Rise and Shine: 101 Days of Inspiration for New Mothers

Rise and Shine: 101 Days of Inspiration for New Mothers

by Mikaela Robertson


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ISBN-13: 9780646981246
Publisher: Mikaela Robertson
Publication date: 11/23/2017
Pages: 274
Sales rank: 1,029,820
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Mikaela Robertson is a full-time mother, a writer, and the creator of the online community, Modern Day Mamas. She lives in the picturesque Coffs Harbour region of Australia.
Before having a baby, Mikaela was a freelance writer and Marketing Consultant. During that time, she published the book' Social Media Marketing for Australian Small Businesses'. She dreamed of being a stay-at-home mum and working from home. Little did she know...

Motherhood was so different to what she'd imagined. Every day brought Mikaela new challenges and unexpected blessings. Her passion for marketing began to change, and Mikaela completed numerous courses relating to new mothers and their babies, and began to document her own experiences too. She sought community with other like-minded mothers, who were trying to grow personally and achieve their goals while also trying to be the best mums they could be. Mikaela launched Modern Day Mamas in the beginning of 2017, and has since been focusing on empowering, inspiring and equipping other new mums like herself.

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Website: www.ModernDayMamas.com
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/Mikaela_Lee
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15165415.Mikaela_Robertson

Table of Contents

Rise and Shine includes 101 topics, covering everything from realistically pursuing professional and personal dreams, and persevering through tough times and the change in lifestyle when a modern woman becomes a mother, to building strong family values in the home, experiencing community in this day and age, practicing daily gratitude and mindfulness, and more. View the full list of topics covered in this book below.


i. Introduction

  1. Do Less, Not More
  2. Take the Time to Pause
  3. You’ve Made It This Far
  4. Relax, Mama
  5. Tell the Truth
  6. Slow Is Peaceful
  7. Just Be Together
  8. The Sun Will Rise
  9. Sailing the Sea of Parenting
  10. Don’t Be So Serious
  11. Mess Is Okay
  12. Sow Seeds Every Day
  13. Day by Day
  14. What Really Matters
  15. You Always Have Control of Your Attitude
  16. Wow, You’re Gorgeous!
  17. Stay Away from Stressors
  18. There Is More to You Now Than There Ever Was Before
  19. It’s All About the Journey
  20. Practice Makes Easy
  21. Get Outside
  22. Count Your Blessings
  23. I Am
  24. Find Your Restart Button
  25. If You Can’t Change It, Embrace It
  26. Be a Kid Again
  27. Life Is Won in the One Per Cent
  28. Gossip Brings You Down
  29. Listen to Music
  30. Comfort Zones Are Expandable
  31. Ask and You Shall Receive
  32. No One Gets Through Life Alone
  33. Know Your Why
  34. Channel out the Negatives
  35. So Loved
  36. Happiness Is a Byproduct of Selflessness
  37. Give Yourself Confidence
  38. Wear Nice Underwear
  39. Think Lovely Thoughts
  40. Judge-Free Zone
  41. Your Future Is Real
  42. It’s Going to Be an Amazing Life
  43. Define Your Success
  44. Dreams or Wishes
  45. Without Love, There’s Nothing
  46. Look Up
  47. Have a Break
  48. Finish Things
  49. Ten Seconds More
  50. My Health Matters
  51. Healthy Is Easy
  52. Always Growing
  53. Say ‘Thank You’ 50 Times a Day
  54. What You Do Matters
  55. If You Think Something Nice, Say It
  56. Put the Phone Away
  57. Prioritise Your To-Do List
  58. Be Responsible with the Small Things
  59. Let It Go
  60. Progress Is Enough
  61. Declutter Regularly
  62. Tension Holds No Value
  63. Calm in the Storm
  64. All Seasons Come and Go
  65. Just for You
  66. No Blame Here
  67. Own It
  68. Encourage One Another
  69. Make Yourself Proud
  70. Don’t Go to Sleep Angry
  71. Last Words Are Remembered
  72. Generosity Multiplies
  73. I’m Allowed to Be Happy
  74. Just Walk
  75. Be Longsighted
  76. Grow Habits
  77. Worries Are Wastes
  78. Add a Little Whimsy
  79. Listeners Are Rare
  80. Deliberately Make Space
  81. Say Yes
  82. Say No
  83. Love Yourself
  84. Other People Are Wonderful
  85. Accepting Accidents Happen
  86. Hard Times Are Not Bad Times
  87. Rest
  88. The Best Is Yet to Come
  89. It’s Okay to Be Different
  90. Burn Bright
  91. Be Proud
  92. Love Today, Today
  93. Look for the Good
  94. Call Out the Good
  95. Coffee, Cheese and Champagne
  96. Cry It Out
  97. I Am Capable
  98. Never Stop Learning
  99. Show Him Love
  100. Be Brave
  101. Significant Insignificance
  102. Conclusion
  103. References
  104. About the Author
  105. About Modern Day Mamas

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