for evil but God turned it out for good, by equipping me with the most supernatural praying and counseling ability, driven by a strong and faithful heart fixated on God; which I acquired during my readiness and preparedness period, preceding, actual prayer warfare, during that crisis, by consistent bible study and the fervent research into victorious Christian living tools. Dear friend, remember that, a crisis of tremendous magnitude that even renders the church incapable at times of salvaging, can propel an individual into prayer readiness with equal or more spiritual force strong enough to totally shatter that problem to bits, while elevating the victim to a status only God can furnish. Such an encounter may be God's way of grooming you into fighting your own battles prayerfully, instead of solely depending on others for spiritual support. Prayer preparedness also requires a God-driven mind, body and soul, married to the precepts of God, which can only be derived from His word. The unequivocal success of this union, becomes your shock absorbing threshold to effective prayer. The former, also requires a doggish devotion to the word of God laced with appropriate practicality, in the area of your specific prayer content or topic. For example; if your prayer is centered on a desire for healing, then you must research into the healing characteristics and attributes of God, in the Holy Scriptures. You must therefore engage in extensive scriptural study and intensive research with biblical core reference books such as; a dictionary/concordance, a literary guide to the Bible, one or two other versions of the Bible, if you own the King James Version, like the New International Version, and the New Standardized Version. You will also have to learn to memorize your research findings, which will be scriptures on healing that denote and depict God's characteristics and records of his deeds in the healing category. To be effective as well as spiritual in memorizing scripture, I can only refer you, faithfully to one source. And that is, by investing in Integrity Music's scripture memory songs, which are without a doubt, one of the most essential and indispensable auditory tools for effective prayer. These are the basics to name a few. If you cannot purchase these books, you may gain access to them at your local library in the non-fiction section, shelved under classification numbers; 220 and 220.6. As a child of God who desires to live victoriously, you must consider a gradual investment in scriptural resources and guides, including audio visual materials, and other informative sources as well, to build your personal or family Christian library.


Excerpted from Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth by MSE. Dzirasa Copyright © 2011 by MSE. Dzirasa. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter one Self-preparedness into prayer readiness....................1
Chapter two....................13
Chapter three Praying in tongues: How essential and beneficial a tool is this unique gift towards effective prayer?....................53
Chapter four Angels; knowing and incorporating their ministry into your prayers....................65
Chapter five: Fasting; your prayer tool to spiritual lucidity, the essential lubricant for your prayer wheel....................113
Chapter six How long can one pray for a request or a need? Is there such a thing as a time to stop praying, when circumstances do not change?....................133
Chapter seven The benefits of praying to God for spiritual guidance....................148
Chapter eight: Seeking encouragement from God's word....................158
Chapter nine Acquiring divine healing through obedience and faith in the word of God....................182
Chapter ten: The self-instructing trip to victory over the circumstances that outweighs you....................198
Abbreviations (listed as they originally occur and are used within the text )....................223

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