Rinse: 10

Rinse: 10

by Marcus Nasty


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Rinse: 10

Marcus Nasty is a founding member of the grime collective N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, but his contribution to the Rinse label's mix-CD series finds him championing a new sound, one to which he has acted as something of a midwife. Called "funky" (so good luck digging up any information about it), the genre reportedly emerged when some former grime producers tried to make house music and ended up creating something with a very different flavor. Many listeners will hear funky as a variant of soca, with occasional eruptions of four-on-the-floor house beats and a tendency towards brittle, chilly grooves with maybe, not quite enough, bass. Still, this music is (as you'd expect) highly danceable, and a good number of the 29 tracks presented here are of top quality: Ill Blu's "Rider" offers by-the-numbers Auto-Tune abuse, but "Tribal Land," by Lil Silva, layers Latin percussion onto the groove very nicely and Enrique Benetez's "Cooking" features a stellar vocal performance by Mia Mendez. Geeneus offers a particularly spare, almost arid track with "Yellowtail VIP," but Marc Ambiance's "Raindance" is a lovely house anthem, and Roska's "Wonderful Day" features both elegant singing and a weird found-sound sample, apparently of a psychologist of some kind. It will be interesting to see what happens with funky -- it's an even bet whether it fades as quickly as it flashed, or grows and develops into something more significant. In the meantime, Marcus Nasty will be available to introduce you to as many new exponents of the genre as you're ready to hear.

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Release Date: 11/24/2009
Label: Rinse
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