Rise to The Rhythm- Awaken The Beat and Live Your Life's Highest Capabilities

Rise to The Rhythm- Awaken The Beat and Live Your Life's Highest Capabilities

by Joey L. Dowdy

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Unleash The Gift of Your Full Potential

Are you tired of living a life that's going nowhere? Been down for too long? Have you lost your life's rhythm and need to get back on the beat? Well, if so, your "Hope Has Arrived!" In Rise to the Rhythm, Joey L. Dowdy AKA Dr. Dancer demonstrates how you can get out of this rut and "Groove to Improve Your Life." Since he has suffered several physical disabilities at one time in his life, he knows how to rise above setbacks and challenges. Through stories, humor, and many practical steps, the famed Backstreet Boys & Take-Five original choreographer and ABC Los Angeles Fitness Motivator will show you how to take control of your life and do it one beat at a time.

In these pages you'll learn:

• How to Take Action and Make Change Happen 

• How to Kick Your Confidence Into High Gear 

• How to Groove Beyond Fear 

• How to Snap to It, Feel It & Attract What You Want 

• How to Whistle While You, "Work It!" 

"It's never too late to find your beat and get back in step, and this book will teach you how to do it.  Buy It Now!

"As creative nonfiction- writer Dowdy can tell you all about someone, their flaws, and faults as well as their greatness, and do so with an enthusiasm that keeps you addicted, curious and moved to emulate the same positive qualities."

Dr. Niama Leslie J Williams PH. D Literary Intuitive

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Rise to The Rhythm- Awaken The Beat and Live Your Life's Highest Capabilities 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 23 days ago
This is a remarkable book filled with much wisdom which I can recommend to every person who wants to flourish in life. The practical advice can be implemented in my daily life. I found it useful and to the point. Our positive mindset can advance us and give us the edge above others. This is well-defined within this quick and thorough self-help book. I liked the author's witty narrative which resonated with me. He encouraged me to really live according to my own rhythm and that fear should not control me. Fear at the end is just false evidence appearing real. He comes right to the point and gets to the very heart of what he wants to say. I found the book open, honest and truthful. I am looking forward to reading more from his pen.
Sherin_Lloyd 3 months ago
Sometimes, you NEED to just Go to change things in life. This book teaches you how to motivate yourself, how to be positive and change around things even when it looks like you can't! Unlike a lot of self help books Joey's approach is quite interesting, he conveys stuff in a jovial and simple manner making it easy to think and adapt. If you want to change your life, YOU MUST act! This book teaches you how. It's never too late, so are you ready to start today? Achieve your dreams, get off that couch or move on from your slump and realize your potential. Everything is explained in a crisp and concise manner with examples ... Being a dancer he uses a lot of dance references ... but it doesn't take away from the topic. He uses a lot of different concepts but they are all centred around positivity, taking action and wanting to go the extra mile to achieve. If you are looking for a useful read that's also jovial and light-hearted, something you can adapt and follow in your life to achieve your dreams you have it with Rise to the Rhythm.
Susan-Keefe 3 months ago
Essential reading on how to maximize your personal potential. Joey L. Dowdy, or Dr. Dance, is a talented Choreographer who has worked with famous names such as the Backstreet Boys and Take Five. He is also an International Performer, Fitness Motivator, Writer, Host, Artistic Director, Producer, Author, and founder of “World Dance Grove & Get Up & Groove Entertainment.” He brings his unique zest for life, and rhythm to life for his readers in this, his latest inspirational new book. In it, he asks his readers “Are you tired of living a life that's going nowhere? If you've been down for too long or have you lost your life's rhythm?” I for one answered yes. Like many my life was set in a hopeless rut. The New Year had past and as usual, it brought forth the usual resolutions from me. I would take more care of myself, take control of my life, variations on the same promises I have been making to myself for years, and then as the year goes by, I tried starting every new Monday. However, the truth is, I didn’t have any idea how to change. That was until the title of this well written and motivational book took my eye. Within, I discovered were the answers which I needed to set myself free. Reading it I have discovered how to find my own self-worth, and come to terms with the fact that it is okay to think of myself as a very important person, instead of putting others first all the time, something which as a wife, mother and grandmother doesn’t come naturally. How did this happen? Well, I discovered it through the author sharing his life stories and experiences with me. Reading about his passion for dance, the industry, people, and his absolute determination to succeed has been a real inspiration. Despite setbacks, and embracing challenges, with humor, and strength of character, he has not only succeeded, but inspired others. His life, like all of us, has been a learning curve, he has learnt and grown, and he, in turn, provides us with the tools we need to pick ourselves up, realize that no-one is perfect, and live our lives reaching our full potential. It won’t be easy, as he says, after all, there is “No Gain, Without Pain,” but you can do it! In conclusion: Joey L. Dowdy is an inspiration, a self-made man who has worked and battled to get to where he is. This hard work and dedication he shares with his readers, not only inspiring within them the faith that they can be who they dream of, but also by then giving them the tools with which to achieve their own success.
Anonymous 6 months ago
This is a powerful motivational book that we all need to read, especially at this time of year, as we turn the page into a brand-new year and a brand-new decade! It’s a book that will transform your life, from the inside-out! Many of us are living lives that are not up to our natural potential. For many of us, our life is little more than a bunch of routine activities that don’t necessarily serve us well at all. Yet, we keep doing them, wishing for different results. However, unless we change and become more than those routines and start demanding more of ourselves, we won’t be able to get ourselves out of the self-created rut that we put ourselves into. In this book, you will learn, how to take action and make things happen by bravely fighting for what you want. Secondly, you will learn how to take control of your life with confidence by pushing yourself to be your best. Thirdly, you will learn how to act without fear by fighting pushing past your fears and embracing a confident demeanor where nothing will stop you from being your best. Lastly, you will learn how to attract what you want. This is a great way to get the rhythms of your life back, regardless of how far back you slipped because of whatever situation has been stopping you from being your best. Many of us have lost our life’s rhythms. We need to create a new and braver beat for our lives. We have all been stuck in situations that we didn’t know how to get out of. Another year is almost upon us. After reading this book, you will learn how to courageously get out of your rut and to step into a life where you can express your potential and be at the top of your game in all that you do. Yes, you can fulfill your true purpose. But you have to believe that you can! Thank you, Joey Dowdy, for inspiring the reader that we can all be courageous beacons of our own making by creating a new rhythm and cadence in our lives. This is the best and most inspirational book that I read this year!
AuthorPromotion 7 months ago
This book will put you on the right path to better things. This book will help you to clarify your thinking, process your feelings, and make better decisions. If you are you ready to stop drifting and design a life you love, this read with help you on your journey. The author has put his heart in the pages of this book and will encourage and give hope to the reader. So many wonderful and courageous people share their experiences through books, and I thank this author for sharing his. The overall tone was simply imparting knowledge, personal experience and wisdom in a gentle and generous way. His words will help to better equip you to interpret and handle life in a whole new way, which in turn will bring peace, love and joy into your life. If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement in the face of serious issues, this would come highly recommended from me. No matter what your situation is today, this book will put you on the right path to better things. I’ve been around the block a few times myself and even I found this read to be very insightful. This wonderful new book will show you how to properly tune into life and the simple rules you must follow to achieve this. This by far is one of the best Life Improvement books I’ve read in a long time. The author must be commended for his time and effort for producing such an insightful book. Also, the writing style is friendly which makes for an enjoyable read. RISE TO THE RHYTHM: AWAKEN THE BEAT AND LIVE YOUR LIFE'S HIGHEST CAPABILITIES is a wonderful read that will leave you feeling like a better person for having read it. It’s an impressive work by author Joey L. Dowdy and I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more from him in the future. I would highly recommend this perceptive and intuitive read. A well-deserved five stars from me.