Rise of the Islamic Empire and the Threat to the West

Rise of the Islamic Empire and the Threat to the West

by Anthony J. Dennis


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ISBN-13: 9781556053399
Publisher: Wyndham Hall Press
Publication date: 06/01/1996
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.40(d)

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This book by author, lawyer, Middle East historian and human rights activist Anthony J.Dennis brilliantly conveys to the reader the agenda and political objectives of Muslim fundamentalist movements throughout North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. After closely and carefully defining the commonly used term "fundamentalist," Dennis examines fundamentalist Islam as an increasingly popular revolutionary ideology. He analyzes the fundamentalists' impressive recent electoral gains and exposes fundamentalist Islam as more than a domestic political phenomenon. It is, in fact, an aggressive ideology characterized by 1) a high degree of self-consciousness, coordination and planning among participants from many different nations (Dennis thoroughly documents and describes several conferences and transnational activities), 2) a specialized revolutionary vocabulary (e.g. "the Great Satan", "global arrogance"), and iii) a "game plan" for regional conquest (again, Dennis provides exhaustive details and supporting footnotes in support of this conclusion).

This book is a thoughtful and unique meditation on the potential for radical Islam to provide the essential "glue" that may lead to the creation of an Islamic confederation which would be profoundly hostile (according to their own words and deeds) to Western society and interests. As such, it is the only book in existence to date which gives serious and explicit attention to the intriguing question of whether the Soviet Union's death (which created both a power and an ideological vaccuum, according to Dennis) and the end of the Cold War will lead to the "birth" of new nations or empires as yet unknown.

This book has received a tremendous level of interest from the public, generated largely by the author's appearances on a number of syndicated television and talk radio shows and by the early, favorable notice the book received in the prestigious weekly news magazine National Journal.

The public endorsements the book received from various former senior government officials, senior U.S. diplomats and foreign policy specialists, which are displayed on the inside front cover and back cover of the book, also underscore the significance and seriousness of this title.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Defining the Threat1
I.Prologue: The Cold War Legacy1
II.1980: The Death of One Empire and the Birth of Another3
III.Nukes on the Loose and Other Dangers6
Chapter 2The Threat from Abroad19
I.History and Origins of Islam20
II.Islam's "Golden Age"21
III.Divisions of Islam, Aspects of the Religion23
IV.Hostility Toward the West25
V.Strange Bedfellows: Fundamentalist Islam and Democracy31
VI.Fundamentalist Islam and Capitalism33
VII.Fundamentalist Islam and Human Rights36
A.In General36
B.The Attack on Women's Rights40
C.The Attack on Other Religions44
D.The Attack on Freedom of Expression47
Chapter 3Birth of an Empire57
I.Stirrings of Muslim Consciousness57
II.The Islamintern60
A.Qods Force60
B.The Islamic Arab Popular Conference62
C.The Islamic World Order: A Hint of Things to Come63
III.Islam: The Tie That Binds64
A.Unification Failures64
B.Unification Success65
IV.The Rising Tide: A Survey of Militant Islamic Movements in Several Key Nations67
V.Building Blocks and Stepping Stones75
Chapter 4Resources of the Islamic Empire and the Possibility of Nuclear Jihad84
Chapter 5The Threat at Home92
I.Terrorism Arrives in the U.S.92
II.America's Vulnerability96
A.Public Parking for Terrorists97
B.Easy Access to Nuclear Power Plants97
C.Don't Drink the Water98
D.Shopping for Explosives98
E.Terrorists in Our Midst99
Chapter 6Domestic Terrorism: A Plan of Action106
I.America's Wake-Up Call106
II.Enhanced Security/Greater Public Education107
III.Immigration Reform108
IV.Monitoring the Purchase of High Explosives110
V.Restore the Office of Counterterrorism111
Chapter 7Dealing with the Threat from Abroad113
I.Cold War Defense Theory114
II.The Limits of Deterrence115
III.The Need to Develop an Effective Ballistic Missile Defense117
IV.Ballistic Missile Defense: The Manhattan Project of Our Time122
A.The Manhattan Project Analogy122
B.Can Ballistic Missile Defenses Work?124
1.Combining Existing Technology in New Ways124
2.SDI and Its Successors125
3.Tested in Battle126
4.Ballistic Missile Defense Tests: A Success or Failure?127
5.Leaving the U.S. in the Dust127
V.The Russians Extend Their Hand128
A.Spreading the Cost129
B.The ABM Treaty131
C.Capturing the Moral High Ground133
VI.The Collapse of American Security?134
A.A Critique135
B.America the Vulnerable136
VII.Diplomatic Measures137
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