Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

by The Adicts



Twenty years into their career (and ten years since their last studio album), the Adicts have recorded their White Album, a splendid mix of punk rock, music hall silliness, and good old-fashioned rock & roll. It really stands as their masterpiece, although it's unclear whether punks will agree. Yes, the Adicts are a punk band. And, yes, this is a punk album, but mostly in spirit. Monkey, Mel, Pete, and Kid have stretched their musical muscles and challenged their fans and critics simultaneously. They've always been unique, but this time, when all they really needed to do was make a punk album to please the fans, the band courageously did it their way. More than half the album's 19 tracks harken back to the band's catchy, hook-laden punk-pop of yesteryear. "Popcorn" is especially fun, but it's the other tracks that make this album even more exciting. The beauty of opening and closing piano instrumentals adds a nice vibe to the proceedings. "Goldfish" is a spacey delight. The jaunty 1920s pastiche "I Want to Marry a Light House Keeper" is short but sweet. The rest of the album features keyboards, piano, acoustic guitars, circus rhythms, and other assorted sounds not found on your average punk record. How this band can continue to make fantastic albums yet remain totally ignored by the masses is a shame. Do yourself a favor and listen.

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Release Date: 05/07/2002
Label: Captain Oi!
UPC: 5032556118927
catalogNumber: 189

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