Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

by Jay Hosler, Peggy Harrison


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The third and final volume of The Benchland Series contains Two stories-Warriors and Child of Fire, the bookends of the Benchland Saga.

The Benchland Series covers almost 60 years of the history of the ancient Benchland colony. That history begins with Warriors, set years before Rockslide, the first volume of the series. It tells the backstory of Sigurd, one of the colony's founders, beginning with a horrifying early-morning raid on his tiny remote village, leaving him on his own at thirteen. Within months he is in warrior training in a large coastal town. Fighting barbarian raiders becomes his life.

At sixteen, Sigurd is felled by an arrow while rescuing a young girl from a raid in which her village and family perish. Barely escaping detection and sure death, the two camp in hiding while she helps him recover. Her tragic story moves him, and after he recovers he raises her as his daughter. Years later, the story's wrenching conclusion changes both their lives, sending them together into the unknown.

Child of Fire occurs 50 years later. Sigurd has recently come to the end of his long life as the warrior champion of the Benchland colony. His death comes at a bad time, when resurgent raiders are once again a threat. The colony has expanded by building houses on the river below, where they are easily accessible to all. Defense against a large raider horde seems impossible.

In a separate plot thread, the modern scientists and cavers introduced in Spirit Chamber return to the Benchland after years away. Just as they discover new wall paintings showing the raider attack on the colony, misfortune strikes, and they are trapped by a psychotic killer. Their situation is desperate, with no apparent solution.

The story's title refers to Sigurd's granddaughter, a young girl of spiritual power, destined to become the colony's leader. She unites the two threads of this tale, bringing the Benchland Saga to a conclusion you won't forget.

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Publication date: 08/05/2016
Pages: 324
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