Rising Above the Rubbish: Living Words for Dead Situations

Rising Above the Rubbish: Living Words for Dead Situations

by Kaylin A. Haynes


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“No matter how different we all are, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what race or nationality, old or young, and no matter what religion we are, we are all united by common bonds. We all need love, food, water, a sense of belonging and good health. None of us wants to be lonely, hungry or sick. We all want peace, not confusion. We all want encouragement and joy, yet we, as a world, allow the superficial to blind us from the blatant truth. By carnal nature, we tend to focus on what’s least important or valuable.

“Are we so superficial that we would allow our prejudices and personal hang-ups to prevent lives from being saved? Well, we have a Savior who is willing to love us all, so who are we to not be willing to do the same for others, all made in God’s image, just as we are? We are ONE people, united in ONE spirit, whether we accept it or not. It’s time to Rise Above the Rubbish of life’s circumstances through the resuscitating power of the Holy Spirit.”

— ­ Kaylin Haynes

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ISBN-13: 9781940461625
Publisher: McDougal & Associates
Publication date: 08/25/2017
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

Foundational Scriptures 15

Introduction 17

There Is Purpose in Your Process 21

Transformed to Transform 22

What’s Your Name? 23

Faith Without Works Is Dead 24

He Reigns Regardless 25

Believe 26

Cycle Breaking 27

Let’s Examine Ourselves 28

Slow Your Roll 29

Fight with the Right Weapons 30

Seek God and Gain All 31

The Motive Behind the Motion 32

Destiny Blockers 34

God Spoke and Created, Therefore Speak and Create 35

Meek Is Not Weak 36

Every Season Is Your Season 37

Spiritual Cancer 38

Loved to Love 39

Stay Connected to Your High Tower 41

The Pit of Spiritual Pornography 43

Don’t Be a Spiritual Selfie 45

Trusting Him 46

Know His Voice and a Stranger You Will Not Follow 47

Don’t Give Your Power Away 48

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse 49

Masks of Religiosity 51

Stay in Your Lane 52

Lay Aside Your Weight 53

Relationship vs. Religion 54

Press to Progress 55

Conquer Your Mountain Before It Conquers You 56

Speaking to Your Void 57

The Seasonal Pain of Parenting 59

Speak the Answer, Not the Problem 61

The After-Effects of Grief 63

The Church Needs Prayer 64

Being Prayerfully Proactive, Not Reactive 66

Warfare Prayer 67

Guard Your Gates 68

The Revelation of Rest 69

Our ALL in ALL 70

God Is Bigger than Your Battle 71

Go Deeper 72

Speak Faith; Silence Sight 73

The Ugly Duckling 74

Healing Awareness 75

Conquering ALL through Him 76

Basking in Him 77

Destiny Despair 78

Built for Battle and Destined to Win 79

Spiritual Concrete 80

Change Your World 81

Command Your Balance 82

Spiritual Drought 83

Transforming in Truth 84

You Are a Masterpiece, Not a Mistake 85

Divine Detox 86

Faith Fortress 87

Redirect and Recharge 88

Vessels of Victory 89

Cycles of Despair 90

Your Best is Yet to Come, So Fight for It. 91

The Serenity of Solitude 92

Redirect from Doubt to Faith 93

Seal, Secure and Solidify Your Blessing. 94

Birth Your Purpose 95

Our Unchanging Changer 96

The Opposition of Oppression 97

The Pains of Plan and Purpose 98

Battle Season 99

Harvest Time 100

See Yourself Magnified, Not Minuscule 101

Decisions 102

The Gift of Giving 103

Faith-Focus 104

Your Breaking Point Is Your Strongest Point 105

Raise Your Bar 106

The Power of Positivity 107

Dirty Glasses of Depression 108

Drop Your Weights 109

Love Conquers and Covers 110

Fleshly-Led vs. Spiritually-Guided 111

Deflect the Destiny Distractors 112

God Is Not a Second-Fiddle God 113

Purpose in Your Pain 114

New Day 115

There Must be Discipline Before Destiny 116

Renew and Reset 117

The Predators of Your Peace 118

The Supernatural Power of Prayer 119

No Weapon 120

Lift the Leaders and Lift the Land 121

Forgive to Be Forgiven 122

Live in Spirit and in Truth 123

The Personal Prisoner 124

Forward Faith 125

Patience through Pain 126

The War on Love 127

The Seasonal Steward 128

The Power of God’s Undergirding 129

Fair-Weather Faith 130

Motive vs. Money 131

Unconditional Gratitude 132

Superficially Sick 133

Proud Purpose 134

You’re God’s Priority 135

He Wants Your Heart, Not Your Brain 136

The Phantom Fight 137

Leave the Pity Party 138

The Enemy of Passive Purpose 139

The Revelation of the Resurrection 140

Overcoming Your Wilderness 141

Author Contact Page 143

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